The Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City is committed to providing the best service to our clients whether it’s for family law needs, family needs such as estate planning, estate administration, probate, mediation and litigation, will contests, handling an estate when someone dies without a will (intestate), creation of wills, living wills, elder law concerns, guardianships, long term care planning, disability planning, medicare planning, health care proxies and other important legal work for families throughout Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Weehawken, Union City, Hudson County and beyond in New Jersey. We are located in Journal Square’s Capital One Building and offer consultations by appointment so that clients do not have to wait and are not rushed. Our address is: 921 Bergen Avenue, 8th Floor, Suite 825, Jersey City which is wheelchair accessible and of course is an elevator building). Lead Jersey City Attorney Santo Artusa was recently listed as one of the best lawyers for families by New Jersey Family Magazine and as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters. Our commitment to the Jersey City and Hudson County Community motivates us to be the best we can for all of our clients. We live and work in the community we serve.

While we may not to think about it, we don’t live forever and we are not healthy forever unfortunately but people rely on us. And what it took to make you who you are and the blessings in received in life are the reason why you actually care what happens when you are no longer on Earth. You had a plan, you had goals, some worked out, some did not, some worked out better than imagined either way, you still have time now to control the fate of your legacy and your family’s legacy. We can help you today. We do not know when we leave this world and move on but what is within our control is our legacy and what we wish to do once we pass. The best time to make those decisions is when you are healthy, are thinking clearly and your true intentions are clear. We help you plan and execute those clear intentions in a variety of ways so that you keep control of your legacy after you are gone or if you can no longer make legal decisions.


The Artusa Law Firm was founded by attorney Santo Artusa, Jr., Esq in 2009 in Jersey City. Santo Artusa lives, works and raises his family in Jersey City, New Jersey since moving here from New York City in 2003. Our team is constantly trying to learn and become the best legal service provider in New Jersey. Right from the start, we try to make everyone that enters our office comfortable so that they can discuss their concerns and what they want to resolve or how to ease their concerns. The more we know, the more we can help you. We are not her to judge nor are we here to dismiss someone’s concerns. If we can help you with your legal issue in New Jersey we will offer what we can to help you. If we cannot help you, we will also let you know so that you can try to find another attorney or understand what your legal position is. If you are ready to discuss your legal issues whether it is an Estate issue, Planning issue, Will contests, Family Issues, Probate, writing a will or other legal issue in Hudson County, New Jersey, contact us for one free consultation in our Jersey City office on 201-706-7910 today.