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Are you seeking a divorce attorney in Union County New Jersey? Do you live in Union County, seek a divorce or have a different family law issue? We can help you!

  • Have you been served with divorce papers in Union County, New Jersey?
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The Artusa Law Firm focuses on Union County divorces and family law cases in Union County and throughout New Jersey, we can help you today. Our team represents people in divorces and family law issues in Union County, New Jersey. While each court in New Jersey follows the New Jersey rules of court and procedures, the local courts do have their own take on how they want to handle certain cases. In Union County to obtain a divorce, certain steps must be followed. We will explain the steps necessary in obtaining a divorce in Union County by way of a contested divorce case. The Union County divorce lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm handle both contested and uncontested divorces in Union County, NJ.

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First, what is a contested divorce? A contested divorce is a divorce where all issues have not been resolved or some issues are still in dispute. Some of the issues can be: child custody, child support, alimony, restraining orders/domestic violence issues, equitable distribution, parenting time and other issues. For a previous blog that we wrote about concerning divorces in Union County, visit: Union County Divorce Lawyer. When these issues cannot be worked out at first, the case is considered contested. After a person files for divorce (no-fault or fault-adultery, extreme cruelty) and served the other side in accordance with the rules of court, they have 35 days to respond to the divorce complaint or risk a default judgment. If your spouse answers, a case management conference will be conducted where each side will appear with their attorneys that will tell the judge the issues in dispute. At that point a divorce discovery period will be set out to find out information that is relevant to the divorce (bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage statements, student loan information, etc). After discovery is exchanged, an early settlement panel will be conducted in the Union County Superior Courthouse-Union County Divorce Court, where both parties present their side of the case to independent family lawyers who will issue a non-binding opinion of what they think a Judge in Union County will do. For more information about the early settlement process, visit our page on the New Jersey Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel. For information about the Judges of Union County, visit Union County Family Court Information. For information about lead attorneySanto Artusa visit: Union County Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa, Jr.

If the early settlement process in Union County family court does not work, you will then go to economic mediation at a later date at an attorney’s office to try one more time to resolve the issues in contention. If that fails, the case will be set for trial and the issues that have not been resolved will be decided by a Union County Divorce Judge.  The Artusa Law Firm is skilled in representing people at trial or settling their disputes concerning divorce and family law issues. Many times it is best to try and settle your case with input from both parties rather than a Judge to do so. For information about settling a case vs. going to trial, click here.

For a divorce trial, like a war, like the Superbowl, can be won or lost in the preparation of the case, whether the trial goes all the way or settles before opening arguments, settles during the case or not. The trial attorney must prepare as if the case will be tried to its completion because if he does not, the other attorney or side will not be compelled to settle the case of if so, they will not be reasonable. The preparation of the trial case requires alot of attention to detail, preparing exhibits, preparing witnesses and writing the trial brief and so on.

So if you have filed for divorce or seek to in Union County, have been served with a divorce complaint and seek professional matrimonial attorneys in Union County, New Jersey, contact the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your case and to see if and how we can help you. If you would rather contact us via email first, contact the Union County Divorce Lawyers below: