As time goes on, the laws change, trends change and the shared custody movement is no different. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. Shared residential custody has come along way with the New Jersey Family Courts. Some people agree with the approach, others do not. Some therapists agree with it, some do not but either way here are my tips as to how to make shared parenting a reality with your ex. As a family law attorney in a high density area, I have mixed feelings on it. Feelings aside, here are my tips:

  1. Live in close proximity to each other. No, you do not need to live next door but you should try to live within the same school district. This will make it easy for attending school events, picking up the kids, being there for emergencies if one parent cannot, being close to the child’s doctor, etc. Living close to each other makes it easier to work together.
  2. Make a parenting schedule or go to court to work out as many details as possible. The more detailed the plan is the lesser the chance that confusion can be used as an excuse not to comply and or less of a reason to make a mistake with the scheduling. Plan the holidays, the long weekends, vacations, who will do the pick ups, where will the pick ups be, etc.
  3. Family Wizard. For now, the app Family Wizard is a great way to schedule and communicate with the other parent without getting into nasty disputes or even simple disagreements about time/pickups/holiday schedules, etc. The yearly parenting time calendar goes into the wizard and you will be amazed how much easier it is then contact your ex all the time.
  4. Have a place in the home/apartment that makes your child feel that each home is his or her home and that the child is not just visiting. Go that extra mile for the child and the child will be excited at both homes.
  5. Take the child to his or her activities. Consistency is the key. Your child should not miss baseball games, football, etc because you want to do something else. If your child commits to a sport/activity, have your child there every time. The consistency of being there and/or being part of a team is in the best interests of a child. When he or she begins to miss, the coach or leader will not give your child the same chance and why would he or she if the other kids are fully committed?

I am a family law attorney and I have children. I realize every case is different but in the end it is up to you as to how much you are willing to be civil, agree, work things out for the kids. I am here to help you achieve your goals in court that affect your everyday life. If you have a family law case in New Jersey, call my Jersey City office on 973-337-9643.

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Keys to Obtaining Custody of Your Child or Have More Parenting Time


Seeking a family law attorney to help you obtain Custody of Your Child? Are you seeking a New Jersey Court order to have parenting time or visitation with your child? Do you have a court date with Judge Mirtha Ospina? Judge Anthony D’Elia?
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This is What You Need to Know-We have been through this before.

As a New Jersey Family Law Attorney and Child Custody Attorney  handles requests for Parenting-Time in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, and throughout the State and I have seen and dealt with some very difficult situations. When parties argue, when parties go through a divorce, one party because of their anger or shock over the realization that the marriage is over can lead to one parent “poisoning” the children by talking negatively about the father or mother and this leads to alienation and the refusal to permit a parent to see their child. Father’s rights have become a more important and considered topic in the family courts today, more and more Judges are listening to fathers’ who want to see their children, who have been refused, who have suffered from the alienation. In cases where the parties were not married, the anger can still be present and the custodial parent can still talk about the other parent in a bad way which helps nobody. The Judges that decide these cases in Hudson County are: Judge Maureen Mantineo, Judge Mirtha Ospina, Judge Vito Sciancalepore, Judge Maloney-Espinales, Judge Nesle Rodriguez, Judge Mark Baber.

  • Do you have a court order in New Jersey for parenting time but want more time with your child?
  • Do you have a court order for parenting time and the custodial parent refuses to honor it?
  • Are you seeking a New Jersey court order granting you specific parenting time to avoid problems?  We can help you.

In my opinion, one of the hardest things in the world is not being able to see your child. Trust me, I know what it is like, I have been there before, it hurts, it is unfair but with the right plan, there is hope, a great deal of hope. If this occurs, contact the Family Law Attorney at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910.  Dealing with not being able to see your child when you want to or even when you are “scheduled” to see your child, the custodial parent makes it near impossible to see the child, talk to the child, communicate in any fashion DONT LET THIS HAPPEN, contact an attorney. Even worse is if your child indicates that he or she wants to live with you but you feel helpless in putting your child in the middle. However, as time goes on, you may reach a tipping point where you have no choice but to seek custody or seek more parenting time. Regardless of how the parents feel about each other, the child needs BOTH parents. Alienating a child from one parent is a sin, it is abuse that your child feels.

Working with an aggressive attorney who can obtain a court order or enforce a court order for you is critical to your rights as a parent. For more information about the tools available in child custody and parenting time cases, please visit Hudson County Child Custody and Parenting Time Lawyer.  To read our post about parenting time in Hudson and Essex,https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Favvolawyers%2Fposts%2F1302286639786606&width=500

Seeking a court order or seeking to change a family court order can be difficult. With the right family law attorney, you increase your chances of success as like any other endeavor, the more you practice, the more you learn, and the more effective you become. We focus on family law matters in Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County and Union County, New Jersey almost every day. We know when a case has merit, has a chance, and frankly when the case will not succeed on its face and we will not accept the case.

If you have reached that point where something has to change and you are ready to hire an attorney who understands the facets of child custody determinations and parenting time, contact us at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 for an appointment. Our office is located at 35 Journal Square Plaza, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306. To learn more about our different practice areas, visit our home page here: Artusa Law Firm-New Jersey Family Court Lawyers.

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As a New Jersey Family Law and Child Custody Attorney in Hudson County, I am going to share some of the questions I hear during many of my family law consultations with regard to parenting time/visitation, child custody in my Jersey City, New Jersey office.

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My ex girlfriend or spouse will not let me see my kids, do I need a court order in NJ?

Answer: While you do not need a court order to see your kids, if the mother or father does not let you see them, you do need a court order so that you have rights on paper, signed by a Judge. If he or she fails to honor that order, he or she can be held in contempt of court, be fined, and/or lose custody if it continues. NJ Child custody and parenting time attorney Santo Artusa and his team can help yo if you have a dispute with the custodial or non-custodial parent.

The mother only lets me see the children when she is around, is that fair? 

Absent certain circumstances (drugs, dangerous conditions, etc), you should be able to have parenting time without supervision. If she does not agree, you should hire an attorney and get your parenting rights on paper. You have equal rights. For more information about child custody and parenting time laws and issues in NJ, visit our page here.

artusalawfirmparentingtimeI have a court order and/or divorce judgment giving me parenting time but he or she does not comply, what can be done? 

Persistence is key. Filing an enforcement motion to enforce litigants rights for each time he or she disobeys an order, will get the Judge’s attention and one way or another, the non-complying parent will begin to follow the order or face legal consequences. Another important factor is to keep good records and obtain incident reports for every time the person does not comply. For information about our NJ enforcement services, visit this page.

new jersey child custody lawyerI want to see my kids more, what can I do?

If you and the custodial parent cannot agree, you should seek relief from the family court, seeking a definitive parenting schedule. The more of a detailed plan you have to see your kids, the better. The less chance you and the difficult parent will avoid war in family court or outside when you try to see your kids. Avoid this. Life can be hard enough, you do not need more stress. For information about how child support and parenting time are related, visit: New Jersey Child Support Lawyer.

Can I take my children on vacation out of the country or out of State? 

For out of the country, you would need the other parents consent. If he or she denies the consent, you must bring a court application to be permitted to travel with the kids out of the country with the itinerary, contact information, etc. For out of state, you usually need to inform the other party but do not need his or her consent unless there is a court order indicating so.

Do I need a family law attorney to file for parenting time? 

You can file by yourself, but it is suggested to hire an experienced family lawyer that can help you navigate through the New Jersey Family Law Courts and present your case for you.

When I have parenting time, the other parent calls me like 10 times in a day, is that fair or necessary?

You should permit open contact when you have the kids but it should not be more than 1 or 2 times in a day. You deserve your free time with your children.

The father of my children always brings the children back late, what can I do about it? 

Again, through an enforcement motion, the parent can be held in contempt because he must respect your time and you should respect his. Being 10-20 minutes late is one thing, but if he or she is late more than 45 minutes or more, you should address this in court, you have a life, you have plans too!

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My child is doing terrible in school and the mother is doing nothing about it, and my child keeps missing school or is late, what can be done? 

Depending on more information, you may have a case for residential custody and or more parenting time.

Thank you for reading my sample questions and answers about parenting time issues. If you feel you have a parenting time case or possibly a child custody case in Hudson County, Jersey City,  or anywhere in New Jersey, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 for professional representation. For more information about all of the legal services we offer in New Jersey, visit: Artusa Law Firm. For information about where family court cases are decided in New Jersey, visit our custom map below: