Let’s face it, regardless of your politics, everyone wants to come to America and become an American. At least that’s my opinion. Sometimes people who are here already and want to become Americans sometimes forget their past which can include: a marriage, a criminal record/warrants, etc.. When this does happen, it does not mean you and your future spouse/friends, etc cannot come or stay in America. Depending on the circumstances the situation can be fixed and we can help you fix it with our expertise in family law, criminal law and having criminal records sealed (expungments).

First we would tackle the criminal concerns to see if, depending on the crime or accusation, what can be done and what cannot be done. If there is a way to do it, we will find a way and get you to the next level of your immigration status. As an attorney in Jersey City, a very diverse city, I helped countless people in criminal cases, domestic abuse/restraining order cases, annulments, divorces and so forth. We recently handled a case where my client was arrested 18 years ago and left the country, not to flee but to just go back home thinking he failed in America. Years go by and he simply wanted to see his daughter graduate from Seton Hall Law School (2nd Rate Law School in New Jersey LOL) but I still had to hope a fellow father out. I was able to get the case dismissed and my client was able to attend the law school graduation.

If you have a criminal law case in New Jersey and seek professional representation in any New Jersey Court, contact my team and I on 973-337-9643 today for a free consultation with the hope of coming up with a plan to win your case, get that divorce or whatever legal need you have, we can handle it!

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WOW!!! Non-Custodial Parents’ Lives Matter-New Jersey Family Court


—-The New Jersey Supreme Court just proved: Non-Custodial Parents’ Lives Matter! Fathers’ Lives Matter Again! Going through a divorce or nasty breakup when having children together is never easy. The thought of not being able to come home and see your children when you are done with work or if you take a day off to be with them, they are not there, is very difficult to deal with. Then times get worse, the custodial parent seeks to relocate out of New Jersey which would make seeing your children even harder. The bond you have with the children could get weaker by the day the are away from you. Well the Supreme Court of New Jersey set aside the case that governed child relocation in New Jersey, aka Baures. Baures was “built” by the idea that if the custodial parent is happy, the child would be happy and the relationship with the non-custodial parent is not as important. Well, that is over now and the best interests of the child standard will be the guiding post for any parent seeking to relocate out of New Jersey. This is great news for non-custodial parents in New Jersey. The Artusa Law Firm of Hudson County, New Jersey has represented hundreds if not thousands of non-custodial parents in New Jersey. Lead family law attorney Santo Artusa has been there himself fighting for his rights before he became a leading New Jersey lawyer. We are ready to help you today, contact us in our Jersey City Office on 973-337-9643.

The best-interest standard is harder to prove than the previous method which was based around the custodial parent’s need. To argue that the non-custodial parent who sees the child every week and/or his or her family has a close bond to the children and win, will now be incredibly hard for the “primary parent.”

While Baures and this court ruling focus on child relocation in New Jersey, our team has always held that non-custodial parents’ lives do in fact matter and they matter more than many people will admit to. Children need two parents that care for them and non-custodial parents do not deserve to be an afterthought. They really need to be equals if the non-custodial parent in fact is involved and does love his or her children, which almost all do.

If you do not have residential custody, you need to be vigilant against non-compliance of a New Jersey family court order so that if it continues you can obtain relief including the possibility of becoming the custodial parent. Frankly, while parents want to be residential custodial parents. the goal should be to foster a relationship that is natural and permits frequent contact and parenting time on both sides. Life happens and yes, sometimes people are late for drop-offs, late for phone calls, miss visits but unless it is happening frequently, the parents should try to work it out without court. If that is in fact impossible, which I have seen thousands of times, yes it is time to go to court and enforce your court order or seek a new court order with better identified boundaries that cannot be crossed. The better written and structured the agreement and/or court order, the easier it is to follow. At that point the question becomes whether or not the parents really want to adhere to it. If they don’t, watch out, enforcement motions done right can change your whole world.

If you seek effective help in a family law case in New Jersey, contact our Jersey City family law attorneys in Hudson County on 973-337-9643 or via this contact form. Please be patient for a return email as the demand for our family law services are very high. Thank you.


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From JERSEY CITY LAWYER: SANTO ARTUSA——–How to end a marriage when you know its over but you still care for your spouse or you may hate your spouse now but do not want harm to come to him or her. What is the best way to handle the situation? We can help in our Jersey City divorce law office today.

While we are Jersey City Divorce Lawyers, we are human and understand people as our practice is about people. You decided to file divorce papers in New Jersey, you are seeking New Jersey divorce lawyers and want to move on with your life. This is a big step. You may be thinking, “I can’t believe that son of a bitch cheated on me” or ” I cant believe he leaves the house for weeks and then just comes home” ” I can’t believe she spent my whole bonus on shoes!” or on and on. You may be very angry, you may be upset, you may want vengeance and you may also still care for this person that you have been married to for years, I would hope so. Marriage is a big deal to me, marriage and family is a big deal to me. I hope even if you are at the end of this journey, you can still reflect back to when you would do anything for this person or still care for this person because you have memories in common, children in common, etc. Maybe that is not the case for you but I hope it is because anger will only get you so far. To think clearly you want to be calm and work with a divorce attorney that can stay calm under pressure and guide you accordingly. These are the best divorce attorneys for you.

When you are seeking a divorce, you need to know if you are certain that you really want a divorce. Second, you need to know what you want. Some people just want a divorce or annulment, some people want money, some people want child support, alimony, etc. Every case is unique but either way, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and what you need to do to obtain them. We can help you navigate the divorce process to ease some of your tensions and concerns. We have been there before and we have ourselves fought in family court for our on cases, we know what it is like, trust us.

As one of the experienced divorce attorneys in Jersey City, New Jersey who practices statewide, I prefer to have cases where there is hope for civility. It is best to move on with your divorce in a positive manner if possible for your well being and your children as well if you have kids. There will be disagreements, without a doubt but an argument or arguments can flush the bad out and get us on the road to fruitful negotiations and reaching an agreement that neither party is thrilled with but both parties can live with, this is the surest sign of a good settlement.

If you are seeking a divorce and you want to have a divorce that will not totally destroy your post divorce life with your ex for various reasons, contact me and my team on 973-337-9643 today to discuss your family law situation. You will be glad you did.


One of the wonderful aspects of being a family law-adoption attorney in New Jersey is being able to have children adopted by people who love children and want to give the child a better life. We help from start to end of the adoption process and if need be, the immigration process as well. Whether it is a child you know, are related to or seeking to help a child in need, adoption may be the right option for you. An adoption is unlike anything else that occurs in the New Jersey family courts. Most family court proceedings are full of arguments and name calling, stuff that will make you sick. Adoption is the opposite. It is a chance for a new beginning for a child and his or her adoptive parents. The family law team at the Artusa Law Firm is experienced in adoptions, child custody, parenting time, divorce and other related matters throughout the State of New Jersey including Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County and beyond.

Family law is one of the busiest areas of law in all of New Jersey. Knowing what to do and especially what not to do can be a major difference maker when trying to achieve certain goals for your family law situation. Adoption is no different. Simple mistakes can lead to down times and slowing the case down or simply getting the case denied for basic errors. We can help you avoid this. We practice in every County in New Jersey representing people who seek to adopt children, have family law issues, divorces and other family related matters. Our team is skilled in the law and caring toward our clients and their families. If you have a case, contact us in our Jersey City-Hudson County headquarters on 201-706-7910 today for a confidential consultation.



Jersey City Criminal Lawyer Santo Artusa and his team represent people in Jersey City and Hoboken who have been charge with: N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1 Simple Assault, Harassment, Loitering  and N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 Possession of CDS. Some of the cases may be related to domestic violence while others may be between people that simply got into a fight, had drugs in their car, harassed people or are simply falsely accused. We can handle the case either way.

Have you been arrested for simple assault or harassment in Jersey City? Have you been served with a temporary restraining order? If so, we can help. Whether this is your first arrest or tenth, my team and I are willing and able to help you in criminal court. Our experience in the Jersey City Municipal Court and Jersey City Court and other courts throughout the State, has led our clients to obtain positive outcomes and leaving them the ability to move forward with their lives. Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Santo Artusa has years of experience regarding domestic violence cases, assaults, criminal mischief, harassment, possession of CDS, restraining orders, burglary, armed robbery, criminal trespass and other criminal matters. If your case is related to a temporary restraining order/domestic violence in Hudson or Bergen County, visit our page Hudson County Restraining Order Defense Attorney.

Assault in New Jersey is defined as:

N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1 Simple Assault– A person is guilty of assault if he attempts to cause or purposely causes bodily injury to another; negligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon, or attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily harm. Bodily injury is defined as physical pain, illness or impairment of physical condition. Assault is one of the crimes that is considered domestic violence under certain circumstances and when someone is seeking a final restraining order. We can help you defend against a restraining order case in Hudson County, New Jersey.

We represent people in both criminal and family court concerning assault charges/domestic violence in Jersey City/Hudson County.  The maximum prison term someone can get for simple assault is: 6 months in jail and $1000 fine. While a criminal court may find you guilty of committing a simple assault, that does not mean if you have a related NJ domestic violence restraining order case that the Judge in the restraining order case will or must issue a final restraining order. In the Temporary Restraining Order Case-FRO case, the domestic violence Judge has more discretion as there are many factors involved in determining whether a final restraining order is needed. One thing to know is that if a final order is given, it can be very hard to dissolve and this can have serious consequences so whether you are charged in criminal court, municipal court or are facing a restraining order, it is important to fight your case.

2C:35-10.  Possession of CDS
In addition to simple assault and other criminal charges, we represent people who have been accused of Possessing CDS (marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, paraphernalia, etc) in Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne Municipal Courts, or in the Hudson County Superior Court-we can help defend you against these charges and minimize any penalty you may face or help you get the case dismissed.

In a recent case we had in the Jersey City Municipal Court, our client was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Our client had a clean record, the parties no longer lived together and we were able to have the case dismissed after finding holes in her story and the lack of reliable evidence. We also successfully had the temporary restraining order in family court vacated as well. Client had a clean record prior to the incident and a clean record after retaining our firm for the criminal defense and restraining order issues.  In this case, the victim wanted to go forward with the complaint but it is very important to know that even if the victim does not want to go forward, the State can still press their case and it is very important to hire a lawyer immediately and remember your right to remain silent.

The first time you go to court is for your arraignment an/or bail hearing. Your attorney will enter a plea of non-guilty and argue for the lowest bail permitted under the state guidelines. Your attorney will also request copies of the discovery which are the documents associated with your case, any videos, etc that the prosecutor must disclose all discovery to the defense attorney. The prosecution must let defense counsel know who they intend to call as witnesses.  If the defense attorney has any discovery that can attack the prosecution’s case, he must provide that to the State.  So for example in another case we had, our client claimed self-defense and that the alleged victim instigated the entire fight by sending him pictures of his ex-girlfriend in seductive clothing in “non-church like poses” over and over again until he got to the point where he felt he had to confront the instigator as they lived on the same block. When we showed these pictures and texts to the prosecution, the charges were downgraded substantially and later dismissed.

While criminal cases require beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a guilty verdict, a restraining order case requires that the victim prove his or her case with a preponderance of the evidence standard (which is easier to win) but either way, we know how to prepare for either or both cases as the legal procedures involved are very different. When dealing with criminal issues, it is important not to assume anything. Do not assume the police had probable cause, do not assume they had the right to stop and frisk you because you were in the wrong area, do not assume the Judge will side with the Police. Many Judges were criminal defense lawyers and know that nobody is given automatic credibility when on the witness stand. It is your attorney’s job to find out if in fact probable cause was there, to try to recreate the scenario and to question potential witnesses.

A more serious form of assault in New Jersey is:

Aggravated Assault–  A person is guilty of aggravated assault is he attempts to cause serious bodily injury to another; recklessly causes such an injury, knowingly attempts to cause serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon, or commits a simple assault on a policeman, fireman, emergency first aid personnel, or school teacher or official.  These cases are usually dealt with in the Superior Court-Criminal Division rather than municipal because these cases can carry significant penalties including long prison terms.

Hiring an attorney when it comes to your freedom, your ability to see your children and other important matters requires that you think carefully as to who you hire and make sure that the attorney understands the law, understands your circumstances, your case, so that he or she can represent you effectively. Being frugal with your “legal budget” can lead to dire consequences if your freedom and long-term ability to earn is at risk. The devil is in the details and if you and your attorney fail to communicate important aspects of the case, the case could be doomed. If you have a criminal case pending against you or a domestic violence matter in Jersey City or Hoboken, contact my office today on 201-706-7910 for a confidential appointment in our Jersey City Office.

Mark Baber, Judge of the Hudson County Superior Court-Restraining Order Judge


“Best lawyer in New Jersey.” Jose S.-Client Testimonial

  • Have you been served with a domestic violence/temporary restraining order in Jersey City, Hoboken, Hudson County?
  • Have you been arrested for simple assault? terroristic threats? Or any other domestic violence related crime in Jersey City or Hoboken?
  • Are you seeking a final restraining order in Jersey City against someone?
    Call us today on 201-706-7910 if you seek professional legal representation in the Hudson County Family Court.

As one of the leading Hudson County and Jersey City domestic violence defense Attorneys, I frequently appear before the Honorable Judge Mark Baber who decides whether a temporary restraining order will become permanent and other family law related issues in Hudson County, New Jersey. Judge Vito Sciancalepore  now also hears domestic violence cases in the Hudson County Superior Court. Judge Baber’s courtroom is on the 2nd floor of 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City as is Judge Sciancalepore. Judge Baber is a very tough judge but who is equally tough to all litigants. The Judge is also very smart as he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Law, one of the hardest law school’s in America. When appearing before Judge Baber, it is important to know your case (the exact incidents, times, dates, places, witnesses). Making a mistake as to which date a certain incident occurred or what time, may make your testimony less credible than you may want it to be appear and this can hurt your chances of obtaining a final restraining order. On the flip side, if you are trying to prevent a final restraining order from becoming permanent, you may want to have an attorney that can find weaknesses in the alleged victim’s testimony, ask questions about motive and to try and get to the bottom of the situation to show that a final order is not needed. Whether you are a victim or defendant in Jersey City, it is wise to have an attorney with you to represent your interests in family court. New Jersey Restraining orders can have a lasting impact on your life.

  • Do you have an upcoming court date for a restraining order (final hearing) in the Hudson County Superior Court-Family Division, 595 Newark Avenue, Room 201, Jersey City, NJ 07306?
  • Are you seeking professional legal representation for your case?
  • Do you have a court date in the Jersey City Municipal Court, Hoboken Municipal Court or the Hudson County Criminal Court-CJP-Central Judicial Processing? We can help you today.

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Restraining Order Attorneys

Some of the most important factors in a final restraining order hearing are: the nature of the alleged offenses (harassment, criminal mischief, simple assault, threats, aggravated assault, sexual abuse) and the alleged history of domestic violence between the parties, whether reported or unreported. We can help you go through the temporary restraining order (TRO) to see how we can disprove certain elements and what the alleged victim must prove for a finding to be considered in the final determination at the end of the final restraining order hearing. If you are a victim seeking a final restraining order, we can help you to as we have been successful in representing victims and defendants in Jersey City Restraining Order Cases.


A final restraining order can affect your life in many ways. It can affect your custody and parenting time, it can affect your job or job prospects, you can be added to a national database , it can affect your immigration. For a victim, it can be life changing to know that a domestic violence abuser cannot contact you anymore, cannot be near you, your home, your place or employment, a tough protection is given to you. Fighting and preparing for a final restraining order hearing is critical, there are no plea deals. On some occasions civil restraints can be entered into to stop contact between the parties and to resolve some other issues (custody, parenting time, who will live in the home/apartment) but either way, you must be ready to conduct the hearing and defend yourself and for victims, to prove your case before the family court Judge. For more information about our services, visit Jersey City Domestic Violence Defense Attorney or Jersey City Divorce Lawyer.  For other information about some of the criminal elements  concerning domestic violence and criminal charges, visit:

Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney 

Jersey City Municipal Court Defense Attorney.

Domestic Violence and Criminal Mischief

Harassment Charges and Restraining Order Defense

Violating a Restraining Order in New Jersey

The Artusa Law firm is skilled in representing people in difficult family law and criminal law cases throughout the State of New Jersey but with an emphasis in the Hudson, Bergen and Essex County areas. If you seek professional representation for your case, Contact us today on 973-337-9643. We have offices in Jersey City, Hoboken and Newark, NJ.



How to get a divorce in Jersey City! Try it alone, good luck, try it with us, you are set! We know how to handle it and do it fast!

Great News! You do not need to be a magician to obtain a divorce in Jersey City-Hudson County New Jersey. I am a divorce attorney here in Jersey City and I will quickly go over 7 facts about obtaining a divorce in the Hudson County Superior Court-Family Court.

  1. You can obtain a divorce without ever having to go to court in Hudson County. This is a fact but most people including many attorneys do not know how to do this. This may be my own magic trick but it works, it is legal and you never have to step foot in 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City which is the address of the Hudson County Family Court.
  2. You can obtain a divorce without your spouse’s signature. Now, this does not mean you can obtain a divorce in Hudson County without your spouse’s knowledge it just means he can be served and default whereas a signature is not needed.
  3. If you know where your spouse lives and your spouse does not contest the divorce, you can be divorced in Hudson County between 60 and 90 days.
  4. You can obtain a divorce even if you do not know where your spouse is. In this case you will not get a divorce in less than 90 days but nevertheless you can obtain a divorce by publication.
  5. You can get a divorce in Hudson County Family Court even if your spouse does not want the divorce. A Judge cannot force people to attend marriage counseling. Again, while you can obtain the divorce, if your spouse fights it, you will get the divorce decree but it will take longer than an uncontested case.
  6. You can obtain a divorce in Hudson County even if you were married in another State or another country.
  7. You can cancel your divorce until the very last day, meaning if you still believe you can works things out, the court will permit you to withdraw your divorce. Yes, I have seen it on the day of trial, it has been done!

If you have a family law or divorce case in Jersey City-Hudson County or Beyond in New Jersey, contact me and my team in our Jersey City office on 201-706-7910. We offer convenient office hours for our clients. You can also contact us via email by filling out this contact form:

To view more about our team and our services visit our main page: Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City.


FROM JERSEY CITY injury and personal injury lawyer Santo Artusa What should I do if I am in an accident while in an UBER? LYFT? in Jersey City, Newark or Beyond? We can help you, read below!

Despite Uber’s Public Relation issues, LYFT, UBER and other car sharing/riding services will continue to thrive in the United States especially in in New Jersey where the cost of living is so absurd that is should be illegal to tax us anymore. Uber and these services are of major help to people throughout Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City, Weehawken, Hoboken, North Bergen, etc. While UBER and the like are a major help and brilliant service, accidents to happen when in these cars and it is important to know that you are covered until commercial insurance if you were a passenger in an UBER and were involved in a car accident, whether it was your UBER driver’s fault or the other driver, it does not matter.

The Jersey City injury attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you if you have been in an accident in New Jersey whether you were a passenger, driver, pedestrian, etc and have been injured. If you have been in an accident, contact us today on 201-706-7910 and we will help you get the care you need and represent you for possible money damages. We are located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Questions You Need to Ask During a Divorce and/or Family Law Consultation

Martindale Award for Client Distinction 2015
Martindale Award for Client Distinction 2015
  1. How often do you practice family law or divorce cases?
  2. How often do you practice child custody cases?
  3. How do I start the divorce process?
  4. Typically how long does a divorce take?
  5. How much is a divorce?
  6. What is your hourly rate?
  7. Who will handle the case, which attorney?
  8. What if my spouse does not agree to the divorce?
  9. Am I able to obtain alimony or must I pay alimony?
  10. How is child support calculated?
  11. How often must I attend court?
  12. Do I have to attend marriage counseling?
  13. Do I have to attend parenting classes or mediation?
  14. We agree on everything, do we need to go to court?
  15. I cannot find my spouse, how can I get a divorce?

These are some very general questions people usually ask or should ask when meeting with an attorney. You should also feel comfortable with the attorney you meet because you will need to work together to achieve your case goals. For an appointment in our Jersey City office, contact us on 201-706-7910.