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As one of the leading Hudson County and Jersey City domestic violence defense Attorneys, I frequently appear before the Honorable Judge Mark Baber who decides whether a temporary restraining order will become permanent and other family law related issues in Hudson County, New Jersey. Judge Vito Sciancalepore  now also hears domestic violence cases in the Hudson County Superior Court. Judge Baber’s courtroom is on the 2nd floor of 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City as is Judge Sciancalepore. Judge Baber is a very tough judge but who is equally tough to all litigants. The Judge is also very smart as he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Law, one of the hardest law school’s in America. When appearing before Judge Baber, it is important to know your case (the exact incidents, times, dates, places, witnesses). Making a mistake as to which date a certain incident occurred or what time, may make your testimony less credible than you may want it to be appear and this can hurt your chances of obtaining a final restraining order. On the flip side, if you are trying to prevent a final restraining order from becoming permanent, you may want to have an attorney that can find weaknesses in the alleged victim’s testimony, ask questions about motive and to try and get to the bottom of the situation to show that a final order is not needed. Whether you are a victim or defendant in Jersey City, it is wise to have an attorney with you to represent your interests in family court. New Jersey Restraining orders can have a lasting impact on your life.

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Some of the most important factors in a final restraining order hearing are: the nature of the alleged offenses (harassment, criminal mischief, simple assault, threats, aggravated assault, sexual abuse) and the alleged history of domestic violence between the parties, whether reported or unreported. We can help you go through the temporary restraining order (TRO) to see how we can disprove certain elements and what the alleged victim must prove for a finding to be considered in the final determination at the end of the final restraining order hearing. If you are a victim seeking a final restraining order, we can help you to as we have been successful in representing victims and defendants in Jersey City Restraining Order Cases.

A final restraining order can affect your life in many ways. It can affect your custody and parenting time, it can affect your job or job prospects, you can be added to a national database , it can affect your immigration. For a victim, it can be life changing to know that a domestic violence abuser cannot contact you anymore, cannot be near you, your home, your place or employment, a tough protection is given to you. Fighting and preparing for a final restraining order hearing is critical, there are no plea deals. On some occasions civil restraints can be entered into to stop contact between the parties and to resolve some other issues (custody, parenting time, who will live in the home/apartment) but either way, you must be ready to conduct the hearing and defend yourself and for victims, to prove your case before the family court Judge. For more information about our services, visit Jersey City Domestic Violence Defense Attorney or Jersey City Divorce Lawyer.  For other information about some of the criminal elements  concerning domestic violence and criminal charges, visit:

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From Jersey City Divorce and Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa——-Einstein taught me how to achieve the seamless/no fault/uncontested divorce in New Jersey Family-Divorce Courts. And as you would suspect, genius lives in simplicity. As a Hudson County divorce lawyer representing people from Jersey City, North Bergen, Bayonne, Union City, Hoboken, Newark, Kearny, North Arlington, Elizabeth, Union, New Brunswick, Somerset and beyond, I know which courts offer the easiest divorces and which courts are slower and have more archaic methods. For instance did you know that certain New Jersey Family Courts do not require an appearance in court if you know what you are doing? Hudson and Somerset are just two counties that permit divorce on the papers (aka a divorce without going to court). We handle hundreds of these divorce cases each year, especially in Hudson County, New Jersey. Our satisfied clients have sent us countless referrals because of our work and knowledge of the Hudson County divorce courts and judges.

The first step in a divorce is really telling your spouse that you are going to file (this is much easier in cases where both parties already want this, the parties no longer live together as husband and wife, spouse and spouse). By doing this, there is no surprise which could lead to a major civil paper-divorce assault for no reason, so it is best to deal with it with kid’s gloves if it is an amicable divorce and mutual decision.

The second step would be either getting the terms of the divorce agreement down in writing or filing for the divorce in the New Jersey Superior Court-Family Part (Each County has one). One you file for the divorce, you will get a docket or case number. Your spouse will then need to sign for that or sign that he or she agrees to the terms listed in the divorce complaint or you have a marital/property settlement agreement.

The third step would be to file that paper which must be signed and notarized (acknowledgment of service) with the court. After that is done, you can file for a default and submit the next series of documents and the actual proposed final divorce judgment. Again, if you do it right in certain counties, you will never have to go to court and appear in a family law courtroom. My team and I know how to obtain that divorce or annulment for you in a seamless and limited stress fashion (we cannot control everything but we strive to make this as easy as possible for you and your spouse).

If you face a family law issue, domestic abuse, restraining orders, child custody, divorce, annulments or any other family law issue in Hudson County, New Jersey or beyond, contact my team on 201-706-7910 to discuss your situation further. Until then, thank you and Have a safe 4th of July! God Bless America!

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