Do you have a court date in Jersey City, Hudson County Family Court? For a restraining order? For a family court case? We can help you NOW! Jersey City Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa and his team are skilled in family and criminal law cases in Jersey City, NJ.

You may have a court date in family court in Hudson County, Essex County, Union County or beyond in New Jersey because you filed an application or the other party filed something and you must attend court in Jersey City, Newark, Hackensack, etc. Either way, the day is approaching and you are going over what your goal is or not sure what your goal really is, either way, you want the court date to go well. You want the best results possible. While nobody can guarantee what a family court Judge will do, working with an experienced New Jersey family court attorney will help you seek the right relief and defend you when you need to be defended.

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I will offer three tips to you aside from the fact that you should have a family law attorney with you to handle your case.

  1. Have your proof with you and be organized. You cannot hand a Judge 100 papers and expect the Judge to comb through them all. The Judge will be upset and thats not good. I just had a court case this week were the other attorney came to court will a folder of papers and audio CDs. I asked where the proof was, the Judge asked where the proof was and the other attorney said, its on the CDs, you can listen to them! The Judge looked at the attorney as if she was crazy and said it is your job to have the transcript and so forth. So have your proof but be organized.
  2. Be respectful to the court and court staff. The Judge and the Judge’s staff is like their own little army, their own little team. Attack or disrespect one, you disrespect all, never do it, don’t do it. Even if you get an attitude for no reason, do not respond in a bad way, EVER.
  3. Dress Appropriately– I cannot tell you how often I am in disbelief over what people who have court wear to court, whether it is a woman with a skirt so high or a man with his pants to the floor, dress as if you are going to church. No you do not have to wear a suit to church or to court but dress neat, dress conservatively.

While this are only basic tips, sometime you need to have basic common sense when going to court and when dealing with important family law situations. My team and I are trained family law attorneys in New Jersey with our main office in Jersey City. If you have a family law case coming up and seek a lawyer, contact us sooner rather than later as we can only accept a certain amount of cases per day. Contact us on 201-706-7910 today.

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How to get a divorce in Jersey City! Try it alone, good luck, try it with us, you are set! We know how to handle it and do it fast!

Great News! You do not need to be a magician to obtain a divorce in Jersey City-Hudson County New Jersey. I am a divorce attorney here in Jersey City and I will quickly go over 7 facts about obtaining a divorce in the Hudson County Superior Court-Family Court.

  1. You can obtain a divorce without ever having to go to court in Hudson County. This is a fact but most people including many attorneys do not know how to do this. This may be my own magic trick but it works, it is legal and you never have to step foot in 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City which is the address of the Hudson County Family Court.
  2. You can obtain a divorce without your spouse’s signature. Now, this does not mean you can obtain a divorce in Hudson County without your spouse’s knowledge it just means he can be served and default whereas a signature is not needed.
  3. If you know where your spouse lives and your spouse does not contest the divorce, you can be divorced in Hudson County between 60 and 90 days.
  4. You can obtain a divorce even if you do not know where your spouse is. In this case you will not get a divorce in less than 90 days but nevertheless you can obtain a divorce by publication.
  5. You can get a divorce in Hudson County Family Court even if your spouse does not want the divorce. A Judge cannot force people to attend marriage counseling. Again, while you can obtain the divorce, if your spouse fights it, you will get the divorce decree but it will take longer than an uncontested case.
  6. You can obtain a divorce in Hudson County even if you were married in another State or another country.
  7. You can cancel your divorce until the very last day, meaning if you still believe you can works things out, the court will permit you to withdraw your divorce. Yes, I have seen it on the day of trial, it has been done!

If you have a family law or divorce case in Jersey City-Hudson County or Beyond in New Jersey, contact me and my team in our Jersey City office on 201-706-7910. We offer convenient office hours for our clients. You can also contact us via email by filling out this contact form:

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As a Jersey City-New Jersey Divorce lawyer, I see a lot. I hope this blog helps you in deciding who to hire for your divorce in New Jersey.
Writing the question is easier than saying it,”End your marriage” For the marriages that are real, that were made in good faith, that ended or are ending for one reason or most likely many, the time will come that you have to choose which kind of divorce lawyer do you want for your divorce case in New Jersey? You may think it is simple, you may view lawyers as a simple commodity and if you do, good for you and good luck. If you are a realist you know that the divorce lawyer you choose is very important now and in the future. If there is no need to speak in the future, hiring a New Jersey divorce attorney that will burn the house down and leave no remains may be fine with you. If you have a family with children and need to live another day and have some sort of relationship with your spouse going forward, the lawyer who wants to burn down Rome may not be the right lawyer for you. The lawyer may think its great when he or she walks away with all of your assets but if you have kids you know what it means to have to work together and to find a way to make it as civil as possible for your kids and the other parent. In fact, it is critical. The way our children view how we treat others especially a man or woman, a father or mother, shapes them forever. So put your ego aside and really think this through. It’s not all about money, in fact if there are children, its about them and parenting the best we can.  The following tips are meant to help you in selecting your divorce or family law attorney in New Jersey:

  1. How mad are you right now? Will you be able to calm down? Will hurting your spouse make you happy? Will it take away your pain?
  2. What does life after divorce look like? Will you be able to be civil or will the divorce war create such a bloodbath that nothing will survive or be fixed in the future?
  3. If you destroy your spouse emotionally and/or financially, how will that help your children?
  4. Do you believe in forgiveness or mercy?
  5. Do you want your lawyer to leave the case with more money than you and your spouse?
  6. What would you do or how would you explain to your kids that your pushed their parent so far away that he is no longer around for fear of fake criminal complaints? fake or overstated domestic abuse claims? What do you say?

These questions can help guide you in your decision of choosing a divorce or family law attorney in New Jersey.  The party that starts the battle, sets the tone. If you decide to start the battle with nuclear weapons, be prepared for those weapons to be used on you and your loved ones. It is always best to start a divorce in a civil/amicable fashion when possible. This permits feelings and tensions to ease so the parties can focus on the key areas of their lives. This will take time but it is better than trampling over someone you have children with and married. That person needs to be strong for your kids as you do. So in the end, be careful which attorney you choose for your family law case as what is left behind may be so damaged that no amount of alimony or money can fix. If you have a divorce case in Hudson County-New Jersey contact my family law team on 201-706-7910 to setup a confidential meeting in our Jersey City location.

Hon. Tara Schillari Rich Hudson County Judge

As a Hudson County-New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Attorney, I am happy to say that a new judge has been appointed to the Hudson County Family Court in Jersey City. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Tara Schillari Rich is the newest Judge to take the family court bench in Hudson County and was sworn in by Governor Christie. Judge Schillari Rich is a certified matrimonial attorney and understands the rules and procedures of the family courts in New Jersey extremely well, my team and I have appeared before her numerous times and believe she is a fair and equitable Judge. If the name sounds familiar that is because her father is the Sheriff of Hudson County, Sheriff Schillari. Judge Tara Rich will hear a variety of family law cases such as domestic violence/restraining orders, child custody, parenting time, child support and other related family law issues. Prior to becoming a judge, Judge Tara Rich worked for a family law firm in Bergen County where she had over 15 years of experience. This addition is a welcome sign to attorneys and litigants as having a Judge experienced in family law and divorce is very important from a lawyers perspective because the Judge will know the time constraints and difficulties in practicing family law.


  1. Divorce
  2. Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence
  3. Child Custody
  4. Child Support
  5. Parenting Time
  6. Child/Parental Relocation
  7. Order to Show Causes (Emergent Hearings)
  8. Post Divorce Motions
  9. College Contributions
  10. Private School Contributions
  11. Ability to travel outside the United States
  12. Shared Parenting
  13. Modification of Court Orders
  14. Initial Court Orders
  15. DNA/Paternity tests

The Judge’s chambers are in the New Jersey Superior Court-Chancery Division/Family Part located at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306, 8th Floor. The Judge will be under Judge Maureen Mantineo, the presiding Judge of the family part.

If you have a family law case for child support, a modification, alimony, spousal support, parenting time or child custody, contact the Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City today to discuss your options on 201-706-7910. To view our main page visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Family Law Attorneys

About the Artusa Law Firm-

The Artusa Law Firm was founded by Jersey City Divorce and Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa in 2009. The firm handles all aspects of litigation, mediation, arbitration throughout Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, Union County and beyond. If you have a family law or legal issue, contact us. Santo Artusa, Esq., has been selected by Super Lawyers and as superb by Avvo.com.





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Do you want custody of your kids? What to do about the new Significant Other being Around your Kids

Custody can always be changed, it is just a matter of when it is warranted. An example of where and when it was warranted.

I had a recent case where a married couple lived in the same 2 family house, mom downstairs, dad upstairs. At the time, the mom had custody of the children with the kids staying with dad about half the time whether by way of overnights or having dinner with dad after school. Mom began dating a man known to be a drug dealer and convicted felon who started sleeping over the house more and more. Dad would smell the intense odor from their marijuana use and the children corroborated seeing a green substance and “weird looking pipes.” We went to court for an immediate hearing by way of order to show cause in the Essex County Family Court where the Judge ruled that the boyfriend could not be in the home at all. After a few weeks, the boyfriend reappeared and the same problems began to present themselves placing the children at risk. Again, we went back to court for an emergency hearing where the Judge gave dad full residential custody and had mom tested for drugs which came out positive for marijuana.
It is often difficult for a single parent or a divorced parent to know that a new man or woman is around his or her kids but life goes on. Old cases in New Jersey made it harder for the paramour/new love interest to be around but a recent case heard by Judge Lawrence Jones focused on the new reality of divorce rates, single parenting and so forth. Judge Jones called for fewer restrictions on contact between the child and the new person in mom or dad’s life, which does make sense. In his August 3, 2015 decision, Judge Jones indicated that an indefinite ban on contact is unenforceable absent any evidence of inappropriate conduct. He then went on to say that contact should be increased gradually and that is tailored to the child’s needs. Common sense finally prevails. While we do not want a single mother or father introducing their children to every love interest they ever meet, the time should come when the children meet the man or woman when the time is right and after determining that the man or woman is worthy of meeting your kids.
Whether you are dealing with a situation trying to prevent contact or to encourage it, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your case in detail.

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What You Need To Know-Notice of Scheduled Appearance for Motion Hearing

best new jersey divorce attorneyHave you received New Jersey Family Court motion papers in the mail? Are you seeking to file a cross-motion? Do you want to defend against the request that you received in the mail? Are you seeking a family law-child custody lawyer in New Jersey?  The New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you today on 201-706-7910.

The State of New Jersey To: Have you received a notice that matched the title of this blog for a court date in Hudson County, Essex County, Union County or Bergen County? If you have, we can help. Our team focuses on family law issues throughout the State of New Jersey. The motion you received may lay out one issue to contend or several (child custody, parenting time,violation of a court order,  college costs, child support, alimony issues, enforcement motions, emancipation, child relocation, spousal support, evaluation of assets, etc) either way there is a deadline to respond and if you seek certain relief there is a deadline for your “cross-motion” or “cross-application.” The New Jersey family law attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you with your case if you seek professional family law representation.

What is written in the motion papers and the exhibits (attachments) you provide are very important to your case. Without proof, a Judge may simply decide the motion without oral argument. If you reply and request oral argument, you should be able to have that and argue your case before the Judge and against the opposing party. However, you should know that if you elect to handle the matter on your own, you will be held to the same standard as an attorney. You must know the rules and the legal standards for the claims you are asserting. Family law motions require a substantial amount of work and if done incorrectly, can cost you more than you imagined. If you received a motion in New Jersey for a family part case, contact the team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your situation and if it makes sense to hire an attorney.


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Keys to Obtaining Custody of Your Child or Have More Parenting Time


Seeking a family law attorney to help you obtain Custody of Your Child? Are you seeking a New Jersey Court order to have parenting time or visitation with your child? Do you have a court date with Judge Mirtha Ospina? Judge Anthony D’Elia?
We can Help You Right Away

This is What You Need to Know-We have been through this before.

As a New Jersey Family Law Attorney and Child Custody Attorney  handles requests for Parenting-Time in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, and throughout the State and I have seen and dealt with some very difficult situations. When parties argue, when parties go through a divorce, one party because of their anger or shock over the realization that the marriage is over can lead to one parent “poisoning” the children by talking negatively about the father or mother and this leads to alienation and the refusal to permit a parent to see their child. Father’s rights have become a more important and considered topic in the family courts today, more and more Judges are listening to fathers’ who want to see their children, who have been refused, who have suffered from the alienation. In cases where the parties were not married, the anger can still be present and the custodial parent can still talk about the other parent in a bad way which helps nobody. The Judges that decide these cases in Hudson County are: Judge Maureen Mantineo, Judge Mirtha Ospina, Judge Vito Sciancalepore, Judge Maloney-Espinales, Judge Nesle Rodriguez, Judge Mark Baber.

  • Do you have a court order in New Jersey for parenting time but want more time with your child?
  • Do you have a court order for parenting time and the custodial parent refuses to honor it?
  • Are you seeking a New Jersey court order granting you specific parenting time to avoid problems?  We can help you.

In my opinion, one of the hardest things in the world is not being able to see your child. Trust me, I know what it is like, I have been there before, it hurts, it is unfair but with the right plan, there is hope, a great deal of hope. If this occurs, contact the Family Law Attorney at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910.  Dealing with not being able to see your child when you want to or even when you are “scheduled” to see your child, the custodial parent makes it near impossible to see the child, talk to the child, communicate in any fashion DONT LET THIS HAPPEN, contact an attorney. Even worse is if your child indicates that he or she wants to live with you but you feel helpless in putting your child in the middle. However, as time goes on, you may reach a tipping point where you have no choice but to seek custody or seek more parenting time. Regardless of how the parents feel about each other, the child needs BOTH parents. Alienating a child from one parent is a sin, it is abuse that your child feels.

Working with an aggressive attorney who can obtain a court order or enforce a court order for you is critical to your rights as a parent. For more information about the tools available in child custody and parenting time cases, please visit Hudson County Child Custody and Parenting Time Lawyer.  To read our post about parenting time in Hudson and Essex,https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Favvolawyers%2Fposts%2F1302286639786606&width=500

Seeking a court order or seeking to change a family court order can be difficult. With the right family law attorney, you increase your chances of success as like any other endeavor, the more you practice, the more you learn, and the more effective you become. We focus on family law matters in Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County and Union County, New Jersey almost every day. We know when a case has merit, has a chance, and frankly when the case will not succeed on its face and we will not accept the case.

If you have reached that point where something has to change and you are ready to hire an attorney who understands the facets of child custody determinations and parenting time, contact us at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 for an appointment. Our office is located at 35 Journal Square Plaza, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306. To learn more about our different practice areas, visit our home page here: Artusa Law Firm-New Jersey Family Court Lawyers.

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Jersey City Family Law Attorney


As a divorce lawyer in Jersey City, I have represented people throughout New Jersey and from other states that have divorce and family law issues in Hudson County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Bergen County and Union County. Regardless if it is a simple divorce where both parties come in to sign all the papers or we must find your spouse and serve him in another state or country, we can handle it. If the case has complex child custody or diverse assets to divide, we have dealt with it and are ready to help you with your case. The best way for us to help you is if you have an idea of what you are seeking so we can evaluate your case and tell you if it is worth pursuing financially and what the positives and negatives of your case are. We will help you choose a cause of action for your divorce, inform you of what you may be entitled to and help you move forward from there. Our headquarters are located at 35 Journal Square, Suite 531, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Our main contact number is 201-706-7910. 

Every divorce case is different as are the issues involved in the case. Is your case about dividing assets? alimony? child custody? child support? parenting time? getting your maiden name back? a cheating spouse? adultery? domestic violence? extreme cruelty? If you tell us the situation, we will guide you toward the best course of action.

In a recent case we had, the spouse refused to provide his address and would not sign for the divorce papers in front of a notary. We were able to find him in Western New York, serve him, his 35 days to respond expired and we were able to have our client get a divorce and resume her maiden name, that is all she wanted and we got it. She did not want to seek a division of assets or alimony, she just wanted to move on with her life and put a bad relationship behind her.


In another case, both parties came into my office and indicated that they divided any assets they had years ago, the kids are grown and they just want a divorce. We made the divorce papers for them, the plaintiff signed, we filed, received the docket number back about 2 weeks later and the spouse signed waiving his 35 days and soon enough, they were divorced without even having to go to court. Yes, believe it or not, there are many divorces that are not ugly, that there is no bad blood and people just want to move on legally as they have moved on in their lives. For more information about uncontested divorces, click here.

So if you are ready to move forward with a divorce, annulment or other family law matter in the Jersey City area, contact my team on 201-706-7910 or email me directly on santoartusa@gmail.com today to discuss your case in confidence and to setup an appointment to fully explain what is going on and we will discuss how we can help you.

Until then, Happy New Year!


ARTUSA LAW FIRM, P.C. 35 Journal Square, Suite 531, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Uncontested Divorce in Hudson County, New Jersey

The Hudson County Divorce Lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm handle uncontested divorces everyday. We know how to handle these cases and handle them fast in Jersey City, NJ. You may not even have to go to court, EVER.

Jersey City Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa has handled hundreds of no-fault cases in Hudson County, NJ and beyond. We handle the cases effectively and efficiently so that we can reduce the stress of the divorce process and dealing with the courts. Some lawyers have zero interest in uncontested divorces as they enjoy fully litigating a case and of course, the billings $$$. While I do enjoy a good fight, it tends to be much better for a person who realizes their marriage is over to move on and to move on quickly. Information you need to file for divorce is:

  1. Your Address
  2. Your Spouse’s Address
  3. The Date and Place of Your Marriage
  4. Any insurance you have in place (medical, auto, home, renter’s)
  5. Your License or State ID
  6. Your Social Security Number
  7. The names and dates of birth of your children
  8. Your children’s social security numbers
  9. If you had any cases before with your spouse, the case/docket numbers

The uncontested divorce is the most painless way to obtain a divorce judgment. All issues are agreed upon or waived. The requirements to file a divorce in Hudson County are:

  1. You have lived in the State of NJ for more than one year. Out of that one year period, at least the last six months have been in Hudson County.
  2. You satisfy the legal requirements (pleadings-irreconcilable differences, adultery, extreme cruelty, 18 month separate and apart, etc).

Once the case is filed, you must either serve your spouse with divorce papers, have your spouse sign a waiver, have your spouse acknowledge receipt of the divorce papers. If the waiver is not signed, the party bringing the divorce, the Plaintiff must wait 35 days so that the Defendant defaults and the Court can enter a default on the docket. At anytime before or after you file, you both can reach an agreement as to the terms of the divorce  in writing by way of a marital settlement agreement or if there are no issues in contention, you can proceed with a divorce judgment and testify before the Judge. Alternatively, your lawyer can prepare other documents so that a court appearance may be waived and you will obtain your divorce judgment in the mail. The Hudson County Superior Court-Family Division is located at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. The presiding Judge is The Honorable Maureen Mantineo, P.J.F.P. The filing fee office is located in Room 105 on the first floor.

It is important to include everything you seek in your divorce complaint prior to serving or having your spouse sign an acknowledgment because if you do not, you will have to file an amended complaint and serve him or her again, wasting time.  In a divorce complaint, you can seek a divorce (obviously), child support, alimony, division of assets and/or debts, seek your maiden name back, ask for lawyers fees, child custody and any other relief that falls into the purview of the Court.

If you have a divorce or family law case, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910.