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From JERSEY CITY LAWYER: SANTO ARTUSA——–How to end a marriage when you know its over but you still care for your spouse or you may hate your spouse now but do not want harm to come to him or her. What is the best way to handle the situation? We can help in our Jersey City divorce law office today.

While we are Jersey City Divorce Lawyers, we are human and understand people as our practice is about people. You decided to file divorce papers in New Jersey, you are seeking New Jersey divorce lawyers and want to move on with your life. This is a big step. You may be thinking, “I can’t believe that son of a bitch cheated on me” or ” I cant believe he leaves the house for weeks and then just comes home” ” I can’t believe she spent my whole bonus on shoes!” or on and on. You may be very angry, you may be upset, you may want vengeance and you may also still care for this person that you have been married to for years, I would hope so. Marriage is a big deal to me, marriage and family is a big deal to me. I hope even if you are at the end of this journey, you can still reflect back to when you would do anything for this person or still care for this person because you have memories in common, children in common, etc. Maybe that is not the case for you but I hope it is because anger will only get you so far. To think clearly you want to be calm and work with a divorce attorney that can stay calm under pressure and guide you accordingly. These are the best divorce attorneys for you.

When you are seeking a divorce, you need to know if you are certain that you really want a divorce. Second, you need to know what you want. Some people just want a divorce or annulment, some people want money, some people want child support, alimony, etc. Every case is unique but either way, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and what you need to do to obtain them. We can help you navigate the divorce process to ease some of your tensions and concerns. We have been there before and we have ourselves fought in family court for our on cases, we know what it is like, trust us.

As one of the experienced divorce attorneys in Jersey City, New Jersey who practices statewide, I prefer to have cases where there is hope for civility. It is best to move on with your divorce in a positive manner if possible for your well being and your children as well if you have kids. There will be disagreements, without a doubt but an argument or arguments can flush the bad out and get us on the road to fruitful negotiations and reaching an agreement that neither party is thrilled with but both parties can live with, this is the surest sign of a good settlement.

If you are seeking a divorce and you want to have a divorce that will not totally destroy your post divorce life with your ex for various reasons, contact me and my team on 973-337-9643 today to discuss your family law situation. You will be glad you did.

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The five most common reasons people file for divorce in New Jersey aside from irreconcilable differences should not be surprising but the actual number of people who suffer from certain causes of actions/reasons for divorce may be surprising and why it is important should be known. As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer in Jersey City, I have seen it all. While New Jersey is a no-fault state when pleading or using a cause of action in a New Jersey divorce which means that whether there is fault or not, the economics of the case may remain the same and the Judge may not use any of this information to change the economic ruling.

For example, cheating or adultery is a reason for divorce/cause of action used everyday. It is not used as often as before but people want the court to know why the divorce is happening and that it is not simply a mutually agreed breakup but rather one’s betrayal caused the breakup of the union.

Substance Abuse- A spouse’s continuous substance abuse/addiction issues is another reason that people file for divorce in New Jersey which suffers from a high right of opiate addictions.

Extreme Cruelty- Extreme cruelty is widely defined and can include adultery, mental abuse, physical/domestic abuse, harassment, sexual assault and other acts that someone should not be forced to live with.

Desertion- Another common reason for a divorce is that one party simply got up and left and never came back. A spouse cannot be forced to wait around forever for when their spouse decides to come back if ever.

Imprisonment- Yes, when a spouse goes to jail, sometimes the spouse that is out does not want to wait and wants to move on with his or her life.

While these causes of action may not affect the economic outcome of your case, for many people it is important for them to make it clear why they are dissolving the marriage/getting a divorce. If you are seeking a divorce in New Jersey for any reason or have a family law issue, contact my team on 973-337-9643 for an in person meeting or phone consult in our Jersey City office.





Domestic Abuse/Violence in New Jersey and leaving your partner/spouse. Views from the inside. Views from the inside is a blog by Hudson County New Jersey Family Law and New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa and what he sees as a divorce/family lawyer, father, husband, family man, businessman in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Sadly, New Jersey is a no fault state in terms of divorce. However, that does not mean you cannot file for divorce in Hudson County New Jersey Family Court based on extreme cruelty and for other reasons that include domestic abuse/domestic violence, a sad reality that remains in our country and is culturally accepted in some cultures but not in this office and not in the courts. If you hit my daughter, you are dead. As a Jersey City-Hudson County divorce attorney, I have seen and handled many difficult situations and I know I can help you if you are ready to.  Domestic abuse is not just about women its also about men being mentally and physically abused. It is not a weakness to be hit and not fight back, it is not a weakness to admit someone abuses you in one way or the other. It happens everyday to both genders and it must be stopped and you must get our before the worse two things happen: 1. Your kids see this behavior and 2. You get killed or you kill your spouse defending yourself.

Below are 7 reasons to file for divorce or consider when you seek a divorce in New Jersey and domestic violence/abuse is involved.

  1. First, if you are in the early stages of your marriage and there is domestic abuse already and you do not have children, why stay in the marriage? Get out while you are young and while you have need been harmed for that long.
  2. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.
  3. If your spouse abuses you, and you have children and they witness this, they are more prone to be abusive or be in an abusive relationship, is that fair? No its not.
  4. You may believe you can shield your kids or family from the abuse you feel inside but your family will know you are suffering because of the intensity of it. This will hurt you and your health.
  5. Be fair to yourself. Respect yourself. Do not let anyone hit you, mentally abuse you. Life is too short to live that way. Begin to take positive steps.
  6. You can always file for a restraining order to get your spouse out of the home to protect yourself. If the abuse is more verbal, you can still do that but if you feel physically safe it may be best to just file the divorce and handle the next steps that way.
  7. You can still obtain a divorce based on abuse/extreme cruelty even if you never called the police. The fact is many people never call the police in a domestic abuse/violence situation. Many people are scared and or ashamed. We can help you and advise you.
  8. Does your spouse take advantage that your family lives in another country or far from the marital home/apartment? I see this a lot where a spouse takes advantage of the fact that the wife/husband’s family, close friends live in India, Pakistan, China, France, Italy, parts of Africa.

Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience but nor is surgery but when you have to get rid of the cancer in your body, you must do what you have to do to save yourself. As the tension rises between you and your spouse, only bad things can happen from there if you do not begin taking steps to get out of the marriage. If you are ready to file for divorce and/or can no longer take the abuse or fake accusations of abuse, contact my Jersey City family law team on 201-706-7910 today for a confidential appointment.



How to get a divorce in Jersey City! Try it alone, good luck, try it with us, you are set! We know how to handle it and do it fast!

Great News! You do not need to be a magician to obtain a divorce in Jersey City-Hudson County New Jersey. I am a divorce attorney here in Jersey City and I will quickly go over 7 facts about obtaining a divorce in the Hudson County Superior Court-Family Court.

  1. You can obtain a divorce without ever having to go to court in Hudson County. This is a fact but most people including many attorneys do not know how to do this. This may be my own magic trick but it works, it is legal and you never have to step foot in 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City which is the address of the Hudson County Family Court.
  2. You can obtain a divorce without your spouse’s signature. Now, this does not mean you can obtain a divorce in Hudson County without your spouse’s knowledge it just means he can be served and default whereas a signature is not needed.
  3. If you know where your spouse lives and your spouse does not contest the divorce, you can be divorced in Hudson County between 60 and 90 days.
  4. You can obtain a divorce even if you do not know where your spouse is. In this case you will not get a divorce in less than 90 days but nevertheless you can obtain a divorce by publication.
  5. You can get a divorce in Hudson County Family Court even if your spouse does not want the divorce. A Judge cannot force people to attend marriage counseling. Again, while you can obtain the divorce, if your spouse fights it, you will get the divorce decree but it will take longer than an uncontested case.
  6. You can obtain a divorce in Hudson County even if you were married in another State or another country.
  7. You can cancel your divorce until the very last day, meaning if you still believe you can works things out, the court will permit you to withdraw your divorce. Yes, I have seen it on the day of trial, it has been done!

If you have a family law or divorce case in Jersey City-Hudson County or Beyond in New Jersey, contact me and my team in our Jersey City office on 201-706-7910. We offer convenient office hours for our clients. You can also contact us via email by filling out this contact form:

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You must think I am on some powerful drug to say alimony is worth it! Every every penny if done right. I am a Jersey City Lawyer focusing on divorce and personal injury cases and I tell you I would rather be happy and healthy and pay someone to get out of my life than be injured and receive a huge settlement. Now you really think I am crazy but it is true. Health and happiness is fleeting, time never stops and to be happy and healthy is priceless and often under appreciated.

If you are married to a toxic person that wants you to fail, increases your chances to fail, hurts your relationships, hurts your career, hurts your chances to be happy, it is best to agree to a number to get your dependent spouse out and move on with your life! You can always make even more money that he or she will not be able to have a piece of. The longer you wait, the more these toxic people can get. Make moves now while you can. So as this is Part I, I will give you 7 reasons today why ALIMONY is SO WORTH IT. And I have personally seen it with my clients years after the divorce become ever more successful.

1. You will never reach your potential if your partner/spouse is toxic, EVER. So while the alimony is a short term expense, in the long term, you are only helping your career.

2. The sooner you realize the relationship is toxic the sooner you get out and begin to see things clearer. Clarity, like time is priceless. DIVORCE and or pay the alimony and get your spouse out.

3. The days of idiotic spending by your spouse on your full dime will be over. Write the alimony check and he or she will have to make due or actually WORK LOL! You owe nothing above the agreed amount, nothing.

4. You never know, you may find someone who earns like you or more! Write the alimony check and you have options again!
5. Paying ALIMONY is better than giving up more assets because ALIMONY is tax deductible. That helps us big earners!

6. You will be free to do anything you want whenever you want when you get the divorce, ALIMONY or not! Priceless!

7. The sooner you do it the better because as you get older you will only earn more and your spouse will not get a dime of that! Term ALIMONY at a fixed rate!

Well this was part one of my article. If you are ready to be set free and pay alimony or receive it, contact my team at the ARTUSA LAW FIRM in Jersey City on 201-706-7910 for a consult today.




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Hudson County Child Custody Lawyer Santo Artusa

For years, fathers were beaten up in family court when they went for child custody, parenting time, child support, divorce and so forth, with the right lawyer, that day has ended. Jersey City Father’s Rights Attorney Santo Artusa has represented hundreds of fathers successfully in obtaining custody, child support and other related family law matters in Hudson, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties in New Jersey. Fathers are equal to mothers and the Artusa Law Firm is skilled in representing fathers who seek custody or simply, equal rights with their children.  Lead family law and divorce attorney was once a litigant in family court trying to find his way to see his child, he knows the pain and what is needed to prevail. Nothing is more precious than the time you have with your children and the wisdom you can give them. That is equal for both men and women.

“Before I was a family law attorney in New Jersey, I was a single father living in New York fighting to see my daughter. I learned about family court quickly because I could not see my daughter without a court order. You name the obstacle, I had to overcome it. Supervised visits check, false claims check, police involvement, check.  I hired a lawyer in Manhattan who knew very little about family law and he was my guide getting me more lost than I was before, stumbling through oral arguments and the facts of my case. Family law is not for the faint of heart and not for those who cannot argue effectively in court, family lawyers must possess that skill, I do, as do all the attorneys that work with me, it is not optional, it is mandatory.”  Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq.  To read about some of our recent cases, visit: News From The Courthouse

Hudson County Child Custody Attorney
Hudson County Jersey City Child Custody Lawyer

It is so important to communicate to the Judge in your case right away, that the father in the case is equal to the mother even if the father cannot have custody (residential) and can only see the child on weekends because of work or other familial relationships. One should not be judged for have a child out of wedlock, while married or after leaving the mother, that has no bearing on the quality of a father the person is. While I believe we should all try to raise our children in one home, mother and father with the kids, but many times it is just not going to happen. The main focus should be the father that wants to be with his kids whenever he can and he is consistent. Those are the fathers we choose to represent in New Jersey Family Court. To read about our recent victories, read our New Jersey Family Court Lawyer press release.


We handle the following father’s rights cases in Hudson County, New Jersey and beyond:

If you are a father and seek representation from someone that knows what it is like to fight to see your child, to fight to be equal, contact the Hudson County New Jersey Family Law Team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 where we believe in father’s rights and equality. You can also contact us via email here:


Jersey City-New Jersey Divorce Lawyers—-With the influx of professionals from all over the world coming to New Jersey to live/work in the NYC metro area, one of the largest groups are Indians. With my Indian clients, they tend to be concerned about obtaining a divorce in New Jersey that is also valid in India. The India court system and the divorce courts are much slower and in my view archaic. This does not mean that lawyers in India are archaic at all, in fact they are very professional and responsive. The reason I bring this up is that filings in India get complicated and can include more people than just the spouses and can get real ugly, real fast. This is why some Indian clients prefer to obtain their divorce in America, in my case New Jersey and have it honored/registered in India.

While I do not practice in India, I do have general information that I obtained from lawyers in India as I have many Indian clients in New Jersey. You should always consult with a lawyer in India about registering an American Divorce in India. From my experience as a divorce attorney in New Jersey, here are my five tips in having your divorce honored in India:

  1. If both parties mutually agree on the terms of the divorce, the divorce will be honored in India in most cases.
  2. If the parties do not agree, you must use a cause of action/grounds for divorce that match grounds for divorce in India (extreme cruelty is an example that is accepted in India).
  3. When dealing with property in India and property rights, an Indian court may not enforce the American Divorce Terms in India. It makes more sense to take a certain amount in the United States than face an uncertain court in another country that may never honor it.
  4. It is better to fight the divorce battle on one front rather than on two fronts where the cost will grow and the stress will also become unmanageable.
  5. American courts are more efficient and will enforce the terms of the agreement to the fullest extent of the law.

While this is a brief synopsis on having the Indian courts honor a New Jersey/American Judgment if you so choose to because of the potential for damaging/endless litigation in India. If you have a divorce case in New Jersey and seek experienced, professional counsel, contact our team on 201-706-7910 today or fill out our contact form below.

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Views from the inside: Jersey City, New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa……Where did all the fun go? Where is the romance? Is this what marriage is supposed to be? ?Are we only married for show? As young adults enter “real adulthood” where they are married, have children, full-time jobs, bills due every other minute, more work, house work, etc. With that many couples begin to lose what was once them and after sometime, that “them” is no longer there and almost forgotten and lost like the loss of a loved one. You attend family functions, parties with friends, etc as a couple but do you really act like a couple in private or is this just to save face? Only you know this answer but look around, you may not be the only one, trust me. Comments about never having sex, never being able to do this or that, disrespecting your spouse to others whether your spouse is there or not. This can make people very sad, angry, you name it but inside you know that while life and marriage cannot always be fun, it does not or should not have to be all work and no play either. There must be a happy balance and there must be respect. As a divorce lawyer who is married with children, I witness and view life a little differently. Here are my 7 signs that you need a divorce:

  1. You do not remember the last time you had sex
  2. You do not remember the last time you had a date
  3. You do not remember trying to look good for your spouse
  4. Your spouse talks down to you consistently, verbally abuses you
  5. There is physical abuse
  6. You have no joy in seeing/speaking your spouse
  7. You are happy when your spouse is not home

While this is just a short list, some obvious (abuse of any kind), others not so much. Life is short and while the grass is not always greener, it is better to be somewhere where the grass is actually green rather than dead.

If you are looking to file for divorce in Jersey City, Hudson County or beyond, contact my Jersey City team on 201-706-7910. To view more about what we offer, visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Lawyers.

Hon. Tara Schillari Rich Hudson County Judge

As a Hudson County-New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Attorney, I am happy to say that a new judge has been appointed to the Hudson County Family Court in Jersey City. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Tara Schillari Rich is the newest Judge to take the family court bench in Hudson County and was sworn in by Governor Christie. Judge Schillari Rich is a certified matrimonial attorney and understands the rules and procedures of the family courts in New Jersey extremely well, my team and I have appeared before her numerous times and believe she is a fair and equitable Judge. If the name sounds familiar that is because her father is the Sheriff of Hudson County, Sheriff Schillari. Judge Tara Rich will hear a variety of family law cases such as domestic violence/restraining orders, child custody, parenting time, child support and other related family law issues. Prior to becoming a judge, Judge Tara Rich worked for a family law firm in Bergen County where she had over 15 years of experience. This addition is a welcome sign to attorneys and litigants as having a Judge experienced in family law and divorce is very important from a lawyers perspective because the Judge will know the time constraints and difficulties in practicing family law.


  1. Divorce
  2. Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence
  3. Child Custody
  4. Child Support
  5. Parenting Time
  6. Child/Parental Relocation
  7. Order to Show Causes (Emergent Hearings)
  8. Post Divorce Motions
  9. College Contributions
  10. Private School Contributions
  11. Ability to travel outside the United States
  12. Shared Parenting
  13. Modification of Court Orders
  14. Initial Court Orders
  15. DNA/Paternity tests

The Judge’s chambers are in the New Jersey Superior Court-Chancery Division/Family Part located at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306, 8th Floor. The Judge will be under Judge Maureen Mantineo, the presiding Judge of the family part.

If you have a family law case for child support, a modification, alimony, spousal support, parenting time or child custody, contact the Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City today to discuss your options on 201-706-7910. To view our main page visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Family Law Attorneys

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