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WOW!!! Non-Custodial Parents’ Lives Matter-New Jersey Family Court


—-The New Jersey Supreme Court just proved: Non-Custodial Parents’ Lives Matter! Fathers’ Lives Matter Again! Going through a divorce or nasty breakup when having children together is never easy. The thought of not being able to come home and see your children when you are done with work or if you take a day off to be with them, they are not there, is very difficult to deal with. Then times get worse, the custodial parent seeks to relocate out of New Jersey which would make seeing your children even harder. The bond you have with the children could get weaker by the day the are away from you. Well the Supreme Court of New Jersey set aside the case that governed child relocation in New Jersey, aka Baures. Baures was “built” by the idea that if the custodial parent is happy, the child would be happy and the relationship with the non-custodial parent is not as important. Well, that is over now and the best interests of the child standard will be the guiding post for any parent seeking to relocate out of New Jersey. This is great news for non-custodial parents in New Jersey. The Artusa Law Firm of Hudson County, New Jersey has represented hundreds if not thousands of non-custodial parents in New Jersey. Lead family law attorney Santo Artusa has been there himself fighting for his rights before he became a leading New Jersey lawyer. We are ready to help you today, contact us in our Jersey City Office on 973-337-9643.

The best-interest standard is harder to prove than the previous method which was based around the custodial parent’s need. To argue that the non-custodial parent who sees the child every week and/or his or her family has a close bond to the children and win, will now be incredibly hard for the “primary parent.”

While Baures and this court ruling focus on child relocation in New Jersey, our team has always held that non-custodial parents’ lives do in fact matter and they matter more than many people will admit to. Children need two parents that care for them and non-custodial parents do not deserve to be an afterthought. They really need to be equals if the non-custodial parent in fact is involved and does love his or her children, which almost all do.

If you do not have residential custody, you need to be vigilant against non-compliance of a New Jersey family court order so that if it continues you can obtain relief including the possibility of becoming the custodial parent. Frankly, while parents want to be residential custodial parents. the goal should be to foster a relationship that is natural and permits frequent contact and parenting time on both sides. Life happens and yes, sometimes people are late for drop-offs, late for phone calls, miss visits but unless it is happening frequently, the parents should try to work it out without court. If that is in fact impossible, which I have seen thousands of times, yes it is time to go to court and enforce your court order or seek a new court order with better identified boundaries that cannot be crossed. The better written and structured the agreement and/or court order, the easier it is to follow. At that point the question becomes whether or not the parents really want to adhere to it. If they don’t, watch out, enforcement motions done right can change your whole world.

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New Jersey Family Court Judges hear 50 cases a day sometime, literally. They view one case after another the same unless something jumps up at them, unless someone makes the family court judge notice. That is the job of your family law attorney. Your lawyer is supposed to show that while your case may have similar aspects as another case, IT IS NOT THE SAME CASE and the Judge needs to get invested in the case too. Some ways to do that is to name the parties when arguing the case, name the children when you show the concerns you have for them, discuss their ages and how at these ages children have different needs. The more detail you give the Judge the more the Judge will care. On the other hand if you just show up and argue the case that Dad 1 wants more time with child 1, 2 and 3, the Judge will view the case just like the one he or she just heard or the next case he or she will hear. That’s not good enough. We need to show the Judge how much you care for each child, how hurt you are every time the mother or father does not show up for parenting time or do not give you your parenting time, you know why? Because IT IS a big deal, it really is. It is a big deal if you miss child support payments right? Well so is missing parenting time or cancelling someone’s parenting time. Maybe the Judge does not know what it is like to wait hours for someone to bring their child for parenting time and then, they never even show up. They do not even call you. They do it whenever they feel like. We need to make the Judge aware how it feels. I know how it feels and I express it when I argue for my clients in family court because it is a big deal. A big deal not only for you but of course, for the kids who want to see you, who need to see you.

I am a family law attorney in Jersey City that practices throughout New Jersey. I am passionate about my client’s cases or I will not take the case, period. If you come to me that your ex came 7 minutes late for a drop off ONCE and  you want to go to court for that, you can go up the block where they take any case, but that is not me. If you have a family law, domestic violence, divorce case in Hudson County and seek a passionate attorney for you, contact my team today to setup a phone appointment or in office meeting on 973-337-9643. Until then, try to stay calm, keep your cool and lets plan your case together.