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Key Tips in Obtaining a Divorce in Essex County

Seeking a Divorce Fast in Essex County? If you are searching for divorce lawyers in Essex County, contact our team today, we can help. 

Are you seeking to file for divorce or have a family law situation in Newark-Essex County, New Jersey? Let us know which issues you have

  • Do you live in Essex County and want a divorce? We handle that.
  • Are you seeking alimony in a divorce case in Essex County? We can advise you and help.
  • Are you looking for Newark Family Law Attorneys to represent you in the Essex County Family Court? We can do it.
  • Do you have a family law, child custody issue in Newark, Essex County, NJ? We can do that too.
  • Do you have an uncontested or contested divorce in Newark, Essex County? Call our team of Essex County Divorce Lawyers.
  • Have you been served or are you seeking a NJ-final restraining order/domestic violence order against someone in Essex County, NJ? We have a great win record for restraining order cases.
  • Have you been served with Essex County Divorce Papers or Motions Papers? Reach out to our divorce lawyers as the clock is running.
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Essex County Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa represents people from all over the country that have divorce or family law issues in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. Essex County family court is one of the busiest family and divorce courts in the United States. We have represented people from all over the country that have family law cases in Newark-Essex County. We represent individuals that live in: Maplewood, Short Hills, Livingston, Springfield, Newark, West Orange, Essex Fells, South Orange, Belleville, Bloomfield, Millburn, Verona, Nutley and beyond.  The Essex County-New Jersey Family Court is located in Newark, New Jersey-212 Washington Street, Newark, NJ. Essex County Family  Judge David Katz is the presiding Judge of the Family Part.


You can search the internet all day, ask friends, ask family if they know any good lawyers that can help them in a family law situation or a divorce. They may have someone in mind, they may not. You may contact the attorney and find out he or she has no clue about this area of the law but will try. Worse, you may learn that the advocate makes more problems than solves them, usually not good for anyone. We believe a family law attorney is meant to help get to the heart of the issue and do our best to solve the problem instead of dragging it on, making it worse, hurting people along the way. My approach, whether it is for a case in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Morris or any court case is to try and find a solution to the problem. Trying to get o the heart of the issue and presenting it to the other side or to the Judge is a critical part of a good attorney’s job. We fight for our clients who seek representation in Essex County-Newark: child custody disputes, parenting time, divorces, alimony, NJ child support, restraining orders and more in Essex County, NJ. Simply making accusations and threats is not what a civil court is all about, however, it is often the case with lawyers who seek to churn fees and to make a show for the court. You will not get that from my team and I. While it costs money to work with us, our approach is to solve the issue instead of making it worse, we have families, we understand the importance of solving family related issues. There are times that the opposing side is not logical or simply wants to keep doing the song and dance in front of the Judge for fees and marketing purposes, truly sad, that is not us.


My team at the Artusa law Firm knows all to well how important a divorce or family law case is. We are divorce lawyers who care about our clients now and their futures. Whether there are assets to be divided or fought over, child custody disputes, child support, domestic violence-restraining orders or more, we can help you get through this now. Contact our Newark-Essex County Divorce team on 201-706-7910. For all of the legal services we provide in New Jersey, visit our home page: Artusa Law Firm-New Jersey Divorce Lawyers.

For information about the Judges of Essex county and other family law Judges in New Jersey to understand more about the divorce process or who may determine your case, visit: Essex County Family Court Judges. For information about the laws concerning divorces in New Jersey visit: Essex County Divorce Lawyer.  For information about child custody, see New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer.

If you want a NJ family law attorney that places himself or herself in your shoes to try and understand the entire situation, contact my team on 201-706-7910 for a consultation. Our Newark Office is located at 146-B Ferry Street, Newark, NJ 07105. Consultations are by appointment only or can be done over the phone. Our Jersey City location is 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306.

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Do you want custody of your kids? What to do about the new Significant Other being Around your Kids

Custody can always be changed, it is just a matter of when it is warranted. An example of where and when it was warranted.

I had a recent case where a married couple lived in the same 2 family house, mom downstairs, dad upstairs. At the time, the mom had custody of the children with the kids staying with dad about half the time whether by way of overnights or having dinner with dad after school. Mom began dating a man known to be a drug dealer and convicted felon who started sleeping over the house more and more. Dad would smell the intense odor from their marijuana use and the children corroborated seeing a green substance and “weird looking pipes.” We went to court for an immediate hearing by way of order to show cause in the Essex County Family Court where the Judge ruled that the boyfriend could not be in the home at all. After a few weeks, the boyfriend reappeared and the same problems began to present themselves placing the children at risk. Again, we went back to court for an emergency hearing where the Judge gave dad full residential custody and had mom tested for drugs which came out positive for marijuana.
It is often difficult for a single parent or a divorced parent to know that a new man or woman is around his or her kids but life goes on. Old cases in New Jersey made it harder for the paramour/new love interest to be around but a recent case heard by Judge Lawrence Jones focused on the new reality of divorce rates, single parenting and so forth. Judge Jones called for fewer restrictions on contact between the child and the new person in mom or dad’s life, which does make sense. In his August 3, 2015 decision, Judge Jones indicated that an indefinite ban on contact is unenforceable absent any evidence of inappropriate conduct. He then went on to say that contact should be increased gradually and that is tailored to the child’s needs. Common sense finally prevails. While we do not want a single mother or father introducing their children to every love interest they ever meet, the time should come when the children meet the man or woman when the time is right and after determining that the man or woman is worthy of meeting your kids.
Whether you are dealing with a situation trying to prevent contact or to encourage it, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your case in detail.

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What You Need To Know-Notice of Scheduled Appearance for Motion Hearing

best new jersey divorce attorneyHave you received New Jersey Family Court motion papers in the mail? Are you seeking to file a cross-motion? Do you want to defend against the request that you received in the mail? Are you seeking a family law-child custody lawyer in New Jersey?  The New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you today on 201-706-7910.

The State of New Jersey To: Have you received a notice that matched the title of this blog for a court date in Hudson County, Essex County, Union County or Bergen County? If you have, we can help. Our team focuses on family law issues throughout the State of New Jersey. The motion you received may lay out one issue to contend or several (child custody, parenting time,violation of a court order,  college costs, child support, alimony issues, enforcement motions, emancipation, child relocation, spousal support, evaluation of assets, etc) either way there is a deadline to respond and if you seek certain relief there is a deadline for your “cross-motion” or “cross-application.” The New Jersey family law attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you with your case if you seek professional family law representation.

What is written in the motion papers and the exhibits (attachments) you provide are very important to your case. Without proof, a Judge may simply decide the motion without oral argument. If you reply and request oral argument, you should be able to have that and argue your case before the Judge and against the opposing party. However, you should know that if you elect to handle the matter on your own, you will be held to the same standard as an attorney. You must know the rules and the legal standards for the claims you are asserting. Family law motions require a substantial amount of work and if done incorrectly, can cost you more than you imagined. If you received a motion in New Jersey for a family part case, contact the team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your situation and if it makes sense to hire an attorney.