It is Really true…stress free, painless divorce in NJ-Jersey City-Artusa Law Firm!

Some may of heard of the painless divorce in New Jersey or the amicable divorce/uncontested divorce, similar to the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, having a cavity that is not painful, all with disbelief but it is possible to obtain a divorce without suffering and without pain, really it is true.


What it takes to have a painless divorce is a clear plan and being willing to let certain things go if your spouse is not in agreement. If your spouse is in agreement, my staff and I can handle everything for you and will never have to enter a courtroom, ever! We can help you avoid the bickering, the uncomfortable feelings in court, the dreaded negotiations and extensive unnecessary paperwork if you are ready to move on with your life and only seek a divorce. A divorce without complications, a divorce without hate, a divorce with civility. We can help you immediately. A painless divorce can involve child custody, parenting time, child support, division of assets, alimony, it really depends on the facts of your situation and what you want to do. We can represent you the entire time during the case or if you and your spouse choose mediation, we can work as the independent mediator for your divorce and make it as painless as possible. The pain usually comes when a complete stranger in a packed courtroom makes decisions that will effect you, your spouse and if you have kids, for a very long time. Why risk that?

If you are unsure if the divorce will be painless, we can guide you as to how to have a painless divorce in New Jersey. Your divorce attorney is their to guide you and to protect your interests but in the end, it is up to you, the client as to what you want and if it is legal and ethical, we will do it. We will explain what you may be able to obtain, what you can waive, what you may not, how fast you can be divorced, how soon after you can get married, etc. We are here ready to help you move on with your life in the easiest, most painless way possible. Jersey City Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa is skilled in negotiations and treating people with respect during a divorce.

Our office (The Artusa Law Firm)  is located at 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306 and we work by appointment only and offer times during business hours and after hours and weekends as well depending on the case. We can be reached on 201-706-7910.

Divorce Mediation-Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

Divorce does not have to be fought in open court where the people in your own community can see and hear all of the issues in your case, you can elect to hire a divorce mediator/divorce attorney that does not represent either party and it is the mediator’s goal to resolve all issues in the case so that you can be divorced and not go through the mystery of what a Judge will do. Our team is skilled in negotiation and mediation in family law and divorce cases.
Whether the issues are:

  • alimony
  • division of assets
  • child custody
  • parenting time
  • traveling abroad
  • child support
  • relocation
  • medical costs
  • college contribution
  • private school
  • who keeps the marital home
  • tax ramifications
  • 401k/Pension Assets
  • stock options
    We can help you and your significant other reach an agreement that both parties can live with without getting ugly in family court exposing your personal lives. The mediation sessions are confidential and can lead to a “global settlement” of all issues in your case that does not require a Judge’s approval.
    We offer convenient hours as most of our clients work in Manhattan and need flexible hours to attend mediation sessions which we gladly offer.
    If you have a divorce or family law situation and seek an independent voice to try to help you reach an agreement, contact us today on 201-706-7910.