Jersey City Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorney******It is Really true…stress-free, painless divorce in New Jersey-Jersey City-Artusa Law Firm! Jersey City Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa is ready to help you obtain the divorce judgment you want and for you to restart your life. We can help you get the divorce you want today! While we know it has taken time for you to decide that this is the right thing to do and you have brought yourself to our website seeking suggestions and answers about matrimonial law. As attorneys, We are here to help you navigate through the sometimes difficult and annoying family court process and the divorce waters.

Some may have heard of the painless divorce in New Jersey or the amicable divorce/uncontested divorce, similar to the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, having a cavity that is not painful, all with disbelief but it is possible to obtain a divorce without suffering and without pain, really it is true. If you want a divorce to be civil, we can help you keep it that way and get divorced with dignity! Picture that final judgement in hand and sooner than you think it will happen. All you have to do is take the first step and call 973-337-9643.


What it takes to have a painless divorce is a clear plan and being willing to let certain things go if your spouse is not in agreement. If your spouse is in agreement, my staff and I can handle everything for you and will never have to enter a courtroom, ever! We can help you avoid the bickering, the uncomfortable feelings in court, the dreaded negotiations and extensive unnecessary paperwork if you are ready to move on with your life and only seek a divorce. A divorce without complications, a divorce without hate, a divorce with civility. We can help you immediately. A painless divorce can involve child custody, parenting time, child support, division of assets, alimony, it really depends on the facts of your situation and what you want to do. We can represent you the entire time during the case or if you and your spouse choose mediation, we can work as the independent mediator for your case and make it as painless as possible. The pain usually comes when a complete stranger in a packed courtroom makes decisions that will affect you, your spouse and if you have kids, for a very long time. Why risk that? We can help you 100% of the way and make sure your dissolution of marriage and final decree are ordered by the family court.

If you are unsure if the divorce will be painless, we can guide you as to how to have a painless case in New Jersey. Your attorney is there to guide you and to protect your interests but in the end, it is up to you, the client as to what you want and if it is legal and ethical, we will do it. We will explain what you may be able to obtain, what you can waive, what you may not, how fast you can be divorced, how soon after you can get married, etc. We are here ready to help you move on with your life in the easiest, most painless way possible. Jersey City Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa is skilled in negotiations and treating people with respect during a divorce.

Our office (The Artusa Law Firm)  is located at 26 JOURNAL SQUARE, 6TH FLOOR, Jersey City, NJ 07306 and we work by appointment only and offer times during business hours and after hours and weekends as well depending on the case. We can be reached on 973-337-9643.


New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Free Consultation-Free lawyer divorce consultation………When you are dealing with something important in your life, you need to search for your best options. People search hundreds of sites for flights, tvs, movies, cars, etc., so you should do that and more when searching for something as important as the law, right? I tell everyone that comes into my office or even before they come in to meet with at least one other attorney to have a free consultation or paid consultation to discuss their case with someone that may have a different view, a different strategy than me or another attorney. Some family court lawyers may not know what to do but again, that goes into your initial research when you are seeking divorce lawyers free consultation. You need to make sure the attorney actually practices in that area of the law as the law is very complex and the more complex the issue the more experience that attorney needs in that specific field of law. So if you seek to meet me for a free divorce consultation or a family law consultation I ask you to think about what you want to know, what will you ask? I do suggest you ask me and or any  other divorce attorney during a free consultation these questions:

  1. What is your legal specialty or focus? I am focused on family law, divorce, litigation, defense work, restraining orders and other legal matters?
  2. How long have you been practicing? Approximately 8 years
  3. Where do you practice? Statewide
  4. Where did you go to law school? Rutgers Law School
  5. Why did you chose this area of law? There is nothing that compares to helping a client in litigation when you win and tears of joy overwhelm the client and they really appreciate all I have done for them.
  6. Do you have children? Yes I do. I think this is important because in family law litigation, children are a major aspect of the cases and having a child helps me know how critical family law is.
  7. Do you charge a flat rate or by retainer? Uncontested divorces are flat rates but all others are by retainer.
  8. What is your hourly rate? $325 per hour.
  9. Whats the best way to communicate with you? Via email or in person. I like to talk to my clients in person.
  10. Do you accept all clients that are willing to pay? No. We must be on the same page and respect each other’s time. We must agree on case strategy.
  11. Oh yeah, and what is your name? LOL Santo Artusa Attorney at Law

Again, these are just common questions that I believe are helpful when you have a free consultation with a divorce attorney. The majority of the time during your consultation will be how we can fix the situation you are facing and your case goals. If you have a divorce, family law or other case in the Jersey City-Hudson County area and seek a free consultation, contact us today on 973-337-9643.


Before you decide to hire an attorney, file for divorce, consider divorce, know what you are getting into. Have a free consultation or paid consultation with a divorce lawyer in your area to understand how a divorce will affect your post married life because it is very important not to go at this blindly, there is too much to risk.  You will gain valuable insight as to what you need to do, what is at stake, how to approach the situation, how to prepare for divorce, file divorce papers, file for divorce, make divorce papers and so on. A divorce attorney is there not only to navigate the legal channels for you but also to be there for you during a difficult period, a divorce. I am a Jersey City New Jersey divorce lawyer and I am experienced in complex and “easy” divorces. In the end, many cases still require the ability to help clients obtain their divorce and for the divorce attorney to help the client make sound decisions instead of emotional ones.

If you are considering a divorce and are ready to discuss what steps are next and what to do, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm for a free consultation on 973-337-9643 so that we can explain your legal rights and how we can help you with your divorce case. Until then enjoy the weather, the Yankees, the Jets and hopefully the Giants get a win this season!





Einstein’s favorite color was green and his favorite number 7 so let’s stick with 7 very important questions that people should ask or do ask divorce lawyers when meeting with them to determine what to do at this point in their lives and I mean past the point of family meetings, interventions, marriage counseling, etc., the point where one party has left or one party needs to go for the sanity of the home, the kids, etc. Never easy, but sometimes it is what must be done. Remember, leaving the house never means losing your stake in the home itself so leave that issue alone for now. Lets focus on what you can do, should do and never do when you get to this point.

  1. My parents passed away, should I deposit that into our joint account since that is all we have? NO, NO, NO. Open your own account and place those funds there. Those funds are yours and not marital, keep those funds apart. You are allowed to open you own account an anytime during the marriage, during separation, etc. It is not against the law nor will you be punished for that.
  2. I hate my spouse because he cheated on me, I do not want him to see the kids, Can I do that? Think about this. Forget what you did or did not do, what your spouse did or did not do. Your kids do not deserve to be alienated from their father or mother because of your bitterness. Grow Up. Your kids will hate you in the end when the truth is revealed and if it is never revealed, the guilt of your purposeful alienation will haunt you when you kids struggle with adult relationships.
  3. I want to live in the house, can’t I just call the police to get my spouse out? Yes you can temporarily if they believe you are in fear but if you lose the restraining order, your spouse will be allowed back in and if you are found not to be credible, it will come up in the divorce case. Not good.
  4. My friends tell me I can get more money or that I don’t have to let my spouse see the kids, is this true? Your friends are your worst enemies in terms of legal advice. They do not know anything except what may have happened to them in their case. They do not know everything in your case no matter how you try to explain it. Focus on your case and listen to your divorce attorney.
  5. I want sole custody so I can make all decisions for our children, is that easy? No it is not. New Jersey favors joint custody unless you can show concerns, a lack or interest, a lack of communication, etc. However, it is important to remember that the primary or residential parent has many powers whether it is sole or joint custody in New Jersey.
  6. Does a Judge have to decide our issues? No. You can make a deal/settlement through mediation or arbitration. You can also agree together and it will be made in writing, The Judge only decides at the last resort and the court tries to help resolve your case along the way with the help of skilled divorce lawyers and deadlines.
  7. If we do not agree, how long will a divorce take? It can take 6 months to over one year depending on the issues involved. The more you can agree on (if anything) the faster the case can move.

These are just 7 questions that people have during divorce/family law consults in my firm. If you have a potential case, contact my team on 201-706-7910 to setup an appointment in our Jersey City location.


New Jersey Family Court Judges hear 50 cases a day sometime, literally. They view one case after another the same unless something jumps up at them, unless someone makes the family court judge notice. That is the job of your family law attorney. Your lawyer is supposed to show that while your case may have similar aspects as another case, IT IS NOT THE SAME CASE and the Judge needs to get invested in the case too. Some ways to do that is to name the parties when arguing the case, name the children when you show the concerns you have for them, discuss their ages and how at these ages children have different needs. The more detail you give the Judge the more the Judge will care. On the other hand if you just show up and argue the case that Dad 1 wants more time with child 1, 2 and 3, the Judge will view the case just like the one he or she just heard or the next case he or she will hear. That’s not good enough. We need to show the Judge how much you care for each child, how hurt you are every time the mother or father does not show up for parenting time or do not give you your parenting time, you know why? Because IT IS a big deal, it really is. It is a big deal if you miss child support payments right? Well so is missing parenting time or cancelling someone’s parenting time. Maybe the Judge does not know what it is like to wait hours for someone to bring their child for parenting time and then, they never even show up. They do not even call you. They do it whenever they feel like. We need to make the Judge aware how it feels. I know how it feels and I express it when I argue for my clients in family court because it is a big deal. A big deal not only for you but of course, for the kids who want to see you, who need to see you.

I am a family law attorney in Jersey City that practices throughout New Jersey. I am passionate about my client’s cases or I will not take the case, period. If you come to me that your ex came 7 minutes late for a drop off ONCE and  you want to go to court for that, you can go up the block where they take any case, but that is not me. If you have a family law, domestic violence, divorce case in Hudson County and seek a passionate attorney for you, contact my team today to setup a phone appointment or in office meeting on 973-337-9643. Until then, try to stay calm, keep your cool and lets plan your case together.



How to get a divorce in Jersey City! Try it alone, good luck, try it with us, you are set! We know how to handle it and do it fast!

Great News! You do not need to be a magician to obtain a divorce in Jersey City-Hudson County New Jersey. I am a divorce attorney here in Jersey City and I will quickly go over 7 facts about obtaining a divorce in the Hudson County Superior Court-Family Court.

  1. You can obtain a divorce without ever having to go to court in Hudson County. This is a fact but most people including many attorneys do not know how to do this. This may be my own magic trick but it works, it is legal and you never have to step foot in 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City which is the address of the Hudson County Family Court.
  2. You can obtain a divorce without your spouse’s signature. Now, this does not mean you can obtain a divorce in Hudson County without your spouse’s knowledge it just means he can be served and default whereas a signature is not needed.
  3. If you know where your spouse lives and your spouse does not contest the divorce, you can be divorced in Hudson County between 60 and 90 days.
  4. You can obtain a divorce even if you do not know where your spouse is. In this case you will not get a divorce in less than 90 days but nevertheless you can obtain a divorce by publication.
  5. You can get a divorce in Hudson County Family Court even if your spouse does not want the divorce. A Judge cannot force people to attend marriage counseling. Again, while you can obtain the divorce, if your spouse fights it, you will get the divorce decree but it will take longer than an uncontested case.
  6. You can obtain a divorce in Hudson County even if you were married in another State or another country.
  7. You can cancel your divorce until the very last day, meaning if you still believe you can works things out, the court will permit you to withdraw your divorce. Yes, I have seen it on the day of trial, it has been done!

If you have a family law or divorce case in Jersey City-Hudson County or Beyond in New Jersey, contact me and my team in our Jersey City office on 201-706-7910. We offer convenient office hours for our clients. You can also contact us via email by filling out this contact form:

To view more about our team and our services visit our main page: Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City.


From Jersey City Divorce and Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa——-Einstein taught me how to achieve the seamless/no fault/uncontested divorce in New Jersey Family-Divorce Courts. And as you would suspect, genius lives in simplicity. As a Hudson County divorce lawyer representing people from Jersey City, North Bergen, Bayonne, Union City, Hoboken, Newark, Kearny, North Arlington, Elizabeth, Union, New Brunswick, Somerset and beyond, I know which courts offer the easiest divorces and which courts are slower and have more archaic methods. For instance did you know that certain New Jersey Family Courts do not require an appearance in court if you know what you are doing? Hudson and Somerset are just two counties that permit divorce on the papers (aka a divorce without going to court). We handle hundreds of these divorce cases each year, especially in Hudson County, New Jersey. Our satisfied clients have sent us countless referrals because of our work and knowledge of the Hudson County divorce courts and judges.

The first step in a divorce is really telling your spouse that you are going to file (this is much easier in cases where both parties already want this, the parties no longer live together as husband and wife, spouse and spouse). By doing this, there is no surprise which could lead to a major civil paper-divorce assault for no reason, so it is best to deal with it with kid’s gloves if it is an amicable divorce and mutual decision.

The second step would be either getting the terms of the divorce agreement down in writing or filing for the divorce in the New Jersey Superior Court-Family Part (Each County has one). One you file for the divorce, you will get a docket or case number. Your spouse will then need to sign for that or sign that he or she agrees to the terms listed in the divorce complaint or you have a marital/property settlement agreement.

The third step would be to file that paper which must be signed and notarized (acknowledgment of service) with the court. After that is done, you can file for a default and submit the next series of documents and the actual proposed final divorce judgment. Again, if you do it right in certain counties, you will never have to go to court and appear in a family law courtroom. My team and I know how to obtain that divorce or annulment for you in a seamless and limited stress fashion (we cannot control everything but we strive to make this as easy as possible for you and your spouse).

If you face a family law issue, domestic abuse, restraining orders, child custody, divorce, annulments or any other family law issue in Hudson County, New Jersey or beyond, contact my team on 201-706-7910 to discuss your situation further. Until then, thank you and Have a safe 4th of July! God Bless America!

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Super Fast Divorce in New Jersey


Views from the inside: Jersey City, New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa……Where did all the fun go? Where is the romance? Is this what marriage is supposed to be? ?Are we only married for show? As young adults enter “real adulthood” where they are married, have children, full-time jobs, bills due every other minute, more work, house work, etc. With that many couples begin to lose what was once them and after sometime, that “them” is no longer there and almost forgotten and lost like the loss of a loved one. You attend family functions, parties with friends, etc as a couple but do you really act like a couple in private or is this just to save face? Only you know this answer but look around, you may not be the only one, trust me. Comments about never having sex, never being able to do this or that, disrespecting your spouse to others whether your spouse is there or not. This can make people very sad, angry, you name it but inside you know that while life and marriage cannot always be fun, it does not or should not have to be all work and no play either. There must be a happy balance and there must be respect. As a divorce lawyer who is married with children, I witness and view life a little differently. Here are my 7 signs that you need a divorce:

  1. You do not remember the last time you had sex
  2. You do not remember the last time you had a date
  3. You do not remember trying to look good for your spouse
  4. Your spouse talks down to you consistently, verbally abuses you
  5. There is physical abuse
  6. You have no joy in seeing/speaking your spouse
  7. You are happy when your spouse is not home

While this is just a short list, some obvious (abuse of any kind), others not so much. Life is short and while the grass is not always greener, it is better to be somewhere where the grass is actually green rather than dead.

If you are looking to file for divorce in Jersey City, Hudson County or beyond, contact my Jersey City team on 201-706-7910. To view more about what we offer, visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Lawyers.