Child Support in New Jersey is calculated by adding relevant information into what are know as the NJ Child Support Guidelines. Pictures of what the guidelines look like are above for your review. Information used include:  weekly wages, annual income, work related day care costs, the amount of overnight parenting time each parent has, whether a sole parenting or shared parenting worksheet should be used, cost of health insurance for the child, whether union dues are paid, mandatory pension contributions, etc.

To help you understand, I will go through the New Jersey sole parenting child support guideline,  so that it is understood:



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Jersey City Divorce Attorney/Child Support vs. Alimony

As a lawyer who focuses on family law and divorce issues in Jersey City, I speak to individuals about a variety of scenarios with regard to family law cases, as each case is fact specific. Today, I will write about child support and alimony, which is frequently discussed when someone is seeking a divorce or has begun the divorce process.


In Divorce Court, You cannot simply walk in and tell the Judge, “Hey, I want alimony, thank you.” and sit down. If you have a child, you will receive child support and while there are many things to argue about with regard to child support, in the end, the custodial parent will receive child support for the child until the child is emancipated, which is NOT automatically 18 in the State of New Jersey. A child is considered to be emancipated when a court finds that he or she has left the sphere of influence.

On the other hand,  a litigant must show that there is a need for alimony, how much alimony and how long the alimony must be paid for. Now, if you and your spouse agree to a monthly number, that amount can be allocated as you wish because alimony has tax advantages to the payor, while child support does not. Some of the factors used to determine if alimony should be awarded are:

The Length of the Marriage
The Parental Responsibilities of the Custodial Parent
Age of the Parties
Assets available to the Parties
Incomes and/or Potential Incomes
Marital Lifestyle

Furthermore, if you and your spouse, whether through the attorneys or between the two of you, actually agree, a marital settlement agreement will be made and will be part of the final divorce judgment.  If you or a loved one is seeking to move forward with an experienced Jersey City divorce lawyer, contact us today on 201-706-7910 to discuss the situation.



Jersey City Lawyer for Child Custody and Divorce Cases-What you need to know

Advocating for clients in Jersey City at the Hudson County Superior Court takes: patience, persistence, toughness, respect for others and a positive attitude. Being a Jersey City lawyer who also lives in Jersey City, I understand the people, I understand the Judges and regardless how good someone claims to be, sometimes the facts are strongly against you but you need to make the best of every case you work on and be persistent. Hudson County is home of many small firms and solo offices. Even the “bigger” firms are small and do not have any “wiz kids.” When the time comes that you need to hire an attorney for any reason, whether you have been arrested during a domestic violence dispute, are seeking to file for a divorce, have been served with child custody motion papers, it is critically important to meet with a lawyer as soon as you can. Motions and/or applications for specific relief require an answer within a certain amount of time and that time ticks away very fast. Divorce papers when served properly, require an answer within 35 days or you run the risk of default and a judgment being entered against you. One reason I say you need a positive attitude when in court is because if the matter involves something important, say child custody or parenting time for instance, it is important to come across as caring and at least willing to try and reach a resolution. A person that comes to court expecting everything and not willing to try to work matters out will lead to one certain loser, your child. Despite how much you may currently hate the opposing party or opposing parent, that parent, in most cases, loves your child too and that is the key element in any child custody or divorce case. As a father, I know the most precious time god gave us is the time we have with our children. Abusing that gift by not caring for your kids and or missing parenting time, not paying child support on purpose is terrible. On the other hand, trying to brainwash your children to hate the other parent is just as bad if not worse. My office is dedicated to finding solutions to people’s legal problems, whether its a family court issue, a car accident, a criminal matter and so on. If you or someone you know faces a legal situation, contact us today on 201-706-7910 for a confidential consultation at our Jersey City Office.

Child Custody, Child Support Family Law Attorney in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey

New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers

New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer-Never Give Up!

Child Custody- the decision as to where a child should live and whether which legal custody (sole vs. joint custody) are very important cases and are heard almost daily throughout the family courts of New Jersey. The above picture of Sir Winston Churchill hangs on the wall of the Artusa Law Firm and is the principle of the firm, to never, never give up! Especially in family law when all seems lost and all seems to be going against you, attorneys that won’t give up is a critical aspect of your case. Child Custody and parenting time are arguably the most critical and important aspects of the law. While a $20 billion merger is critical in the business world, A billionaire without being able to see his son is a poor man. A woman who cannot see her child without supervision is a travesty. Jersey City Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa knows this situations all to well.

The Artusa Law Firm team is skilled in the critical aspects of family law and how to represent their clients effectively before the Judges of Hudson County, Bergen County, Essex County and beyond. Today, another snow day in February 2014, a wicked winter in New Jersey, we dedicate this day to Sir Winston Churchill on his persistence and his guidance for all of our staff and attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm, the go to law firm for family law matters in Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey.

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