Jersey City Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer Santo Artusa on steps in a car accident/truck accident/bike accident or other personal injury case. If you have been injured you must move quickly as there are time limits to file your case against the person or persons who have injured you. Contact us today on 201-706-7910.
You or your loved one may have gotten into a car accident in Jersey City or elsewhere in New Jersey in an UBER, TAXI, or regular car and want to know what to do to get better and to feel like the muscle man pictured in this blog. We can help whether you were the driver, passenger or a pedestrian minding his or her own business in Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City, etc.

First, you need to attend to your medical needs. You may not feel pain on day one, you may feel it on day 10, it really depends. When you do feel pain, you should see a doctor immediately, if you are unsure where to go, contact our team of accident lawyers in Jersey City and we will guide you to the right doctor. Obviously if you need immediate attention, go to the hospital! Your health is the most important thing.

After that, contact our team in our Jersey City office located at 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, New Jersey on 201-706-7910 where we can discuss your case options and look over the police report. If you have not received the police report, we can obtain that for you directly from the local police department where the car or truck accident took place. This available because it is a public record.

We will then advise of of local therapy options and local doctors so that you can begin getting better and back to life and feeling like superman in the picture again. It will not be easy at times but if you want to get back to as strong as possible as healthy as possible you will have to work at it, follow a routine and think positive.  We will do all we can do you have you dancing again in New Jersey!

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Injured in an accident in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ?

Personal injury is never fun, you have been hurt, you can’t work or cant’ work to your full potential because of pain or mental trauma from the injury and the insurance adjuster is calling you to limit the exposure the company has for any liability it may have. Working with a Jersey City accident attorney would be wise because the insurance company is not truly on your side as they seek to limit their liability. Jersey City attorney Santo Artusa works hard to get injured clients the most for the injuries they have sustained. If you have been injured in an accident in Jersey City, contact us today for a free appointment on 201-706-7910.