Settling a Family Law/Divorce Dispute vs. Going to Trial

During the divorce process or a different family law dispute, you have an opportunity to resolve your case through a settlement agreement or by having a judge decide. When you have a judge decide, what you get is a decision. With a decision, many people feel the judge does not know or missed certain points but the truth is, judges are busy and try to be fair to both parties but often, in family court, the outcome is worse than reaching an agreement. When making an agreement, both parties have input, in a trial, it is one person against another and many times what is said is lost somewhere in the middle. A sign of a reasonable deal is where both parties made concessions and can live with the deal. On the other hand, when the Judge renders a final order, your say is finished (except for an even more costly appeal). When you have a family law or divorce case, do your best to work with a lawyer who wants to help you settle, or a lawyer who will mediate between the two of you. Aside from that, have the mindset that you want to resolve the matter too. Making completely unreasonable demands will only make the other side walk away from the table.

In the end, the best way to settle your case is to be prepared. A lack of preparation is a sure way to fail. Prepare, Prepare and Prepare more. If the other side knows you are ready to litigate, they will be more inclined to settle.

You Can Only Win What You Can Prove in Court-Lessons From the Tom Brady Scandal

While many of us may think we know, or in fact to do know that Tom Brady had something to do with the deflating of footballs and how the New England Patriots have been caught in the past cheating, but unless you have evidence, you cannot prove it in court and will lose. The same holds true in family and divorce court. I wife may claim her husband has $300,000 in cash or in a Colombian bank account, but unless you can prove that, you are going nowhere. In the case with Brady, the NFL Commissioner had every chance to settle the case but pressed on with the little to no evidence he had, losing the case. The same holds true in many divorce and family law cases as people make accusation after accusation without proof and waste the court’s time, their lawyer’s time, and money. You have to know when to fold and when to make the best out of the situation. The football commissioner had his chance but blew it. Don’t do the same for your family law, divorce or criminal law case.

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Best Divorce Attorney in New Jersey, How to Determine?

Martindale Award for Client Distinction 2015
Martindale Award for Client Distinction 2015

People often ask or look for the “best divorce attorney in New Jersey, in Jersey City, in Morristown, etc”. Who is best depends more on you than on the attorney. Each case is different and the results will vary greatly depending on the facts, the judge, the timing, etc.

What maybe great about one lawyer (writing skills), maybe second to court presence for another lawyer. To me, you need a bit of both. You need to be a great writer, reader, analyzer, speaker, have a great presence in the courtroom, you need to be able to think quick, argue respectfully, treat the court respectfully and of course, show your client respect. There is no simple solution to who is the best lawyer anywhere, but researching or better yet, meeting with the prospective attorney to see if you have professional chemistry with that lawyer. There are many sites that rate attorneys, I am on several of these sites including

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