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New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney Santo Artusa has successfully represented people by using best methods who are defendants and victims in domestic violence-restraining order cases throughout New Jersey, including Jersey City, Elizabeth, Newark, Hackensack, Union County, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, New Jersey. The Artusa Law Firm handles a wide spectrum of legal issues for clients in Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark and throughout New Jersey whether it is family law, domestic violence/restraining orders, DCPP/DFYS cases, child support, business litigation, landlord representation, divorces and other legal services in NJ, our Jersey City lawyers can help you.

Harassment is one of the leading reasons for the filing of temporary restraining orders in Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Elizabeth, Hackensack, Union County,Hudson County, Bergen County, New Jersey and beyond and does not require much evidence to obtain a TRO. Stalking, Simple Assault, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Restraint are also common allegations in a New Jersey Restraining Order.

An FRO (New Jersey Final Restraining Order) on the other hand can be harder to get but you need to know how to defend against the accusations, the evidence presented, the witnesses in court, which we can help you with because of our experience in domestic violence cases throughout New Jersey.  Our NJ-restraining order legal team can be reached on 201-706-7910 today to discuss your domestic violence case and begin planning our case strategy. Our main office is in Jersey City but we do have other locations and work throughout the State. For more information about the Artusa Law Firm and our hours, location and services visit: Artusa Law Firm, P.C. 

With regard to domestic violence/restraining orders: Lawyer up fast because if you have a restraining order case in New Jersey, whether in Jersey City, Elizabeth, Hackensack, Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County, Somerset County or anywhere else in New Jersey, a New Jersey family court-domestic violence Judge can order alimony, child support, parenting time/refuse parenting time during the case and after if you lose the case. Time is of the essence. Restraining Orders in New Jersey can affect your life immediately. If you have been served with a temporary restraining order or are a victim seeking a final restraining order in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, New Brunswick, West New York, Union City, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Garwood, Mountainside, Summit, Springfield, Rahway, Elizabeth, Cranford, Westfield, Linden, Union or anywhere else in Union County, Hudson, and Essex County, New Jersey, contact the NJ- Restraining Order Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910. While our main office is in Jersey City, we represent people weekly in the New Jersey Family Courts which is where restraining order cases are decided in New Jersey. Did you know? Someone can obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) against you without being physically violent, a TRO can be issued for the mere accusation of harassment.



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In the The New Jersey Superior Court, like restraining orders issued anywhere in New Jersey can restrict your ability to go home, contact the victim, see your children, and you may have a court date on the temporary restraining order as to when to appear for the final restraining order hearing where it will be determined if a final restraining order is in fact needed. Defending against a New Jersey Domestic Violence restraining order or domestic violence charge in Union County, New Jersey or in any other county such as: Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Somerset, is very important because final orders in New Jersey are in fact final/permanent restraining orders that will affect your ability to carry a gun, ability to work in certain professions, how often you see your kids, where you live, being added to a nationwide registry that can affect your travel, fines, damages and more. Just because someone was able to secure a temporary restraining order (TRO) against you in Superior Court does not mean they will prevail in obtaining a final restraining order (FRO).

It is critical that you know how to defend against domestic violence restraining order cases in the New Jersey Superior Court which is family court/civil court versus criminal court/municipal court which matters are decided beyond a reasonable doubt. The rules of evidence, when to object, how to protect your constitutional rights, how to cross-examine a witness are all critical skills that an attorney needs to prepare and use when the hearing is conducted. The final restraining order hearing can be heard in one day, two days, or other the course of months depending on the nature of the domestic violence allegations and how many allegations are in the complaint.

The Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City is skilled in family law cases and criminal law defense in every county in New Jersey including Union County, Hudson, Essex, Bergen and Middlesex County. We also represent individuals in the criminal component of the case in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, West New York, Hackensack, Linden, Union, Elizabeth Municipal and Superior Courts. Crimes that may be part of a New Jersey domestic violence complaint for a temporary restraining order include but are not limited to: Harassment, Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Homicide, Stalking, Criminal Mischief, and Criminal Restraint. Our team has argued before many of the New Jersey Family Court and Domestic Violence Judges. If you have a restraining order-domestic violence case in Jersey City-New Jersey or elsewhere in NJ, contact us today on 201-706-7910 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. 


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