What can I do if I have been served with a New Jersey Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in Hoboken-Jersey City or have been arrested in Hoboken or Jersey City? The Hudson County Restraining Order Attorneys can help you if you seek a final restraining order or seek to defend against domestic violence claims in Hudson County Superior Court-Jersey City.

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Once a New Jersey municipal court judge or New Jersey Superior Court judge issues a New Jersey domestic violence/temporary restraining order in any county in New Jersey, the police or sheriffs will try to serve you as soon as possible and/or arrest you. As New Jersey lawyers who represent defendants and victims in domestic violence and restraining orders from Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne, Elizabeth, Union, Newark, and work throughout New Jersey in Hudson County, Bergen County, Union County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Essex County and beyond, we know how to defend and prosecute against temporary and final restraining order cases in New Jersey. Whether the allegations include: harassment, simple assault, criminal mischief, stalking, sexual assault, criminal restraint or other crime included in the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, we can help you immediately, contact us. It is important to know that you do not need to be physically violent or suffered from physical violence to obtain a restraining order in NJ. Stalking and harassment are covered by the NJ domestic violence laws. Whatever you do, do not contact the victim at anytime because that would be a violation of the temporary restraining order and even if the order is dismissed, if you violate the order when it is active, that is a violation which is a crime.

A NJ restraining order is not a criminal charge or criminal case unless the victim or the State filed criminal charges against you. If that is the case, you have to fight both the restraining order case in the local superior court, in our example for Hoboken or Jersey City clients, it is in the Hudson County Family Court in Jersey City. If there are criminal charges such as: assault, criminal mischief, burglary, harassment, stalking, sexual assault, criminal restraint or terroristic threats, then the case will be heard in the Hoboken Municipal Court or Jersey City Municipal Court most likely but some cases will remain in the Criminal Division in Hudson County. You are innocent until proven guilty and in in restraining order cases, a victim does not automatically obtain a final restraining order because an incident of domestic violence has occurred. There are numerous factors that go into whether a NJ final restraining order is needed. A history of domestic violence will weigh heavily against the defendant, whether reported or unreported. The Domestic Violence Judge has to weigh those options after testimony and evidence is presented and then decides. It is also important to know that while you may win one case, that does not mean that you will automatically win the other case, for example, you may win the restraining order case in Family Court but lose the criminal case in criminal court or municipal court. One case will not dismiss the other. The victim in a NJ-restraining order case can drop the restraining order at anytime but once criminal charges are filed, the prosecutor must be persuaded to drop the charges for the criminal court case/municipal court case and sometimes they will not.


If you care about your career, your kids, where you live, you ability to travel, contact us, if you do not care, do not bother calling our team because either you cannot afford us or just do not take the restraining order serious which is fine, but one day you will if you want to have a job that pays good wages, see your kids freely, and a job that gives you a future. Our clients care about their future, their careers, their families and seek professional legal representation in Hudson County, NJ and elsewhere. We typically work with professionals in New Jersey  and people who work in New York and who do not want a final restraining order to affect there work and/or immigration status. Contact the Artusa Law Firm on 201-706-7910 for criminal defense and restraining order defense immediately.

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There are many factors that go into whether a New Jersey final restraining order should be granted against a defendant and whether a defendant should file a counterclaim against the alleged victim. The Hudson County-New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm are ready to help you if you seek professional representation for your NJ-restraining order, family law or criminal law case in every city and county in New Jersey. If you have a New Jersey domestic violence case, contact us on 201-706-7910 today. Or if you prefer to contact us via email, fill out our contact form below. Our Hoboken office is located on 50 Harrison Street, Hoboken, NJ by appointment only and our Jersey City office is located at 35 Journal Square Plaza, 8th Floor, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306.


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