New Jersey Divorce Attorneys: Obtaining a Divorce in New Jersey and What to Expect


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As divorce lawyers in New Jersey, we know that obtaining a divorce in New Jersey can be easy, it can be hard. Every case is unique. You may be wondering, which information is needed to file for a divorce/file divorce papers in New Jersey? Can I just walk into a divorce lawyers office or do I need an appointment? Yes, you need an appointment if you are dealing with successful New Jersey divorce attorney in general. Can I receive alimony? Do I have to pay alimony? What about child support in New Jersey, how is that calculated, how is that paid? How long will a divorce in New Jersey take? How do I tell the kids we are getting a divorce?

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa and his team have handled many divorce cases in most counties in New Jersey. A divorce case in New Jersey can be contested or it can be amicable/uncontested.  It really depends on so many factors ranging from: if there was abuse, if you have been apart for a long time, whether you have kids, you have property together, you still have mutual friends, etc. When you got married, you may have never envisioned the day were you were ready to file for a divorce in New Jersey or elsewhere. There are many different aspects of your life that will change. Some of these changes will be for the better, other changes may not be. At this time in your life, a major decision has come upon you just like when you got married except this is somewhat different. When you get married, you are filled with excitement for the life that awaits you and your future. During that time, your family may grow close to your spouse, you begin making friends with other couples, you may have children, you are used to your neighborhood and there may be many things that are happy with but regardless you feel ready to move on. Some of the scariest things that an individual faces when considering or filing for a divorce is the unknown. Will his family hate me? Should I stay in the same home? In the same town? Should I stay in New Jersey?  How will the kids take it? The list goes on and on. For information about the laws of New Jersey and Divorce, visit New Jersey Divorce Laws.


Going through a life changing event is difficult. It is often more difficult without a support system. Your closest friends, co-workers, your lawyer and his staff, your family are some of the people who can guide you during this difficult time. It is not just about child support, alimony and dividing assets, it is about facing a new time in your life and being brave enough to face it. Your support system is a key component as to how you will cope with certain changes and it is very important to know you are not alone.The New Jersey Divorce Lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm are here for you for this time of your life. We have successfully represented individuals in Jersey City, Hackensack, Newark, Elizabeth, Paterson, Trenton, Somerset, Etc. For more area specific information, visit: Jersey City Divorce Lawyers, Bergen County Divorce Lawyers, Essex County Divorce Lawyers, Union County Divorce Lawyers.

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While your friends and family may be your closest allies regarding your emotional well-being but the Artusa Law Firm is your closest ally for your legal concerns in New Jersey. A divorce in New Jersey involves many different legal concerns that an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can help you with. You may come across child custody concerns, parenting time issues, division of assets, alimony, tax ramifications, potential future issues, relocation outside of New Jersey, child support, college contributions for your children and many other related issues. Regardless of the issues at hand, the New Jersey Divorce Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you.

While some cases are hard fought, they all do not have to be. Sometimes through persistence and effort, compromises can be made and these agreements can the limit the stress involved in a divorce court case. New Jersey Divorces and family law cases can include: division of assets (premarital vs. marital assets), child custody, parenting time, tax issues/tax ramifications and tax deductions, prenuptial agreements, residential custody-read more about custody by NJ Child Custody Lawyer, alimony, child support, adultery- read our article about filing under adultery by NJ Divorce Attorney, emotional distress, extreme cruelty, college contributions, passport concerns, child relocation, private school costs and beyond.  It is our goal to resolve every case as quickly as possible but it only takes one person to ruin a settlement negotiation and one must be ready to go the distance. We are ready to, contact us today.

If the time for divorce has come or to handle a family law issue in New Jersey, contact the Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Lawyers on 973-337-9643 or 201-706-7910 today, we offer flexible consultation hours in our Jersey City location and in some cases offer phone consultations. To view all of the legal services we offer, visit our main page: Artusa Law Firm-New Jersey Divorce Lawyers.