If you are seeking to modify, lower or raise child support, working with a Jersey City Family Law Attorney can help you understand how to do so and represent you.Some situations we work on as family law attorneys in Jersey City include:

  • Are you trying to lower your child support payments in New Jersey?
  • Are you seeking a child support lawyer or child custody lawyer in New Jersey?
  • Are you looking for a Jersey City Child Support Lawyer? A family law attorney?
  • Are you wondering how to lower child support in New Jersey? We can help.



Jersey City Child Support Lawyer
Jersey City Family Law Attorney   Santo Artusa

As a New Jersey family law attorney that works on child support cases in Hudson County, New Jersey, Essex County, Bergen County, Somerset County, Union County, New Jersey and beyond, I know that you cannot simply just quit your job or lose your job and sit back and relax and expect a Judge to lower your child support obligation in New Jersey. If you lost your job, find a new one, even if it is not the job you want, find a job, apply for hundreds of jobs literally. You will not obtain a reduction of child support in New Jersey based on losing your job if you do not show the court you are trying and trying hard to obtain a new job. The kids have to eat everyday, three times a day, they need a roof over their heads and it is the responsibility of both parents to provide for the kids.

Some situations where you may be able to modify your child support in New Jersey:

Do you have court ordered child support in New Jersey that you can no longer afford because of a change in circumstance?
Did you have more children after your New Jersey child support order was issued or was not taken into account at your hearing and you pay support for them?
Did you lose your job and cannot find a similar paying job?
Does the custodial parent make more money now than he or she did when the New Jersey child support order was issued?

The following are some tips I offer to those who seek to reduce child support in New Jersey:

  • If you have lost your job and have New Jersey child support to pay, apply to as many jobs as you can and keep a log of every job applied for, every interview attended, call backs, second interviews. The more diligence and sacrifice you show to the court, the better chance you have for a reduction. If you show you are too proud for certain work, you will not prevail.
  • If you are seeking a reduction in child support in New Jersey because you have another child, pay child support for that child through a court order and you can use that new order for a credit for a downward reduction in your other cases.
  • If you are married and have another child or children, you can also obtain a credit for those children as they live in your home and you take care of them for your New Jersey child support order.
  • While you seek a reduction in child support in New Jersey, make efforts to pay something to the weekly child support amount. Ignoring the court order in New Jersey will not win you any favor, that is for sure.

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