This article is a brief guide as to going to family court in Hudson County by Jersey City Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa


Before becoming an family law attorney in Jersey City-New Jersey, I walked the halls of the Family Court in New York lost, without a real guide and whole lot of opinions that I didn’t ask for. What occurred led me to become one of the busiest Hudson County-NJ Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorney. I was in court trying to see my daughter, trying  to understand the system, nervous, confused, trying to figure out when I can speak, trying to figure out what I could ask for, when will my lawyer actually say something, does the Judge know anything about my case? How long will this take? How many times will I have to trek to lower Manhattan to get answers, to see my child, to figure out my financial responsibility. The list goes on but when you are in court, or about to go in, your mind is racing as to all the what ifs? When you want a family law attorney to represent you, you want a lawyer that knows what it feels like to fight and make a plan to win a case. You want someone who understands the difficulties and can help you push through them. I do. I understand, I was there, I faced similar issues you do. I was upset, I was making stupid decisions because I did not know any better and did not have a plan or guidance at first. I learned that you grow up quick when you are in family court, real quick. For that reason, I went to law school at night and became a family law attorney and divorce lawyer in my new home, Jersey City, New Jersey. My first case as an attorney in Jersey City was a divorce case against Adam Jacobs, Esq., who is now a criminal law Judge in Passaic County. I was very fortunate that Judge Adam Jacobs was my first adversary because he taught me so much so quickly and introduced me to key Judges and figures in Hudson County.

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When individuals come into my Jersey City office that never been to family court or have been to court and had horrible experiences, I try to explain how the Judge views things and what we can do (lawyer and client) to try and persuade the Judge to believe in our case versus the other side’s case or at least for the Judge to be neutral up until the time we argue the case in court. I try to be my client’s guide and try to place their worry on me, give it my all and guide them accordingly only accepting an offer or position that I myself would take if I was in the same circumstance. For many, I was, so I know how much they need the guidance, the heart to hearts and even the tough conversations. If they do not hear it from me, their family law/divorce lawyer, they will probably hear it from a friend who has no clue how the factors in their case favor certain dispositions and which positions NOT to take or argue. The Artusa Law Firm is ready to help you with your family law situation. We have argued before all of the Hudson County Family Court Judges including: Judge Mirtha Opsina, Judge Schillari-Rich, Judge Anthony D’Elia, Judge Espinales Maloney, Judge Mark A. Baber, Judge Maureen Mantineo, Judge Nelse Rodriguez, Judge Daniel D’Alessandro.

When you do have a court date: 1. Be on time. 2. Dress for success. 3. Respect all court staff. 4. Look the Judge in the eye when the Judge speaks to you and never disrespect the Judge. 5. Do not Interrupt the Judge. 6. Refrain from disrespecting the other party or other lawyer.

First time family court litigants are often unsure how court really works. They do not know when to speak, what to say?, what to bring? what they should ask for? how to address a judge and so on, we can help you, our team will advocate for you so you have a better chance of obtaining better results than if you tried alone. We are experienced in representing clients in Jersey City-Hudson Family Court, Newark-Essex Family Court and Hackensack-Bergen Family Court. We are comfortable in those courts and feel like we are on home turf when representing our clients in those courts before those family court judges. Being comfortable arguing in court is an important factor in the chemistry and overall factors that can persuade a Judge to believe in your client’s case. If you have an advantage, use it.

In New Jersey, Family Court Judges hear a wide variety of family law matters with dockets starting with: FM (Divorce), FD (non-dissolution/custody/child support), FV (domestic violence) and others but I do not practice in those areas of family law. Regardless of the docket though, I know how to navigate through the New Jersey Family Courts and Municipal Court system that benefits my clients. If your lawyer does not know who to talk to, how to talk to them or worse insults court staff members, you are going to have a harder time in getting what you want from the Judge. Whether you may be summoned to court for a child support case, domestic violence, a divorce, child custody, parenting time, alimony or other related matter, my team and I can help you. Family law in New Jersey is our focus and we can help you navigate through the family court process and help you obtain the relief you are seeking in court. Contact my team today on 973-337-9643 or 201-706-7910 or fill out our confidential contact form and we will get in touch with you.