Essex County Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa and the staff of the The Artusa Law Firm represent people in family law matters in Newark, NJ. Newark is home to the Essex County Superior Court-Family Division. We handle: child custody, parenting time, child support, post divorce modifications, child relocation applications and all other family law disputes in Essex County, New Jersey. The family court is located at: 212 Washington Street, Newark, NJ. Newark family law attorney Santo Artusa and his team represent people who have family law issues in Essex County, whether you need to respond to motion papers or seek to file a family court motion/application in the Newark Family Court. The Newark-Essex Family Court hears child support reductions/increases, child custody modifications, setting aside a family court orders, and new custody cases, DNA tests, parenting time disputes, domestic violence restraining order cases in Essex County before Judge Paganelli, Judge Gaus, Judge Beacham, Judge Ali, spousal support, divorce, annulments, child relocation requests, adoptions and other family law related matters.


The Artusa Law Firm-NJ family law team represents individuals throughout New Jersey that have cases in Essex County Family Court, Hudson County Family Court, Middlesex County Family Court and elsewhere when family law issues arise or when people want to address family law related matters before they get worse because sometimes it pays to be proactive instead of reactive. When you wait for something bad to happen or an issue to get out of hand, you are going with a reactive approach and if the other side files a motion or application first, you will be on the defensive which can be very difficult in family court as first impressions set the tone for the entire case before the Judge.

Essex County Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

The Best Interests of a Child is the standard by which Judges decide child custody and parenting time cases in NJ. Newark and Essex County are no different. While parents may not get along, may not agree on issues, they both have rights to raise their child, see their child.  A Judge can prevent parenting time, can limit parenting time, can order supervised visits as the best interests of a child is not black and white. A Judge has to make the determination if the parents cannot agree in mediation or through speaking to each other while at court or before court. But if a solution or agreement cannot be made, family court is there to help resolve issues as are family law attorneys.

Many of the issues that are fought over in the family court revolves around children. The other major issues are divorces and restraining orders. Our team is skilled in both. Restraining orders limit or restrain someone from speaking to the other person who is the victim. The temporary restraining order can prevent you from returning home, seeing your children, going anywhere near the victim. If you are a victim, a temporary restraining order offers a lot of protection against an abuser. We have successfully represented victims and defendants in the NJ family court for domestic violence cases and final restraining order hearings.

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With regard to divorces, we handle uncontested, no-fault cases and complex contested divorce cases in Newark-Essex County New Jersey.

Why work with us for your family law case in Newark-Essex County? 
There are many lawyers. Lawyers that focus on certain areas of law, lawyers that will accept any case that walks in their door and then there are lawyers who are known for their work in specific fields of law. Our team focuses 90% of our practice on divorce and family law matters in Essex, Hudson, Middlesex and Bergen Counties in New Jersey. Family law issues require a lot of attention, special client care, and knowing how to apply the laws, common sense to the facts in your specific case to convince the family court Judge to rule in your favor. Not an easy task but a task we are very familiar with.

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Yes we offer in person and over the phone consultations when scheduled.

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Yes by appointment only.

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Who are the Judges that decide family law cases in Essex County?
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While some legal issues are harder than others to deal with, family law strikes right at the heart: your children, your income, your potential to start a new life, and as each day passes that issues are not resolved, the worse the issue can get. We can help you face the issue or issues you are facing in the family court. Our experienced legal team can help you understand the NJ court rules, NJ family laws and what you should seek while in family court. Don’t go at it alone because once a court order is issued, it is very hard to change. Contact us.

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