Are you an adult seeking to change your name in Hudson County, New Jersey? The Jersey City team at the Artusa Law Firm can help you.  Whether it is after your divorce or you just want to change your name, we know how and can handle the whole legal process.

How to Legally Change Your Name in New Jersey NJ 2A:52-1 The Artusa Law Firm handles Adult Name Changes in Jersey City-Hudson County New Jersey

Seeking to change your name in Jersey City, New Jersey? Jersey City name change attorney Santo Artusa can help you achieve your goals today! Seeking an attorney to represent in a name change application? We understand and can help! We can be reached on 201-706-7910

We do not choose the name we are born with and as time goes on, you may want to legally change your name for a variety of reasons. My team and I at the law offices of Jersey City-NJ attorney Santo Artusa can assist you in changing your name legally in the New Jersey Superior Courts Civil Divisions including: Hudson County Superior Court Law Division Civil Part, Bergen County Superior Court and Union County Superior Court.  New Jersey Statute 2A:52-1 governs the rules and procedures in changing your name legally in the State of New Jersey. My team and I are ready to help today if you seek to change your name in Jersey City, Hudson County and beyond.


New Jersey Name Change Attorney

My team at The Artusa Law Firm can handle all the leg work needed to successfully change your name officially in New Jersey. There are many steps involved in changing your name. First you must fill out the civil case information statement, verified complaint with certification for name change indicating what your name is now and the name you want to assume. The certification details if you are a United States Citizen, social security number, date and place of birth, whether you have been married, whom you were raised by, whether you have any lawsuits against you, unsatisfied judgments, whether you have been convicted of a crime, the reason you seek to change your name. In some cases, you may have a very ethnic name and seek to have it more Americanized or simpler, I understand that as I have a very ethnic name (Santo Vincenzo), there are not too many people who can accurately pronounce that name no matter how many times you tell them and ever harder is for someone to remember such an ethnic name. You then attach the order fixing a date for the final hearing for the name change. The complaint must be sent to certain government agencies in order of the Judge to approve the request to change your name in New Jersey. There is also a requirement to publish the name change request/complaint in the newspaper’s legal notices.

The Artusa Law Firm is skilled in family law, divorce, child support and all other civil law cases including legally changing your name in New Jersey. We are Jersey City attorneys but represent individuals and corporations throughout New Jersey.

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