Jersey City-New Jersey Divorce Mediation is available at the Artusa Law Firm. We provide divorce mediation services to people interested in separating or divorcing in the State of New Jersey but who may not want to air their issues in open court or who do not want a Judge to make findings without their direct input. Mediation encourages your input.

The divorce mediation we offer in Hudson County is for people seeking legal solutions without being  tied up in court for years or have the hope to resolve the case as amicably as possible. Divorce mediation is an alternative to hashing everything out in court and potentially going to trial where a Judge would have the ultimate say in your post divorce life concerning unresolved issues.In mediation, you have control over major issues that will effect your post-divorce life and well-being.

Mediation offers parties willing to try to reach a resolution a way to hear from one independent mediator who can explain the New Jersey Divorce and Family Laws and help couples reach a marital or property settlement agreement. We take the time to understand which are the most critical elements in your case and we explain how the law applies to these issues. The more you know, the better off we all are in reaching an informed decision.

Some of the cases that we have mediated involved:

Child Custody   * Parenting Time

Alimony * Child Support

The Division of Assets *  The Marital Home

Premarital vs. Marital Property


Our team takes a very hands on but down to earth approach to problem solving. We try to figure out what the key issues are between the parties and which positions are flexible. We make sure that nobody feels forced into any position or into any agreement. We take the time to explain the various positions with the clients and whether their positions would have merit in a court of law with the rules of evidence, length of time, and cost of litigation in mind. Mediation is not for every couple. The key to mediation is the ability to listen to the other side, listen to the independent voice of the mediator, and to think logically, not emotionally.

Jersey City Child Custody and Divorce Lawyer
Jersey City Divorce Mediator

The mediation process usually takes 1 to 5 appointments at the office, depending on the issues presented and depending on how eager and willing people are to actually settle their cases. While the emotional side of a divorce can be difficult, the legal act of obtaining a divorce does not have to be. Our goal at the Artusa Law Firm is to narrow the issues at hand and have the parties part ways legally in the most ethical and humane way possible. Some people may use mediation to waste time, we are not interested in that, we want to help you resolve the issues so you can move forward.


For more information about our sister company click: Jersey City Divorce Mediation Center. Our mediation services are by appointment only. We suggest a phone consultation before setting up an appointment to see if we believe we can help you and that we are in your budget. We offer flexible times to mediate including weekends as many of our clients work in New York City or have hectic work schedules. We are here to help you resolve your family law and matrimonial legal issues, not make them worse. We are skilled in negotiation, are very experienced in family law issues and know how to resolve even the most complex problems. To discuss divorce mediation in our Jersey City, Hudson County Office, call 973-337-9643 or 201-706-7910 today. If you are seeking more information about the legal services the Artusa Law Firm offers, visit our home page- The Artusa Law Firm-Hudson County Divorce Lawyers.