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Selecting an attorney to represent you in something as personal and important as a family law issue can be difficult, can be confusing and can be stressful. Experienced family law attorneys and divorce lawyers understand what is at stake. Clients need to be able to open up about what is going on and what you would like to happen, how you would like the situation fixed or improved, so your life can improve. Family law is as personal as law gets. You have to hire an attorney that respects you, that you respect, that you understand, and one that understands what you are seeking. That attorney can be me, it can be someone else, I do not know. You should speak to the attorney who will handle your case and when possible of course, meet with that lawyer in person so that you can gage your level of comfort and fully understand that he or she knows the mission you seek to accomplish.

Whether it is a child custody case in Jersey City-Hudson County, child support case in Newark-Essex County, a divorce case in Hackensack-Bergen County, or other family law case in a New Jersey Family Court, we can help you now if you are ready to discuss what is going on. Regardless of which type of legal situation you may have, hiring an attorney that has experience in that field is more important today than ever. Each field of law has become more complex. Not knowing how to navigate through the specific legal specialty is a disaster waiting to happen. This is particularly true with family law and divorce law throughout New Jersey, we know divorce and family law in New Jersey. We represent people in Hudson County, Middlesex County, Union County, Bergen County, Essex County and beyond in child custody, child support, divorce, parenting time cases, father’s rights cases, almost daily. There are new cases and new situations that have changed the law in critical aspects of family law in NJ and we stay on top of new cases and family laws. The most recent is the alimony reform act passage.

The law in the New Jersey family courts is constantly evolving. The short of it is, choose an attorney that has experience in family law and divorce court, a divorce-family law attorney in NJ. Criminal Law focuses on an act a person allegedly committed and deals with the consequences. Family law focuses on the past but focuses on the future and how the judgment will affect your day to day life in the real world. The NJ divorce team at the Artusa Law Firm can help you with your family law situation in the Jersey City, Newark and Northern New Jersey areas.

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Everyone has a different personality and it is critically important that your personality works with your lawyer’s personality. Something that I pride myself on is that I have the ability to connect to your everyday Joe while being able to connect to a CEO of a major corporation. Law is part ability to practice the art of persuasion and part how to apply favorable facts to your case. Some people cannot persuade a person to drink water in the desert while others can convince people in the desert to buy sand. I am the latter. The courtroom is a place where an audience (judge or jury) needs to be persuaded as much as possible so that your client can achieve the best possible outcome. Another important aspect of choosing the best divorce lawyer for you in New Jersey is, do you and the attorney agree on the case strategy? Do you and the divorce attorney agree on what you should ask for? What you should concede if anything? Does the attorney believe in your case? A family law lawyer that believes in your case, is the best lawyer for you. I cannot tell you now if I believe in your case or if I am the right lawyer for your specific situation but I can tell you after I discuss the specifics with you and find out what your goals are.

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My team and I are different because I have been at the mercy of the family courts personally before I became an attorney and I know what it is like to try and figure out the family court process, what to do, what not to do, how long it takes, how much money it can cost, how to be patient, to stay positive, to keep pushing. I know, I have been there. To read about all of the legal services we offer in Jersey City, visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Lawyers.

There is no such thing as the best attorney or the greatest lawyer ever. A key factor in choosing a family law attorney or divorce lawyer is if you both believe in the same approach and you respect each other. A client must respect his lawyer and his lawyer must respect him. While every case has specific facts, has many variables and the key is having an attorney that can think quickly on his feet and knows what NOT to say to the Judge and to be prepared for your case. Our team has the experience and care that people need in family law cases in Jersey City-New Jersey.

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