Family law attorney Santo Artusa practices family law throughout New Jersey providing effective legal representation in the most important aspect of law: family law and divorce. The New Brunswick Family Court or the Middlesex County Family Court is located at 120 New Street in New Brunswick. New Jersey Family Court Lawyer Santo Artusa represents people in the New Brunswick Family Court for: child support, Restraining Orders in Middlesex County, child custody, parenting time, modifying court orders, divorces and other family law related matters. If you have a case or seek to file a case in the New Brunswick family court and seek professional family law representation, contact the team at the Artusa Law Firm. Our experience and guidance in representing people in New Brunswick-Middlesex County will help you understand what to ask for, how to ask for it and give you the best chance of obtaining it. You can reach our legal team on 201-706-7910 to setup a consultation with family law attorney Santo Artusa or a team member.

The Judges that decide the family court cases in the New Brunswick Family Court/Middlesex County Family Court are: Hon. Judge Deborah Venezia, Hon. Judge Joseph Paone, Hon. Judge Barbara Stolte, Hon. Bruce J. Kaplan, Hon. Judge Christopher Rafano, Hon. Judge Gerald Council, Hon. Judge Lisa Viguolo, Hon. Judge James Hyland, and the Hon. Judge John Jorgensen. The family division manager is Charles C. Hager, Esq.

The New Brunswick Family Court-Middlesex Family Court has the authority to decide: domestic violence cases (final restraining orders), initial child support cases and child support modifications, initial child custody cases and child custody modifications, parenting time cases and modifications, spousal support, alimony, college contributions, child relocation motions/applications, passport/travel disputes, maiden name changes, division of assets, division of debts and other family law issues.

If you are wondering, how to:
Lower Child Support in Middlesex County?  Obtain Spousal Support? Seek Alimony? File for Divorce in Middlesex County-New Jersey? Seek NJ child support? How to change a family court order? How to file for parenting time? How to change a visitation schedule? How to file or respond to an Order to Show Cause, or how to file an order to show cause in family court?  Raise child support? How is child support in NJ calculated? How to claim your child on your taxes or receive an order to do so? How to obtain permission to travel outside of the United States? We can help you. Contact us.

While our office is located at 35 Journal Square, Suite 825 in Jersey City, NJ, we represent clients in every court in New Jersey for family law related issues. We offer flexible office hours including evening and weekends.

Some family law relief that we have assisted clients with are: You may need to change a court order about visitation, a change in how much child support should be paid on a changed circumstance, a need for a filing of spousal support because your spouse left and is not paying the household bills, an application for private school payments, the list goes on and on for family court relief. Whether you are the person that filed or you received a letter from the Middlesex/New Brunswick Court for you to appear in court, contact us so we can help you with your family law situation, our team is experience in family court cases in Middlesex/New Brunswick and we can help guide you through the family court process, just pick up the phone and call 201-706-7910.