Judge Neil Jasey Essex County Family/Superior Court

Newark Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa and his team represent individuals in all family law related matters in Essex County Family Court. Judge Neil Jasey is a newer judge in the Essex County Family Court where the Honorable Donald Kessler (212 Washington Street, Newark, NJ-13th Floor) used to hear cases of the same nature: child support, parenting time, child custody, child relocation cases, modification of court orders, tax deductions, travel authorization, domestic violence/restraining orders, new custody and child support applications, motions for reconsideration, father’s rights, child support increases/decreases and beyond. The Artusa Law Firm argues cases and represents individuals before Judge Jasey and the other Essex County Family Law Judges such as: Judge Carolyn Wright, Judge Gaus, Judge Jeffrey Beacham, Judge Marcella Matos-Wilson and Judge Mark Ali (Domestic Violence/Restraining Order Cases). If you have a family law situation in Essex County, the Artusa Law Firm can help you now. Call us for a free telephone or in person consultation on 201-706-7910 today. To view all of the legal services we provide visit: The Artusa Law Firm. Our Newark office is located at 146 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ 07105. Our Jersey City office (main office) is 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306.


Judge Neil Jasey is a very patient Judge who carefully reads the papers submitted to him and encourages parties/attorneys to try and resolve their issues without judicial intervention. The Artusa Law Firm can help you resolve your family law issues in Newark-Essex County.

emblemmatic-artusa-law-firm-logo-461Like anytime you seek to persuade or convince someone, the more you know about your audience, in this case, the Judge, the better. Each judge has a different system different approach and opinion on the law. Knowing and being in front of the same judges more and more often only helps an attorney when trying to convince the Judge to believe in his case. The Artusa Law Firm and Essex County Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa know this very well with our family law and divorce experience in Essex County, New Jersey.

We have helped fathers and mothers in family law disputes at the Essex County Superior Court located at 212 Washington Street, Newark, NJ. The more experience you have before a Judge and in an area of law, the better off you are and in turn, your clients are. The same holds true when arguing before a judge. A judge who has children may become more irate at someone that does not want to see his kids or who does not pay child support. A Judge who is patient may get more upset if one litigant or attorney keeps interrupting the other during oral argument in a motion, these are very important things to know because the last thing you want to do is upset the Judge you are before.  A Judge that cares more about children than the parents is the right judge for family court. If you have a family court case before Judge Jasey, Judge Wright, Judge Gaus or any other Judge in Newark-Essex County: for child support, child custody, visitation/parenting time, domestic violence, harassment, restraining orders or other issues and seek professional family law representation, contact the Artusa Law Firm on 201-706-7910.

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