Below are Frequently Asked Questions to Jersey City-New Jersey Divorce Lawyers and Jersey City-New Jersey Family Law Attorney, Santo Artusa, Jr., Esq:

Question: How do you determine your retainer?

  1. The amount of the retainer depends on the amount of work an attorney believes the case will cost (usually at a minimum) and is sort of used as a security for the attorney for the work he or she does.  After the retainer is used, the attorney will seek the retainer to be replenished or a bill paid monthly.

Question: Do you always require a retainer?

  1. In family law and divorce cases yes. In personal injury cases no, those cases are based on contingency fees (we only recover fees if we receive a financial settlement or verdict).

Question: How often do you work on family law and divorce cases?

  1. Everyday. I handle many divorce and family cases each day throughout New Jersey, whether they require court time or paperwork, there is always work to do on these cases.Question: I feel like I pay too much child support, what can I do?
  1. If you have realized a significant change in circumstances (i.e., you have another child from another relationship that you pay child support or live with, you lost your job, you make less money, the other parent makes more money, you have more parenting time, etc.,) you can bring an application or motion for a modification in the amount you pay. We frequently handle those cases. For more information about that, visit: New Jersey Child Support Lawyer.

Question: I want custody of my kids, what do I need to do?

  1. If a custody order has already been entered, you need to show a significant change in circumstances that warrant a change in custody. Some examples can be: drug use, neglect, poor grades, poor health, a child’s preference upon reaching a certain age, a parent’s inability to provide the right care. If you can show that, you would need to file a motion or an application to the court seeking custody. If an order has not been issued, you would need to show why you should have custody over someone else.

Question: I want more parenting time with my kids, what can I do?

  1. By making an application to the court seeking more parenting time can address that issue. Showing how the custodial parent does not agree or refuses you to have more time will help your case. A custodial parent should encourage more parenting time under normal conditions/situations. For more information about this topic, visit: New Jersey Child Custody and Parenting Time Attorney.


Question: If you had a divorce case, who would you hire?

  1. I would hire someone that I know frequently appears in the family courts in the local areas, that practices family law and divorce law regularly, not because they are desperate for work. I personally would prefer divorce attorneys that have children as well because only a parent can know how it feels not to see your child everyday. For more information about all of our legal services, visit: New Jersey Divorce Lawyer.

Question: How would you compare a divorce and family lawyer to a type of athlete?

  1. A great divorce lawyer would be more like a baseball player than any other athlete. The ability to be positive and persistent. You have to be able to focus regardless of what happened in the last at bat. You need to have a short memory so that you can focus on what is ahead instead of what happened last time. Judges do not always see the case the same way you do and just because they do not at first, you must pick up your bat again and get ready for the next go around.

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