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New Jersey Family Law Attorney

New Jersey Family Law Attorney

“You Want the Divorce to be in where? Russia? I don’t think so.” International Divorce and Venue Determination in Bergen County, New Jersey
In a recent case, a Russian citizen living in the United States that was married in the United States, filed for divorce in New Jersey. The spouse who lived in New Jersey but denied same, filed for divorce in Russia, a place the couple never lived together in. The spouse filed a motion stating New Jersey did not have jurisdiction because the plaintiff did not live here for one year prior to the filing of the divorce. The Bergen County Judge agreed. We filed a motion to set aside that order and to reinstate the case after further examination of the spouse’s true domicile and other rules pertaining to domicile in New Jersey. Motion granted. No divorce in Russia, divorce will take place in New Jersey where our client has a great chance for alimony and property division where she would have had zero chance in Russia. Victory.

Mother parties all night and Dad wants Custody in Hudson County
An involved father began to notice that his daughter’s grades began to drop and her school attendance began to become noticed by school officials. The ever dangerous social media outlets such as Facebook showed the mother out at all hours of the night, partying, drinking and having fun while the daughter stayed home babysitting her other children and not getting the attention a teenage girl needs. We presented our case before the Judge and by the time we left the court, a settlement giving custody to the father had been reached and their daughter now resides with dad. Victory for dad!

Aggressive Divorce Representation 
In a recent divorce case in Hudson County involving equitable distribution, alimony and child custody. We began with aggressive discovery demands and motions to suppress the spouse’s pleadings because of vague answers and non compliance of discovery demands.The Judge agreed and we were able to essentially have a summary judgment against the spouse who then gave up on alimony and custody claims (residential custody).
In a recent case in the Jersey City Municipal Court, our client was accused of driving while suspended 3 times, driving without insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident, a total of 7 tickets. We were able to have 6 tickets dismissed and one ticket amended to a failure to exhibit documents, a home run!

While we will update this page, past results do not guarantee similar outcomes but helps achieve similar outcomes are the experience the legal team at the Artusa law Firm has and how we can help you navigate through the court system and mitigate the issues you are facing. If you have a legal issue in New Jersey, contact Artusa First on 201-706-7910.

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