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Jersey City and Hoboken continue to be boom towns. Buildings are going up each month, properties are being renovated, parks are being built and businesses are growing much faster than anywhere else in New Jersey. In this growing and changing city, sometimes conflict and litigation over commercial and business disputes arise. One aspect of a growing real estate market is a rise in evictions and breaches of contract/breaches of landlord tenant agreements.We can help.

What Jersey City looks like today compared to 2o years ago and in other sections of Jersey City, just five years ago, is truly remarkable. The city is changing for the better each day.

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Jersey City Lawyer Santo V. Artusa, Esq.

As an active attorney in Jersey City, some of my business law and family law clients face landlord tenant situations for both commercial and residential properties in New Jersey and we are able to help them with landlord/tenant litigation. Whether you are seeking to evict a tenant, looking to obtain a monetary judgment from a former tenant, seeking to sue your landlord for violating a lease or for any other reason that a legal issue has presented itself, Jersey City Landlord Tenant Attorney Santo Artusa can help. If you are searching for a landlord tenant lawyer near me, you have found one in the ever growing Jersey City.

Typical Causes For Eviction

  • Non-payment of Rent
  • Habitually Late Rent
  • Violation of key terms of the lease
  • Criminal Activity on the premises
  • Person moves in, does not pay rent, has no lease (Unlawful detainer)


  • Improper eviction complaint
  • Paying the rent due prior to or by the end of the trial date
  • Improper notice or lack of notice
  • Landlord’s failure to register the property with Jersey City
  • The Landlord Registration Act (3 or more apartments in one building require the registry to be with Trenton)
  • If the Landlord is a Corporation, the Landlord must have an attorney
  • Failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy
  • The landlord is being untruthful in his or her complaint
  • Waiver- The owner knew of violations and allowed the rent to be paid, waiving his or her right to bring action based on that violation
  • Landlord Retaliation-The landlord may seek retribution because you complained about something covered by the law. This is illegal.
best new jersey divorce attorney
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Both tenants and landlords have rights and the courts are here to help settle and resolve disputes that cannot resolve the issues amicably. The landlord/tenant team of the Artusa Law Firm has frequently appeared in the Hudson County Superior Court-Special Civil Division-Landlord-Tenant Part where we have evicted many tenants that have refused to pay rent or have violated key terms of a lease. Additionally, we have represented tenants in these actions as well.  These cases are heard on the 1st floor of the Hudson County Superior Court, 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306.


We have also “evicted” people who did not have leases or moved for a temporary basis and refuse to leave, also known as an unlawful detainer. These situations happen more frequently than you would imagine but there is a way to have the person removed from your home in a legal and civil fashion. Contact us today on 973-337-9643 if you have someone in your home that does not have a lease, does not pay rent and refuses to leave.

In one recent case, the tenant had been paying $3000 per month for an apartment in Jersey City’s Port Liberte Area. The landlord came to do a walk through and began nickel and diming every single normal wear and tear scratch, hole (pictures on wall), etc and instead of returning the security deposit of $4500 in 30 days, he sent a check for $1200 45 days later, a violation of the law. We brought the landlord to court and were able to obtain the full $4500 back plus attorneys fees of $2000. After 45 days of refusing to pay the judgment, we were able to obtain a court order intercepting the rent from his new tenant and had it paid to our client until the full amount was paid. To say the landlord was in shock was an understatement.
In another case, a new landlord bought the rental property and when the lease was up, tried to raise the rent from $4000 per month to $7000. We went to court and the Judge ruled the attempt to raise the rent so high was unjustified and only permitted an increase of $300 per month, however since our client already felt angry about the greed of the owner and bad blood, we accepted an offer for “key money” so our client’s moving expenses and two months of rent were paid.

If you seek a Jersey City Landlord/Tenant Lawyer, contact us today on 973-337-9643 for a confidential consultation with attorney Santo Artusa or a member of his staff. To view all of the legal services and general information about us, visit- Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City. You can also fill out our form to streamline the process.