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Abuse and Neglect is a serious accusation to any parent. Going against a government entity when your children are involved is often very stressful and frustrating. You need someone to help fight for you and guide you through this ever inefficient process so that you can fix and/or negate the accusations and get the government out of your life. The Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City is here to do just that with extensive experience in trial work, criminal defense, family law, juvenile law and other life changing litigation.

The DCPP-Abuse and Neglect Process begins with an Order to Show Cause filed by DCPP. The parent is then served with the complaint that an abuse/neglect case has been filed against you in Hudson County. You can apply to a public defender or hire your own private attorney, the Artusa Law Firm are private attorneys. The order to show cause will have a return date where arguments can be presented. The Hudson County Family Court Judge can then dismiss the case or conduct a fact finding hearing. That hearing can lead to a dis-positional hearing, compliance reviews, mediation and then a permanency hearing where the parent could be reunified with the child, permanency with relatives or termination of parental rights, a parents worse nightmare. The DCPP and court process can become very overwhelming, very quickly, avoid this and contact us now on 201-706-7910 in our Jersey City office.

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The Artusa Law Firm is a full service litigation law firm focusing on family law, divorce, abuse/neglect cases, child custody, support, adoption, criminal law and more in the Jersey City-Hudson County area of New Jersey. Our firm was founded in 2010 and is located at 35 Journal Square, 8th Floor, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306. We strive to fight and advocate for our clients and their families. If you seek legal representation in the Jersey City/Hudson County Family or Criminal Courts contact us today.