If you have been arrested or accused of domestic abuse, facing a restraining order or other criminal/family law issue, the Jersey City lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm are ready to help you immediately. We handle all types of criminal cases and have a network of attorneys that handle more serious matters such as manslaughter, murder, drug distribution, rape, and federal charges.

Jersey City Criminal Lawyer and New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Santo Artusa has seen firsthand how Jersey City has become the tale of two cities. In one part of the city, people have incomes of $250,000 or more, have large apartments and homes in safe areas whereas the other part of the city is gripped with criminal activity and people are scared to even drive through those neighborhoods. In both parts of town, crimes happen, people are arrested in Jersey City for good reason at times and other times, it is police harassment and without merit. Either way, if you have been arrested in Jersey City, you need a criminal lawyer to fight for your case. Jersey City Criminal lawyer and Defense Attorney Santo Artusa is skilled in litigation whether it is criminal law, divorce law or other legal matter in Hudson County. Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Santo Artusa will help you mitigate the issues you are facing and try to get to the truth of the matter and work out the best deal possible for your case. Having a criminal record can effect your freedom, your livelihood now and in the future, do not go at it alone. We represent adults in criminal cases as well as juveniles who face charges in Jersey City, don’t go at it alone! An arrest and criminal charge can affect your liberty and future livelihood if handled incorrectly, do not take a chance when criminal charges are filed against you, Jersey City Criminal Lawyer Santo Artusa is ready to help you today.



Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Santo Artusa and his legal team represent people who have been arrested for criminal cases in Jersey City and throughout Hudson County, New Jersey. Is it your first arrest and you don’t know what to do? Have you been arrested before? Is someone withholding information concerning your bail and when you will go to court? Whether you have been arrested for aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of CDS, CDS with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana/cocaine/heroin, possession of pain killers without a prescription, violation of probation/parole, violation of a restraining order, criminal mischief, burglary, robbery, theft by deception, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, resisting arrest, terroristic threats or other criminal matter in Jersey City, Hoboken-Hudson County, we can help you today.

We can help you from the start to the end of your case. We can be with you at CJP (Central Judicial Processing) at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City or in Jersey City Municipal Court where the initial bail will be set or will be modified. From there we will begin by requesting discovery to see what evidence the State will try to use against you in proving your case. With that information we will try and dissect which evidence may be excluded by way of motion, which evidence maybe hearsay and which evidence maybe the most damming. Depending on the charge or charges you face, you may be eligible for a conditional discharge, PTI-Pre-trial intervention, PTI appeals, drug court, probation or other options to keep you out of jail and also to try and prevent a damming criminal record.

The Judges that decide or manage the criminal law dockets in the Hudson County Superior Court are: Judge DePascale, Judge John Young, Judge Venable, Judge Patrick Arre, Judge Mitzy Melendez, Judge Marley, Judge Carlo Abad (Jersey City Municipal Court), Judge Cynthia Jackson, Judge Cataldo Fazio (Hoboken Municipal Court). Some Judges are pro-defendant and others are pro-prosecution. Either way, you need a criminal defense attorney that can defend you against the crimes you are accused of.

Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney Santo Artusa is experienced in criminal defense work, working as a public defender in Jersey City handling drug cases, assaults, theft and other cases involving potential jail time, probation, fines and other penalties.

If you or a loved one has a criminal case in Jersey City-Hudson County, New Jersey, contact the Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 to discuss your case and how we can help you ASAP. To view all of the legal work we handle in Jersey City and beyond, please view our main page on: Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City.