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People often call us and say,
“What can I do about x?” “The mother of my child does not let me see my son, what can I do?” “I want to see my daughter but she does not let me, what should be done?” In short, hire a lawyer and obtain a court order for parenting time and/or child custody. A detailed court order can help you, let us help you obtain one.

Family law, especially: parenting time and child custody are very important issues in the New Jersey Family Courts and it is no different in the Hudson, Essex, Union, and Bergen County Superior Courts. The experienced family law attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm know how important family is and how family law issues can affect anyone.


Parenting time is god’s gift to mankind. The time spent with children is the most precious time a person has in life. Unfortunately, many people use children as a pawn in a divorce case, post divorce case, or a child custody/parenting time case when parties are not married. This is one of the worst things a person can do in life, keep a child away from a parent along with the mental abuse the parent causes onto the child by speaking poorly about the other parent. Again, another terrible circumstance. The Jersey City-New Jersey Child Custody and Family Law Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm have seen it all and know how to advocate effectively on behalf of our clients. We advocate on behalf of both mothers and fathers in the Hudson County Family Court and beyond.  Whether you are going through a divorce or have recently ended a relationship with the mother or father of your child, we can help you with regard to your parental rights. Read our article about our Child Custody lawyers in NJ.

In a recent case we had in the Hudson County Superior Court, our client was not “allowed” to see his daughter unless he did whatever the mother of the child wanted. If she got mad, he could not see his daughter. If he paid child support late, he could not see his little girl. If she was in a bad mood, forget seeing your daughter! Totally unacceptable. We went to court, argued for a set parenting schedule which included overnights and it was granted over the objection and arguments over the mother. At that moment, the mother realized she could not control the father anymore. Justice was done.

In a case we argued in Middlesex County, the father of the child would bring the son back hours late, forcing mom to wait in the car until he arrived. We fought to have his visits terminated if he was more than 20 minutes late absent an emergency and other deterrents of his frequent parenting time violations. The court agreed and dad has been arriving within the normal scope ordered by the court. The more definitive the relief you seek and the more definitive the court order you obtain, the better it is for everyone involved.

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We work very hard to help bridge the gap that an angry parent has created, to reinstate or start parenting time with a child. Every child deserves to know both parents and to have the love of both parents. It is not up to the parents to decide to ruin or block a parent’s ability to have a relationship with their child (unless abuse is present and other significant factors). We can also overcome the made up and creative allegations of abuse made by some parents to block a mother or father’s natural rights. We believe in both father’s rights and mother’s rights.  You can also read our article about how to choose a family law attorney in New Jersey.


Today, many parents in New Jersey vie for a shared parenting schedule and sometime that does work but in some cases it does not. Parenting time and/or shared physical custody has nothing to do with legal custody in New Jersey. If a custodial parent has sole custody, that does not mean the non-custodial parent cannot see the child it only has to do with legal matters and decision making, not parenting time. In New Jersey, the courts favor joint-legal custody. The courts favor situations where both parents are involved with important decisions that affect the child.

With regard to shared parenting time, in an article by Dr. Linda Nielsen, which incorporated many studies and viewpoints including studies from Yale University, in the right set of circumstances, shared parenting time can indeed be achieved and beneficial to the child. Her article can be found here parenting time article.  Her article incorporates more than 60 articles concerning parenting time and realistic schedules. Dr. Nielsen attacks the various myths that people have concerning shared parenting time.

In an ideal world, sure we can see our children everyday regardless of the strife and problems people have with the other parent but often it is not realistic. That does not mean your situation is perfect for shared custody or not, but it  is important to remember that each case is unique and the facts need to be examined in order to come up with a plan that is in the best interests of a child. Children need a set of rules, they need consistency  which is often lacking in dual or shared custody homes when communication breaks down between parents. In some situations, the parent seeking more time does so to limit the amount of child support he or she must pay and is not actively involved with the child. Overnight parenting time is a factor in child support cases in New Jersey. 104 overnights per year or more would make the non-custodial parent eligible for a shared parenting time child support worksheet along with other factors. The shared parenting sheet reduces a person’s child support obligation significantly.

As time goes on, the children wise up and figure out how to get away with things they could never get away with if the parents were together or got along. This is not to say this cannot be fixed or that measures cannot be taken to prevent children from working one parent against the other, but that is definitely something that needs to be in place from the get go, an ideal plan. The parents who seek shared parenting must be able to communicate effectively and cooperate with one another. They must be able to set feelings aside and focus on the main issue, the child’s needs. Sounds simple but often it is not.


I know about the various situations that parents go through not just because I am an attorney but I am a family law attorney that has children. I understand children and the parental/child relationship. My children mean everything to me. The well-being of children and parents is critical to a happy life. We are here to represent parents to see their children and in extreme circumstances, to prevent parents from seeing their children if they are not mentally fit to do so. If you or a loved one has a situation regarding parenting time or visitation, contact my team on 201-706-7910 today to discuss your situation with Jersey City-New Jersey Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa. We offer flexible appointment times and our first consultation is always free if you do not have an attorney.

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