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How much is my car accident or injury case worth Jersey City Lawyer?This is a question I often hear but is very hard to predict. The main focus should be on your healing and the accident investigation. That is what we will hope you with if you hire the leading Jersey City Personal Injury Attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm.

After you have been in a car or truck accident in Jersey City or elsewhere, your main concern should be your recovery, your health. Your recovery can be a long time, it can be short, it maybe a full recovery mentally, it may not, the list of issues and concerns are endless after an accident. With that in mind, you may miss work, your quality of life may deteriorate and you should be compensated for that if it was not your fault. The next question becomes, how much is my case or claim worth? How do I know if I have a case worth pursuing? This is again another question not so easy to answer. It depends on the nature of the injuries, the amount of coverage the driver had, which County the case is in are all factors, among others that are considered. Why is the County a factor? Well the county is a factor because the county is where the potential jury is pooled from. An affluent area may be less inclined to award damages in a “simple” car accident case where an urban area may be more inclined to award a higher amount. For example, A Newark jury in Essex County may award a higher amount than the less urban area of Somerville-Somerset County may award. You have two years from the date of accident to file a law suit in a New Jersey Court. If the accident involves the government, you may only have 90 days.  That time will come faster than you believe and must be filed. However, you should think about whether filing is actually worth it because depending on the insurance coverage, you may not be eligible for compensatory damages if you do not have what is considered permanent damages.

We will answer the questions you have during our free no obligation consultation:

Who will Pay my medical bills? Lost Wages? Repair My Car? Which doctor(s) should I go to? How long does it take to resolve/settle a case? Do I have to pay anything? The other car did not have insurance, what can I do?

You may have an injury case in Jersey City because of: Negligent operation of a motor vehicle, Negligence in passing, Moving vehicle struck by following vehicle, Unsignalled left turn, Head on collision from failure to dim headlights, failure to yield right of way, failure to stop at stop sign, collision with a truck, collision with trailer-truck at an intersection, accident on 440, accident on Kennedy blvd, collision with automobile making turn at intersection, accident with tractor trailer, bicyclist against driver of motor vehicle, collision of vehicles traveling in opposite directions, pedestrian accident at intersection, pedestrian accident while standing at curb, etc. We can help!


My team and I are experienced litigation attorneys in New Jersey. From major car accidents, personal injury matters to family law in New Jersey, we can handle it. Our office is strategically located in Jersey City-Hudson County, New Jersey. Whether you were the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, injured in a motor vehicle accident in Jersey City, we can help you today by explaining the process and how to get better as soon as possible. You will only pay a lawyer fee if we accept your case and we recover damages for your injuries. Contact my Jersey City car accident team on 201-706-7910 if you have obtained injuries for a car accident in Hudson County, New Jersey.

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