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Child Support in New Jersey is very important to the family court Judges of Jersey City, Hackensack, Elizabeth, Newark and the parents involved in the case. It is important to us as child support lawyers too. When people have child support cases in Jersey City or elsewhere in New Jersey, they often ask how is child support calculated in NJ? how are payments made? how long do I have to pay child support? can wages be garnished? can I pay direct, do I need a lawyer for a NJ child support case? I already have a child support order that I pay, can I modify or make a child support modification to lower or raise child support?  I have other children, will that be considered? She doesn’t let me see the child, do I still need to pay child support in New Jersey? How does visitation affect child support in NJ? The child support lawyers of the Artusa Law Firm can help you today. 

There are endless questions about New Jersey child support but above are just a few. Child Support in New Jersey is calculated by using both parties incomes and then a number of other factors such as the amount of overnights a person has, healthcare costs, whether to use a sole parenting or shared parenting worksheet. The information is imputed into the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. That number can be adjusted upward or downward on some occasions. Furthermore, if you pay child support through the courts for other children, you will get a credit for that, which will reduce the new child support amount.

A person must pay child support in NJ until a child is considered emancipated. Emancipation is not automatic in New Jersey (there is no set age that automatically ends child support in New Jersey) but in 2017 a change in how emancipation will be done will change in terms of probation ending child support unless the primary parent can prove the child is not emancipated. As of now, the opposite is true. The non-primary parent has to show the child is emancipated. Wages can be garnished to collect the money or it can be made directly to probation or to the custodial parent. I believe it is better to pay probation direct so there are no issues between the parties and the uncomfortable feeling of having to actually ask for the money in person. Probation is the better way to obtain the child support in my view. Having a child support lawyer in any case is not mandatory but having a NJ-child support lawyer help you in court does have its benefits and makes sure the hearing officer or Judge listen to your side of the case, especially if you have a high income, an income that varies each year/month, have bonuses, receive a 1099, or own a business.

In addition to child support in New Jersey, a parent must contribute to work related daycare, healthcare costs, healthcare costs above the first $250 per year and so forth.
To read more about healthcare costs and extracurricular activities and how they are paid between parents in New Jersey, visit: NJ Child Support Extras. Some extracurricular activities can be ordered by the Court in addition to the basic child support amount if the Court finds they are therapeutic or for other reasons.  .College expenses and college contributions are also considerations when calculating or adjusting NJ child support. If a child has special needs, that may also be a factor in the NJ child support guidelines that may warrant an upward deviation. If welfare assistance is involved in the case, some of the credits you may be able to get may not be applied because the County government is involved and you will not get parenting time/overnight credits which leads to higher weekly child support payments.

What Can The Court Do if a Person Does Not Pay Child Support in NJ? 
Aside from using wage garnishment if someone works, the court and the federal government can intercept a person’s tax refund, suspend a driver’s license, revoke a passport, arrest the non-payor/issue a warrant, be held in contempt, and garnish a pension. The Jersey City-Hudson County Probation Department can be aggressive as can the Main Probation Department located in Trenton in collecting child support arrears.

We represent individuals who are applying for child support in New Jersey for the first time, people who seek increases or decreases in child support (child support modifications), individuals who have received family court papers, people who seek to emancipate a child (end child support payments), and people who seek to have representation in an enforcement hearing for child support in New Jersey. If you have a child support case in Jersey City-NJ or in any other location in the state, contact the New Jersey child support lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm that practice in every county in the State of New Jersey on 201-706-7910. Our address is: 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306. For more information about our work, visit: Artusa Law Firm.