Are you wondering how to change a child support order in Hudson County-New Jersey? Or how to fight an increase or decrease in child support payments in Hudson County New Jersey or elsewhere in New Jersey?

A child support order in New Jersey is not permanent and can be modified with a showing of a significant change in circumstances, also known as a child support modification. As a family law attorney in New Jersey, I have successfully argued cases for increases and decreases in child support obligations for parents. The variety of circumstances that amount to “significant” are many but you still need to able to clear that hurdle for a child support hearing officer or family court Judge to consider modifying the court order. We can help you if you have a family law case including child support modifications. We know how much a slight difference in child support payments can make in your life, we understand, we have been there before and are ready to help you now. Artusa Law Firm lead attorney Santo Artusa has been selected for numerous awards and honors for his work in family law, divorce, child support, child custody and other related matters in Hudson County, Bergen County, Union County, Essex County and beyond.

Some examples of circumstances that may justify a child support modification in New Jersey are:

  1. Paying child support to another child (after the initial order)
  2. Having another child in your home that you are financially responsible for.
  3. A significant increase in salary or decrease in salary can lead to a child support modification.
  4. Change in daycare costs
  5. Change in medical coverage
  6. Change in overnight parenting schedule
  7. Change in residential custody
  8. Permanent Disability
  9. Emancipation of one child that you pay child support for in this child support case
  10. College Commencement
  11. Unemployment for more than 6 months with proof of job searches
  12. Increase in salary of the custodial parent

artusa-hoboken-minAs indicated, the above are just some examples that may qualify for a child support modification in New Jersey Family Court. To be precise, I would have to look at your information, court orders to determine if it makes sense to seek an increase or decrease in child support. Some of the examples above have more of an effect on child support than others. For example, if you had only one overnight per month and now have 8 overnights per month, that will change your child support considerable with all things considered. If the custodial parent was paying $1500 a month in work related daycare and the child no longer needs daycare, that is a substantial savings for you that would warrant a child support decrease. On the other hand when you went to court you did not need daycare or health insurance but now do, that would make it wise to seek an increase in child support.

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