Do you have a family law issue and are seeking a family law attorney to represent you in Bergen County? Family law attorney Santo Artusa and his team can help you with your family law case or family law issue today.

Do you need an effective Bergen County Child Custody  or NJ-Child Support Lawyer?

As a family law attorney and divorce lawyer, I often receive referrals and calls concerning issues such as:

  • Are you seeking to file a family court motion to change custody or parenting time in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey?
  • Are you seeking more child support or fighting a child support case in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey?
  • Have you received motion papers for child support, child custody or other relief and you seek a family lawyer attorney for your Bergen County Family Law Case?
  • Have you received Bergen County family court papers where the custodial parent seeks to move out of state with your child?
  • Do you have an upcoming court date in Bergen County Family court and want an attorney? We can Help you today!

“I need a divorce lawyer in Bergen County or I need a family law attorney in Bergen County!” Theses are just some of the daily calls we receive about cases in Bergen County family court and divorce. Family law matters including child custody and NJ-child support cases in Bergen County are heard in the Superior Court of New Jersey Bergen County Vicinage. The address is 10 Main Street, Hackensack, New Jersey. The Artusa Law Firm practices in the Bergen County family court for clients who seek: divorces, annulments, name changes, joint custody/residential custody, shared custody, DNA /paternity tests, sole custody, lower child support/higher child support, parenting time modifications,the ability to relocate outside of New Jersey with their child,  the ability to travel outside of the United States, restraining order defense, NJ-child support enforcement hearings, alimony modifications, spousal support, college contributions, health care contributions, emancipation and other family law related matters in the Bergen County Superior Court-Family Division. Judge Peter Melchionne is the presiding Judge of the family division in Bergen County.

Are you wondering how child custody is determined?  If you can obtain sole custody? Joint custody? Has something changed that makes you want to seek custody or legal custody? What kind of parenting schedule you can have or the other parent can have? Who will decide it? Can you and the other parent make an agreement? Does a Judge have to decide? Do you have concerns about overnight parenting time? We can help you. Experienced family law attorney Santo Artusa has fought countless cases in family court throughout New Jersey including Bergen County.

To read more about our family law and legal services that we provide in Bergen County, New Jersey read our blog and for information about hiring a divorce attorney in Bergen County visit our article featured on or to read about our Bergen County Divorce Attorney work, visit our page here. To learn more about the  professional legal services we provide in New Jersey, visit our homepage Artusa Law Firm of New Jersey.

For general information about various family court services that the Artusa Law Firm provides and about the Judges that decide family court and divorce matters in Bergen County, New Jersey, see below.

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Divorce and Tax Planning

Tools Available in Child Custody Disputes

The Family Law Judges of Bergen County

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