Jersey City Divorce and Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa of the Artusa Law Firm is offering a new premium service for those seeking to be divorced in 60 days or less and without having to go to court. Certain conditions apply but if the conditions are met, you will be divorced faster than any of your friends. With our new systems, technology and staff, we have made it able to obtain a divorce in Hudson County Family Court in 60 days or less if your spouse will sign the divorce papers and the steps of the process are followed. We are so confident that if we cannot get you divorced in 60 days or less, we will refund $1000 to your account! That will be in writing and in the retainer agreement with the terms between you and the Artusa Law Firm. We are able to file your divorce the same day you come in if you pay the agreed upon fee for this premium service and we will literally have people in the court pushing this case along every step of the way.

About Us:

The Artusa Law Firm was founded by New Jersey Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa who started the law firm the very day he was sworn in as an attorney at the New Jersey Supreme Court. The firm focuses on all family law needs for individuals who have cases in the State of New Jersey whether in Hudson County, Essex, Bergen, Union, Middlesex or beyond, we can handle it and represent you professionally all the way through. To schedule an appointment with the Artusa Law Firm team contact us at our Jersey City location on 973-337-9643 to determine if you qualify for the 60 day divorce or if your case requires more time than that because of certain issues. We look forward to hearing from you.  If you seek us to contact you, please fill out our form below:

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