Prenuptial agreements are critical for today’s short term marriages. I write many prenuptial agreements and I still can’t believe how many others do not obtain a prenup before getting married.
Listen. I am a Jersey City divorce attorney but that does not mean I am a pessimist or someone that does not believe in love or that love cannot last forever. I have seen it firsthand and on the flip side if you will, I have seen love come crashing down but yet as I said, I am not a pessimist but merely a realist. Some people do not want to talk about it, others brag about it but the question of: Should I get a prenup? What is a prenuptial agreement? I am not rich so why should I have a prenup? What does a prenup cover? How much does a prenup cost? Etc, Etc are common questions but one thing is for sure, you do not have to be rich right now or well off right now to get/obtain a prenup, its about the future, its about the future and minimizing risk.

Prenups serve as sort of as an insurance for a potential divorce. Yes, I said it divorce insurance. You may ask how so? Well over the years I have created many prenuptial agreements and all of them have been honored. I do not offer one size fits all prenuptial agreements that are cheap and can be bought online. My prenup focuses on your needs now and into the future to ensure if a divorce should occur, the financial exposure you face is limited. The prenup essentially hedges your potential losses just like other financial instruments including insurance. For example, did you know that in New Jersey there is no set formula as to the amount a person can pay in alimony? Did you know that the length of time a person can pay alimony is also not set in stone if someone files for divorce in New Jersey? A prenup can help you with important family law issues such as alimony. Did you also know that you can make clear what property is your and will remain yours after you marry? A well crafted prenup can handle this for you too.

The five reasons why you must have a prenup/prenuptial agreement in New Jersey:

  1. It can limit the amount of alimony paid in a divorce.
  2. You can set limits as to the time period for alimony.
  3. You can set limits as to premarital and separate property.
  4. You can limit or decide the division of assets now.
  6. You can protect your future!

I know the key to creating effective and legally binding prenups/prenuptial agreements in New Jersey. Every person who is getting married should have a prenup. Why risk permitting the courts to decide your fate if your marriage does go down the divorce path? Again, I hope it will not but again, being a realist, I have to think for my clients and prevent them from going through family court which can be gut wrenching for many reasons, especially for financial reasons. So in short, if you are getting married and think: Do I need a prenup? The answer is absolutely. The price is not cheap to have a prenuptial agreement that is effective and one that will be honored in the future because it is well crafted, not made under duress, is fair and equitable but the cost of not having one is much much greater.

If you realize that a prenup is important for you and your future, contact me team today at 973-337-9643 in our Jersey City location.

—–Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq.,
Attorney at Law State of New Jersey



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