The five most common reasons people file for divorce in New Jersey aside from irreconcilable differences should not be surprising but the actual number of people who suffer from certain causes of actions/reasons for divorce may be surprising and why it is important should be known. As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer in Jersey City, I have seen it all. While New Jersey is a no-fault state when pleading or using a cause of action in a New Jersey divorce which means that whether there is fault or not, the economics of the case may remain the same and the Judge may not use any of this information to change the economic ruling.

For example, cheating or adultery is a reason for divorce/cause of action used everyday. It is not used as often as before but people want the court to know why the divorce is happening and that it is not simply a mutually agreed breakup but rather one’s betrayal caused the breakup of the union.

Substance Abuse- A spouse’s continuous substance abuse/addiction issues is another reason that people file for divorce in New Jersey which suffers from a high right of opiate addictions.

Extreme Cruelty- Extreme cruelty is widely defined and can include adultery, mental abuse, physical/domestic abuse, harassment, sexual assault and other acts that someone should not be forced to live with.

Desertion- Another common reason for a divorce is that one party simply got up and left and never came back. A spouse cannot be forced to wait around forever for when their spouse decides to come back if ever.

Imprisonment- Yes, when a spouse goes to jail, sometimes the spouse that is out does not want to wait and wants to move on with his or her life.

While these causes of action may not affect the economic outcome of your case, for many people it is important for them to make it clear why they are dissolving the marriage/getting a divorce. If you are seeking a divorce in New Jersey for any reason or have a family law issue, contact my team on 973-337-9643 for an in person meeting or phone consult in our Jersey City office.