News from the Jersey City divorce and family law attorney Santo Artusa. You do not need to be married to understand the question: Should I stay or should I go? This question goes with anyone in a relationship whether married or not, with kids or not who is going through tough times in the relationship and the tough times never seem to go away.  As a divorce and family law attorney, I am writing this article concerning married couples and why it makes sense to GO and why it makes sense to file for divorce sooner rather than later. This article assumes that all avenues to try and save the marriage have been tried and exhausted.

  1. The sooner you file for divorce, the sooner the economic break between the spouses can occur. Meaning, if you file for divorce today and win the lottery tomorrow, that money is yours!
  2. You may not remember “ME TIME” but you will be able to have a schedule for yourself which will bring your stress levels down. Are you able to do that now without having to explain yourself everyday?
  3. The toxic mental sludge that is building up in your mind because of the relationship will come to an end sooner rather than later.
  4. The more stress in the household, the more the kids feel it, the more tension in the air, the higher chance that arguments can get out of control or abusive. Be Safe Now!
  5. The sooner you file the shorter alimony period will be in effect if you have an alimony case.
  6. The sooner you file and obtain the divorce, the sooner you heal
  7. You will enter a new more positive phase in your life and eventually find someone that treats you and gives you the things that are important to you

It is important not to dwell on the past and to move forward with your life for everyone’s sake. A miserable marriage can affect your job, your friendships, your health, your outlook. Nobody can help you unless you want help and in a bad marriage or a dead marriage, you must take the first step and file for divorce to move on with Phase II of your life where there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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