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LEGAL PROBLEM IN NEW JERSEY FAMILY COURT? Newark-Essex County Family Court or Jersey City-Hudson Family Court?

Have you been served with New Jersey Superior Court Family Court motion papers for Jersey City-Hudson County, Hackensack-Bergen County or Newark-Essex County?

  • Do you have an upcoming court date in family court in New Jersey?
  • Do you have an upcoming motion in family court you need to respond to?
  • Is someone seeking to modify a child support, change custody, parenting time, alimony or other family court order in New Jersey Family Court?
  • Are you looking for a family law attorney in New Jersey to represent you in your case? We Can help you right now.

If you have been served with New Jersey family court motion papers for Newark-Essex County, Jersey City/Hoboken Hudson County or New Jersey family court divorce papers for Essex County or Hudson County, you only have a certain amount of time to respond without risking a default and a limited amount of time to file a cross-motion for relief you may seek, contact Artusa today on 973-337-9643 As a divorce lawyer in NJ that focuses on all aspects of family law and divorces in Newark/Essex County and Jersey City/Hudson County especially, my team and I have appeared before almost every family court judge in the State at one point but new judges are added or rotated frequently. If you seek relief in family court in New Jersey, you must file what is known as a motion or application for relief. A motion is a request for a specific order, specific relief that a Judge can grant. When you file for a motion in family court, you must send notice to the other side/opposing side in the case by regular and certified mail. You must send a copy of what you submitted to the court and detail the relief you seek. We can help you obtain the family law relief you seek. We have offices in Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark, NJ. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

The local Superior Courts-Family Divisions in New Jersey are located on the following custom map. The Artusa Law Firm represents individuals in all of these family and divorce courts for motions and divorce litigation.

While the NJ Family Court Judges follow the court rules for the State of New Jersey, each Judge has a different style, different manner, and different approach to how to solve and decide important family part motion issues such as:

  • child custody,
  • child relocation cases
  • child support
  • domestic violence/restraining order cases
  • college contribution/Newburgh hearings,
  • alimony case
  • court order modifications
  • motions to reconsider
  • motions to stay
  • motions to vacate a default
  • motions to set aside an order or judgment
  • order to show cause/emergent matters Practicing before judges allows you to observe and find out which arguments can work, may work, or will never work, this is very important when representing a client. When you appear before a new judge, you must make sure your attorney knows the law very well because sometimes a new judge may not have full control over the methods and laws for that practice area, family law and divorce is no different, the learning curve is steep.
Jersey City Divorce Attorney
Jersey City Divorce Attorney

Choosing the wrong attorney for a family law case or divorce case in NJ can make you feel like you are lost in the woods, trying to find your way but everything looks the same and you keep going around in circles. An individual needs to have a divorce lawyer that can strike at the heart of the case to get the case moving and to try and finalize the case sooner rather than later.

New Jersey Divorce Attorney
New Jersey Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa and the importance of choosing the right family law and divorce lawyer in New Jersey.

However, if you choose the right attorney for your family law case, you will be able to focus on the key issues of your case and move forward. Instead of feeling lost in the woods, you will feel more like you have control and that you just came back from a nice California vacation, fully energized and as happy as you can be considering the specific circumstances in your case.

This article today will focus on some of the most active judges in family and divorce court in New Jersey (NJ). We will first start with the Presiding Judge, Family Part, Peter Melchionne. Judge Melchionne has been a jurist since 2008 and has been serving Bergen County his entire time as a Judge. Judge Peter Melchionne obtained his law degree from Seton Hall University Law School. He replaced Judge Mizdol as presiding Judge in 2015. The Bergen County Family Courthouse is locate at 10 Main Street in Hackensack, New Jersey. My team and I have successfully handled: annulments, divorces, and family court motions before Judge Melchionne.

Also in Bergen County is Judge Lisa Firko who has been a Judge since 2008. She handles divorces, annulments and family court motions. She also graduated from Seton Hall’s School of Law. Judge Keith Bachman is also assigned to Bergen County where he handles child custody and child support cases. Judge Bachman was appointed in 2011 and he graduated from New York Law School. Judge Gary Wilcox also serves Bergen County and was appointed in 2011. He graduated from Harvard Law School.

For more information about the Bergen County family court, visit this page.

best new jersey divorce attorney


The Middlesex Family Court is located at 20 New Street in New Brunswick, NJ. The presiding judge of the family part in Middlesex County is:
Judge Deborah Venezia. Judge Venezia hears cases involving family adoptions, child custody, etc. Judge Venezia attended: St. Mary’s University where she obtained her law degree.
The Honorable Judge Christopher D. Rafano has been a family court and divorce Judge in New Jersey serving Middlesex County since 2013. He attended Dickinson School of Law. Judge Rafano is effective in making decisions concerning the division of assets, child support, alimony, child custody and other family related cases in Middlesex County. The Artusa Law Firm has successfully argued cases before Judge Rafano, Judge Rivas, Judge Vignuolo and Judge Marcia Silva. For more information on the Middlesex family courts and how cases are assigned, please visit this page.

judgelisavignuoloJudge Vignuolo decides child support, parenting time and child custody cases in Middlesex County. She attended Seton Hall where she earned her J.D. She has been on the bench since 2010.

The Essex County Family Court or the Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex Vicinage is located at 212 Washington Street in Newark, NJ also known as Vicinage 5. The presiding Judge of the family part is the Honorable Judge Katz. The family division manager’s office can be reached on 973-776-9300 extension 56667. Like all other family courts in New Jersey, the court has jurisdiction to decide: child custody, divorce, annulments, parenting time, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, child relocation matters, post divorce applications, non-dissolution matters, domestic violence restraining orders and other related cases.

Judge James Paganelli was appointed in 2015. He currently decides restraining order cases for people seeking to obtain final restraining orders and/or defend against final restraining order. We recently successfully represented someone accused of domestic violence in his court, having the case dismissed after a two day trial.

judgecasale.190Judge Michael Casale is one of the more experienced Judges in Essex County’s Family Part. He decides family issues and divorce matters. Judge Casale was appointed in 1996 and obtained his law degree from Seton Hall. Judge Casale takes a get to the point or how can we resolve these issues approach.

Judge Nancy Sivilli is also seasoned in family law litigation hearing matters ranging from divorce cases, post divorce motions, emancipation, child custody cases and beyond. Judge Sivilli has been on the bench since 1999. Judge Sivilli obtained her law degree from Cornell University.

Judge Neal N. Jasey was appointed in 2014 and hears matters involving child custody, parenting time/visitation and child support. Judge Jasey attended Columbia University School of Law.

For information about Hudson County Family Court and the Family Court Judges, click here on our Hudson County specific page.

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer
New Jersey Divorce Attorney and Family Court Attorney        Santo Artusa

Divorce and family court cases are rarely cut and dry and rarely easy. Many issues are not black and white and it can be difficult to determine who is at fault for what and what relief is or is not available to the client. Furthermore, much emotion is involved when any kind of family/matrimonial litigation is ongoing. My Jersey City and Newark team at the Artusa Law Firm is experienced in dealing with the filing and answering of divorce complaints in NJ, representing people in motions for alimony, child support, parenting time, college contributions, domestic violence, annulments, emergent applications, adoptions, enforcing marital settlement agreements and beyond. If you have been served with motion papers and/or divorce papers, it is very important that these time sensitive papers and issues be addressed or you risk defaulting, which could grant the party seeking relief they want. It is imperative that you contact a matrimonial attorney in New Jersey immediately. 

While our main office is located at 253 Academy Street, Jersey City we are representing people throughout the country with New Jersey legal issues, we argue cases in every county in New Jersey. Contact our office on 973-337-9643 to discuss your case and how we can help you with your New Jersey family law situation.

You can also contact us below by filling out or website contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as we review it.





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