Hon. Judge Kimberly Espinales-Maloney Hudson County Divorces/Child Custody

Jersey City-Hudson County-NJ Child custody cases, divorce cases, parenting time and child support cases in Hudson County will now also be heard by the Honorable Judge Kimberly Espinales-Maloney in courtroom 804, 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Hudson County-NJ Family Law Attorney Santo Artusa and his team represent people almost daily in the Hudson County Family Court before Judges including: Judge Mantineo, Judge Espinales-Maloney, Judge Mirtha Ospina, Judge Nesle Rodriguez, Iglesias, Judge Anthony D’Elia, concerning divorces, child custody, child support, parenting time, alimony and other related concerns.

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Jersey City Family Law Attorneys

Judge Espinales-Maloney keeps a tight calendar and tries to finish cases sooner rather than later, which adds more pressure to litigants and attorneys who are hired late or near the deadline to respond in writing to certain motions. The Judge holds individuals to the same standard as attorneys when she has a case before her so its important to have at attorney with you to argue your case. There are many aspects of family law that most people do not know and it is wise to work with an experienced attorney in that field.

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