This article is about the benefits of using a divorce mediator (and family law) in New Jersey for family law, divorce and other family law related issues (parenting time, child custody, child support) in New Jersey. Divorce, the legal act of terminating a marriage is hard enough that you do not need to be engulfed in a divorce battle in family court when you can be in divorce/family law mediation. The thought that the marriage is over is tough. The thought that you will not be with your spouse any longer. That he or she will not be around the kids as much. Or you will not be around the kids as much. How your mutual friends will chose sides, etc. Divorce is mentally tough when the marriage was in fact a real marriage. Divorce mediation is a way to try to resolve the main issues in a civil and controlling manner. The mediation session is handled so that the parties can speak freely but not attack one another, insult one another and not disrupt/talk over one another. Everybody has their chance to speak and discuss the key issues separately with the divorce mediator and together as well once it is clear what the main issues in contention are. Below are my SEVEN reasons why you should explore divorce mediation instead of filing for the divorce first in divorce court in Jersey City-Hudson County and beyond:

  1. In mediation, both parties are actually heard and both sides are considered.
  2. Mediation is in a controlled-relaxed environment rather than a court room where a Judge barely has time for you.
  3. The courts in Jersey City, Hudson County, Essex County are overflowing with divorce cases and it takes forever to resolve the issues at hand.
  4. You chose when the mediation is with the mediator. At court, when the Judge says you must be there, you have no choice. Who wants that? What are we in grade school?
  5. The costs of using a mediator is less than having two attorneys fight over situations that can be resolved through mediation.
  6. Family court is not a pleasant experience
  7. You will lose hours and days of productivity waiting for the courts to do anything because of the volume handled in the family courts.
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My name is Santo Artusa, Esq and I am an experienced family law attorney and divorce mediator based in Jersey City, NJ. If you seek to learn more about mediation contact my office on 973-337-9643 today! Thank you and enjoy your day because today you are not in family court (hopefully)!