This article is really written to people who have already decided to divorce, who may have moved in with someone else, have separated, etc, but just have not filed for divorce yet. I am Jersey City, NJ divorce and family lawyer Santo Artusa and these are my seven key reasons to file for divorce in 2017 in New Jersey.

  1. You never know when the laws concerning divorce and/or family law can change. Usually when they change, they are not more favorable they are more challenging. So why risk it? For example, if you are still married but living apart, it is not automatic that your assets are separate, you have to make a case for that. As of now, it is still possible to do so. That can change! Why risk it?
  2. As each day goes by and your marriage lasts longer, the more you are prone to owing more money, more alimony, etc….Why risk it?
  3. You never know who you can meet in life. If you want to get married and you still have this dead marriage looming over your head. Why risk it? File for divorce and move on!
  4. If you still live with your spouse and the marriage is filled with insults, abuse, etc…..file for the divorce and move on. Why live in misery?
  5. If you are paying all the bills, handling all the responsibilities, why let the spouse who is not helping stay married and/or have the chance for a longer alimony term? Don’t!
  6. The laws are known today, we can explain how a divorce case will affect your current lifestyle based on today’s laws. Who knows what can occur next year or further out if you file, then, why take the chance? I wouldn’t

If you have a case or are seeking to file a divorce or family law case in Hudson County, Bergen County or beyond in New Jersey, contact us on 973-337-9643 or for more information about our legal services visit: Artusa Law Firm- Jersey City Divorce Lawyers.

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