You work, you pay your child support and you get home to find a summons to appear in New Jersey Superior Court-Family Part Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, etc and/or beyond. As a New Jersey Divorce Attorney and New Jersey Family Law Attorney, I often hear this story and know how to help child support clients. ******You open the mail and you see that you ex is seeking an increase in your New Jersey child support case or that the court indicates you owe arrears and they (The Family Court of New Jersey) want you to appear for an enforcement/litigant’s rights motion. You are probably not happy, you may be mad or nervous. We understand. I am not saying if you make a lot more money that you should not pay more for your child but you maybe paying more than just child support, you may have the child more than you did when the original child support order came into effect. Some tips and/or things to consider when fighting a child support motion: There are many factors that we know that can help you in coming up with a fair amount in child support. For example, when the initial child support order came into effect, you may have had zero overnights with the child. Now you may have 5 or 10 overnights per month but it has never been documented in the courts, we can help you with that. These overnights will lower you child support amount with all things staying the same. You may pay more in healthcare, that will make your payments lower. You may have more children that you pay child support for, that is a credit and can lower your child support amount. You may earn less than you did before at no fault of your own. Your ex may earn more now and that can help you too. Daycare payments maybe over, that can also lower the total amount per week. Let us know your situation and we will determine if we can help you obtain a decrease or help you obtain a court order with a reasonable amount of child support in New Jersey.

My team and I are skilled in family law litigation which includes: divorce, child support lawyer in Hudson County-representation, parenting time/visitation, child support enforcement defense, domestic abuse/restraining orders and child custody. We can explain to you if and how we can help you with your case. If we do not see a way to help you, we will be very frank about it. If you received a summons to appear in court in New Jersey, contact my team on 201-706-7910 today to discuss your case.