You must think I am on some powerful drug to say alimony is worth it! Every every penny if done right. I am a Jersey City Lawyer focusing on divorce and personal injury cases and I tell you I would rather be happy and healthy and pay someone to get out of my life than be injured and receive a huge settlement. Now you really think I am crazy but it is true. Health and happiness is fleeting, time never stops and to be happy and healthy is priceless and often under appreciated.

If you are married to a toxic person that wants you to fail, increases your chances to fail, hurts your relationships, hurts your career, hurts your chances to be happy, it is best to agree to a number to get your dependent spouse out and move on with your life! You can always make even more money that he or she will not be able to have a piece of. The longer you wait, the more these toxic people can get. Make moves now while you can. So as this is Part I, I will give you 7 reasons today why ALIMONY is SO WORTH IT. And I have personally seen it with my clients years after the divorce become ever more successful.

1. You will never reach your potential if your partner/spouse is toxic, EVER. So while the alimony is a short term expense, in the long term, you are only helping your career.

2. The sooner you realize the relationship is toxic the sooner you get out and begin to see things clearer. Clarity, like time is priceless. DIVORCE and or pay the alimony and get your spouse out.

3. The days of idiotic spending by your spouse on your full dime will be over. Write the alimony check and he or she will have to make due or actually WORK LOL! You owe nothing above the agreed amount, nothing.

4. You never know, you may find someone who earns like you or more! Write the alimony check and you have options again!
5. Paying ALIMONY is better than giving up more assets because ALIMONY is tax deductible. That helps us big earners!

6. You will be free to do anything you want whenever you want when you get the divorce, ALIMONY or not! Priceless!

7. The sooner you do it the better because as you get older you will only earn more and your spouse will not get a dime of that! Term ALIMONY at a fixed rate!

Well this was part one of my article. If you are ready to be set free and pay alimony or receive it, contact my team at the ARTUSA LAW FIRM in Jersey City on 201-706-7910 for a consult today.

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