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Hudson County Child Custody Lawyer

Hudson County Child Custody Lawyer Santo Artusa

For years, fathers were beaten up in family court when they went for child custody, parenting time, child support, divorce and so forth, with the right lawyer, that day has ended. Jersey City Father’s Rights Attorney Santo Artusa has represented hundreds of fathers successfully in obtaining custody, child support and other related family law matters in Hudson, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties in New Jersey. Fathers are equal to mothers and the Artusa Law Firm is skilled in representing fathers who seek custody or simply, equal rights with their children.  Lead family law and divorce attorney was once a litigant in family court trying to find his way to see his child, he knows the pain and what is needed to prevail. Nothing is more precious than the time you have with your children and the wisdom you can give them. That is equal for both men and women.

“Before I was a family law attorney in New Jersey, I was a single father living in New York fighting to see my daughter. I learned about family court quickly because I could not see my daughter without a court order. You name the obstacle, I had to overcome it. Supervised visits check, false claims check, police involvement, check.  I hired a lawyer in Manhattan who knew very little about family law and he was my guide getting me more lost than I was before, stumbling through oral arguments and the facts of my case. Family law is not for the faint of heart and not for those who cannot argue effectively in court, family lawyers must possess that skill, I do, as do all the attorneys that work with me, it is not optional, it is mandatory.”  Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq.  To read about some of our recent cases, visit: News From The Courthouse

Hudson County Child Custody Attorney

Hudson County Jersey City Child Custody Lawyer

It is so important to communicate to the Judge in your case right away, that the father in the case is equal to the mother even if the father cannot have custody (residential) and can only see the child on weekends because of work or other familial relationships. One should not be judged for have a child out of wedlock, while married or after leaving the mother, that has no bearing on the quality of a father the person is. While I believe we should all try to raise our children in one home, mother and father with the kids, but many times it is just not going to happen. The main focus should be the father that wants to be with his kids whenever he can and he is consistent. Those are the fathers we choose to represent in New Jersey Family Court. To read about our recent victories, read our New Jersey Family Court Lawyer press release.


We handle the following father’s rights cases in Hudson County, New Jersey and beyond:

If you are a father and seek representation from someone that knows what it is like to fight to see your child, to fight to be equal, contact the Hudson County New Jersey Family Law Team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910 where we believe in father’s rights and equality. You can also contact us via email here:

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