When you said “I Do” Did you envision that your in-laws would be sleeping and staying over your home so frequently? I only became aware of this when I became a divorce attorney in Jersey City where the cultures are not the same as where I grew up (my area was mostly Italian, Spanish, Black and Jewish). Did you envision your spouse constantly calling his or her parents to tell them what you may or may not have done? Do they stay in your house for months on end? Even with the ultimatum, them or me? Your spouse still chooses them. I did not think I would see this among high earning professionals but in some cultures, the parents are coming with the spouse! They will interfere, they will stay, and in the end, they may drive you crazy and it can very well, lead to divorce.

While you may have know how close your spouse was to the family, you probably thought with common sense, they would give the young couple their space, but common sense really does not apply in this realm. Before the couple really learns how to deal with one another, the parents are there trying to set their ways in the house and show how they feel things are done. One thing I learned early on is that there can never be two queens in a castle, EVER! No matter how big or small the home/apartment is, the woman of the home wants the home to be a certain way and the man of the house wants things a certain way. There is no room for more people to make problems because trust me, they will and your marriage will hurt because of it. Take a stand against your parents for the sole reason to just give us some space, if this does not happen, you should come to my office when you realize you married 2-4 people instead of 1.

My office is in Jersey City (Journal Square). If you seek to file for divorce or an annulment, contact us for a consult on 201-706-7910 today.

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