While every divorce is may not be civil, there are many that are. One reason may be that each party is aware or has come to terms that it is just over and we need to move on. Whatever the reason is, it is still critical to set boundaries even during peaceful times in order to prevent litigation down the road that will make things ugly fast. As I have handled thousands of divorce and family law cases in New Jersey, I offer some tips for an agreement even if there is “divorce bliss” in the air right now.  Right now, your spouse may not be dating anyone, he or she probably will in the future, that may not make you happy, you may want to know who is around your kids if your spouse is not, there maybe a litany of issues coming down the road that you may not see yet, but they may be coming sooner than you think and that is why you need a solid agreement to cover all bases in a family law or divorce case:

  1. The more precise the agreement, the less likely there will be arguments as a well written agreement will be black and white.
  2. Plan for the worse case scenarios in your agreement.
  3. Plan for fast resolutions/mediators if an issue comes up that cannot be decided be both of you.
  4. Have language that would penalize a party for bringing a bad faith action in court by forcing them to pay lawyer fees, etc.
  5. Leave nothing to chance. Again, the more specific you are and the more topics you cover, the better off you are and the less likely you will go back to court, that’s a big win!
  6. Bonus tip- document as much as you can. Write emails as proof which are better than text messages because they are more thought out and you are less likely to write a rash comment.
  7. If there is an issue, bring up the issue as soon as possible otherwise the other party may believe that you are ok with it. Nip it in the butt fast.

Well that’s all for today. If you have a family law or divorce case in Jersey City, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County or beyond, contact my team in Jersey City on 201-706-7910 today.

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