UPDATE FROM JERSEY CITY LAWYER SANTO ARTUSA::::::While you may not have envisioned a divorce in your life, the fact of the reality for you may be that it is inevitable. So should you file divorce papers now or wait? Well first off, why wait? For the kids? To please others? Most of the time, the reason does not make sense and waiting can only make matters worse if you know for sure the marriage is over. It can get worse as tensions rise in the house, it can get worse as the children feel the tension and it can get worse for many other reasons.

By choosing to divorce now, you make it clear that the economic split begins today, your spouse is on notice and clarity can help the situation. The day you file is a critical day both emotionally and financially. The day you file is the day assets accumulated after that are cut off and any potential total alimony period ends. Meaning for maximum alimony term reasons the day you file is when the marriage is over in terms of length.

Next, by filing, you have made a path to a new life. While the grass is not always greener, if you know it’s over it’s over, goodbye. It’s never too late to recharge your life. We understand as some of the most active divorce lawyers in Jersey City and Hudson County.

Finally, the sooner you file, the sooner the divorce judgment will come and you can decide what you want to do next. Remember that? When you had clarity to make decisions for you happiness? Sometimes it’s tough to remember but yes you will be able to.

I am a Jersey City divorce and family attorney and if you are ready to move forward contact my team on 201-706-7910 to discuss your options. Until then, think positive.