FROM JERSEY CITY injury and personal injury lawyer Santo Artusa What should I do if I am in an accident while in an UBER? LYFT? in Jersey City, Newark or Beyond? We can help you, read below!

Despite Uber’s Public Relation issues, LYFT, UBER and other car sharing/riding services will continue to thrive in the United States especially in in New Jersey where the cost of living is so absurd that is should be illegal to tax us anymore. Uber and these services are of major help to people throughout Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City, Weehawken, Hoboken, North Bergen, etc. While UBER and the like are a major help and brilliant service, accidents to happen when in these cars and it is important to know that you are covered until commercial insurance if you were a passenger in an UBER and were involved in a car accident, whether it was your UBER driver’s fault or the other driver, it does not matter.

The Jersey City injury attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm can help you if you have been in an accident in New Jersey whether you were a passenger, driver, pedestrian, etc and have been injured. If you have been in an accident, contact us today on 201-706-7910 and we will help you get the care you need and represent you for possible money damages. We are located in Jersey City, New Jersey.